Abhishek Kumar

Senior energy & modelling analyst

Abhishek Kumar has several years of analytical experience within the financial markets and elsewhere. He joined Interfax in June 2012, working with Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart to launch Global Gas Analytics in October of that year. Before that, he was a financial analyst at Schneider Trading, where he covered a wide range of asset classes - including commodities, equities, fixed income, and foreign exchange. Abhishek has worked on a number of analytical publications, many of which he helped launch. He has previously worked as a business analyst for Procter & Gamble and as an aerospace researcher for the University of Leicester and the Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe.

Email: abhishek.kumar@interfax.co.ukPhone: +44 (0)20 3004 6212
Thousands of protesters hit the streets as corruption allegations continue to dog Brazilian president, Michel Temer. (PA)

Political crisis engulfs Brazil’s gas and LNG sectors

Brazil’s deteriorating political climate has the potential to reduce the country’s need for imported gas and LNG even further.

23 June 2017

Henry Hub prices to get a summer boost in July

Henry Hub prices will receive support in July as rising temperatures in the US boost air conditioning-related gas demand.

21 June 2017

Mild weather to weigh on Henry Hub prices

Mild weather and improving stocks in the South Central Region of the United States will cap gains in Henry Hub prices.

14 June 2017

US northeast gas prices under pressure as stocks build

Prices in the US northeast will remain under pressure as gas stocks are replenished.

7 June 2017
Qatar’s fallout with its neighbours risks dampening the appetite for its LNG in the Middle East and Africa. (Qatargas)

Qatari LNG exports embroiled in diplomatic spat

Qatar’s escalating diplomatic fallout with its neighbours risks dampening the appetite for its LNG in the Middle East and Africa.

5 June 2017

Further upside to Henry Hub despite mild weather

Henry Hub prices could increase during June because of storage concerns, even though mild weather has been forecast across the US.

31 May 2017
A drilling rig off the Brazilian coast. (Anadarko)

Brazil’s gas sector lurches from crisis to crisis

A political crisis unfolding in Brazil has the potential to adversely impact the country’s oil and gas sector.

26 May 2017
Qatargas 4 LNG plant (Shell)

Qatar will fight to keep its LNG market dominance

The world’s biggest LNG exporter will defend its share of the market as competition among suppliers intensifies amid the global glut of the fuel.

25 May 2017

Heatwave to boost US west coast gas prices

US west coast gas prices are set to receive support from record-breaking temperatures, low gas stocks and limited supplies from Canada.

24 May 2017

Henry Hub hits four-month high ahead of summer

Concerns surrounding the low level of gas stocks in the US will support Henry Hub prices during May.

17 May 2017
Egypt has been struggling to market LNG from Idku since it started allowing Shell to export cargoes from the plant last year. (Shell)

Egypt makes a comeback with West Nile Delta gas

The startup of Egypt’s West Nile Delta marks a major milestone in the country’s journey to become self-sufficient in gas production.

12 May 2017

Unseasonal cold supports US gas prices

Forecast cold weather for the western half of the US over the coming week will support regional gas prices.

10 May 2017
LNG storage, Trinidad & Tobago. (Repsol)

Downbeat outlook for Trinidad’s LNG exports

Trinidad will struggle to boost buyer appetite for its LNG and will face bigger problems as the bulk of its long-term supply contracts start to expire.

4 May 2017

East Canada expects to pay more for gas

Consumers in east Canada will pay more for gas as a result of the region’s increasing reliance on imports of the fuel.

3 May 2017

Henry Hub prices under pressure from stronger injections

Depleted gas stocks in the US will remain a concern even though flows into the country’s storage facilities are improving.

26 April 2017
Shale gas operation in New England (Nexen)

Challenges ahead for Canadian gas

Canada’s struggle to find customers for its gas will persist as growing shale output in the US provides tough competition.

21 April 2017

High Henry Hub prices dent US gas-to-power demand

Coal is becoming more competitive than gas in the US power sector as Henry Hub prices remain high.

19 April 2017

Henry Hub prices moderate as injection season sets in

The pace of US gas injections into storage over the coming weeks will determine how low Henry Hub prices fall during the shoulder months.

12 April 2017
Ras Laffan in Qatar. Qatar’s liquefaction plants are running at capacity. (Statoil)

Qatar eyes greater exports as North Dome moratorium ends

Qatar is intent on defending its share of LNG and gas exports after lifting a self-imposed moratorium on North Dome.

7 April 2017

Storage concerns boost Henry Hub prices

Henry Hub prices remain buoyant at the start of the 2017 gas injection season because of concerns surrounding depleted gas stocks in the United States.

5 April 2017

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