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Global Markets specialist
Brigg gas-fired power station, UK

EU carbon under pressure as UK auctions resume

The optimism in the EU carbon market seen in 2018 and early 2019 has given way in the face of coal-to-gas fuel switching, the comeback of UK capacity auctions and a continuing weak outlook for gas prices.

3 days ago Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
Mt Arthur coal mine, New South Wales, Australia

Coal set for relief in 2020 after a turbulent 2019

Coal demand for power generation plunged in 2019 but seems likely to stabilise this year as switching to gas is beginning to plateau.

9 January 2020 World / Supply & Demand
Officials at teh COP 25 climate change conference in Madrid last week

COP talks fail, but carbon linking set to continue

Many countries will plough ahead with their own plans for multilateral carbon markets after UN talks on a set of overarching rules failed yet again.

19 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Monstad CCS testing centre in Norway

Carbon capture may be too late for coal and gas

The technology may not develop quickly enough to save coal, and it may even be too late for gas.

28 November 2019 World / Policy & Regulation
Wind turbines turning against the sky

US support for renewables may challenge gas

Power generation from solar and wind in the US is growing faster than gas-fired power because of policy support for renewables at state level.

21 November 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Coal mining plant in West Virginia

US role as coal player shrinks as more mines fail

Falling domestic coal demand has forced US producers to seek export outlets, but these too are under threat as gas has become more competitive.

14 November 2019 Americas / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Saudi Arabian carbon capture and enhanced oil errecovery project

Coal faces crunch from spread of carbon pricing

Saudi Arabia’s plans to introduce a carbon market show carbon pricing is on a roll around the world, a trend that may threaten coal in the medium term and gas in the longer term.

7 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission president-elect

Carbon border tax could mean end to free EUAs

The combination of a carbon border tax and the end of free allocation of EUAs for European industries would be a supportive policy for renewables and gas.

24 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
A coal power plant in the US.

Oldest US carbon market may double in size with new members

Cap-and-trade looks set to take a big step forward in the land of its birth, which should benefit gas and renewables over coal.

9 October 2019 Americas / Policy & Regulation
The Staudinger black coal power plant in Grosskrotzenburg in Germany

Europe’s retreat from coal forces shifts in seaborne trade

Lower demand for coal in Europe means major suppliers are shipping more to Asia instead, potentially keeping a lid on price gains in the short term.

24 September 2019 World / Global Markets
The Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany

Germany may see race to end coal before 2038 deadline

The economics suggest Germany’s coal phase-out could be completed well in advance of 2038, with the first auction for government compensation expected in June next year.

12 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Staudinger black coal power plant in Grosskrotzenburg, Germany

Gas boosts European power role despite coal price decline

Gas has improved its position in Europe’s power mix, particularly for the coming quarter, despite a slump in coal prices.

27 February 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power

UN climate summit fails to set carbon market rules

The COP24 talks represent a setback for the establishment of a global carbon price as they failed failed to produce an agreement on comprehensive trading guidelines.

18 December 2018 World / Policy & Regulation

US coal revival owes more to gas prices than to Trump

The ramp-up in US coal consumption has more to do with market dynamics than politics, experts say.

1 September 2017 Americas / Alternative Fuels

Vietnam’s reliance on coal delays gas and renewables

Vietnam is behind the curve in the shift away from coal-fired power, with gas’s share of its energy mix set to fall in the short term.

14 July 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

California carbon market in fight over post-2020 rules

Market participants have reacted strongly to proposals to reform California’s emissions trading system, saying it would drive down prices and reduce liquidity.

1 June 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Canada comes to the fore as carbon pricing leader

Ontario is the latest province in Canada to introduce a carbon trading market as the country steps up its efforts to reduce emissions.

18 April 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

IEA emissions data shows gas faces uphill struggle

Gas is not cheap enough in most regions for it to take advantage of the move to a lower-carbon world, data from the IEA suggests.

3 April 2017 World / Policy & Regulation

Renewables growth threatening fossil fuel demand

Analysts are becoming more bullish on the prospects for renewable energy, which could start to overtake fossil fuels sooner rather than later.

28 February 2017 Europe & Russia / LNG

Chinese emissions market will take time to settle

The world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter is preparing to launch its carbon trading market, but many uncertainties remain, analysts say.

17 January 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

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