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Origin’s Spring Gully CBM development in eastern Australia. (Origin Energy)

Beetaloo developers eye exemption from fracking ban

Developers are watching closely as the Northern Territory considers whether their resources will be exempt from a possible ban on fracking.

21 July 2017
Wheatstone and Australia’s other new LNG projects are due online soon. (Chevron)

Aussie LNG to withstand Qatar/US onslaught

Plans by Qatar and the US to boost LNG production may make life difficult for some, but Australia’s projects are well positioned to weather the storm.

7 July 2017
A tanker docked at Singapore LNG. (Shell)

Singapore making strides in bunkering – SLNG CEO

The chief executive of Singapore LNG talks about the company’s plans to create an LNG trading hub.

29 June 2017
Construction at Santos’s GLNG project. (Santos)

Aussie LNG export limits to hit Santos hardest

The decision to limit LNG exports during periods of high demand is challenging for Santos, but the mechanism may face legal challenge.

22 June 2017
Woodside’s North Rankin Complex offshore Western Australia. (Woodside)

End in sight for Aussie exploration investment famine

Australia is pressing on with licensing rounds in the hope of bringing international investment back to its exploration sector.

16 June 2017
Green Corridor plans to develop LNG-fuelled vessels for the Australia-China dry bulk trade route. (Shell)

Woodside progresses Australia-China bunkering plans

Australia could open up a new market for its LNG as Woodside and its partners in the Green Corridor bunkering project forge ahead with plans for LNG-fuelled vessels.

9 June 2017
The North Rankin platform in the North West Shelf.  (Woodside)

High CO2 increases costs of Woodside’s Browse plans

Woodside’s plan to develop its Browse gas assets will be challenged by the fields’ high carbon dioxide content, which will drive up costs.

5 June 2017
A tanker at Gorgon LNG. Plants in Australia are considering using batteries as back-up power. (Chevron)

LNG plants look to batteries to save valuable gas

Battery storage systems may be a way for Australia’s LNG plants to provide back-up power and free up more gas for liquefaction, experts say.

4 May 2017
Woodside has considered piping gas from WA to the pipeline hub in Moomba in central Australia. (Santos)

Aussies resurrect trans-continental pipeline concept

Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has revived plans for a trans-Australian pipeline as the country seeks to ease market tightness.

28 April 2017
ConocoPhillips is considering developing a second train at its Darwin LNG plant. (ConocoPhillips)

IOCs look upstream for second train at Darwin

Major global companies are working together to develop assets off the northwestern coast of Australia that could support a second train at Darwin LNG.

20 April 2017
Gorgon LNG. Australia is expected to be the world’s leading LNG exporter between 2018 and 2023. (Chevron)

Australia set to dominate global LNG – for now

Australia is set to overtake Qatar as the world’s biggest LNG exporter in the next few years, but its time at the top spot could be short, analysts say.

7 April 2017
Woodside is hoping to provide LNG from the Pluto LNG plant for a dual-fuel supply vessel. (Woodside)

Australia shifts to LNG bunkering and transport

Australia’s vast reserves of gas, an impending global LNG supply glut and tightening emission controls mean there is significant potential for LNG to be used as an alternative to diesel.

30 March 2017
Santos’s Gladstone LNG is one of the facilities under pressure from the Aussie government to cut exports. (Santos)

Queensland LNG under pressure to cut exports

Australia's federal government is putting pressure on Queensland’s LNG producers to cut back on exports to ensure there is enough gas for domestic needs.

24 March 2017
The Gladstone LNG plant. The Fisherman’s Landing project could feed into nearby plants. (Santos)

Queensland’s fourth LNG project still on the table

LNG Limited is keeping its options open for the Fisherman’s Landing project in Queensland – a potential winner if Asian LNG demand recovers.

13 March 2017
The Pluto LNG plant. Woodside Petroleum is consdiering supplying the plant from small offshore assets. (Woodside)

Woodside opts for smaller field approach for Pluto

Woodside is looking to keep development costs down in Western Australia by tapping smaller assets to supply its LNG plants.

24 February 2017
The Gladstone LNG plant in Queensland. Australian gas producers are targeting the region’s plants. (Santos)

AGL targeting Australia’s first LNG imports by 2021

Australia’s supply shortages mean the country could soon start importing LNG as well as exporting it, with AGL planning the country’s first terminal.

20 February 2017
A gas well in the Cooper Basin. Eastern Australia is suffering a supply crunch. (Beach Energy)

Queensland pilots gas reservation as LNG ramps up

Reserving gas acreage for domestic consumption may be the only way to solve the supply crunch in eastern Australia’s gas market.

9 February 2017
The launch of the Prelude FLNG vessel’s hull in South Korea. (Shell)

Shell playing long game with Prelude FLNG

Shell made no mention of Prelude at its Q4 results presentation, but analysts say the FLNG project is a long-term play.

3 February 2017
A Woodside platform on the North West Shelf. The company is reviving mothballed projects nearby. (Woodside)

Woodside revives Browse and Scarborough prospects

An optimistic Woodside is restarting work on its Browse and Scarborough projects to target an upswing in LNG demand before 2025.

26 January 2017
Work on the Wheatstone LNG site. Over 100 mtpa of new LNG capacity is due online by 2020. (Chevron)

Challenging year ahead for Aussie LNG exporters

Australian LNG exporters will have to reduce costs and deal with the changing demands of buyers to stay afloat in a challenging market.

23 January 2017

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