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The end of an era?

Japan has smashed its fossil fuel consumption records in the past few years, but nuclear restarts this year could see the end of the boom.

3 February 2015 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Asian rout rolls on as prices slide under $8/MMBtu

Asian spot prices continued their decline in January, despite an uptick in demand from Japan and South Korea.

30 January 2015 Asia Pacific / LNG

How low can Asian LNG prices go?

The plunge in oil prices to $50/bbl will pull Asian term prices well below $10/MMBtu later on this year, with the cost of LNG likely falling to $8/MMBtu by spring.

26 January 2015 Asia Pacific / Global Markets

Japanese nuclear restarts to weigh on global gas market

Restarts at Japan’s shuttered nuclear reactors will start to reduce the country's LNG consumption this year, in another bearish development for global gas markets.

16 January 2015 Asia Pacific / LNG

Winter fails to fire up global gas markets

Gas prices are under pressure across the world as a result of mild weather, growing supply and a rout in the oil market.

9 January 2015 World / Global Markets

A new record for Japanese LNG

The yen-denominated cost of Japan’s imported LNG spiked to a new high in November, as the yen weakened against the US dollar.

5 January 2015 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

US LNG losing some of its lustre thanks to oil

Lower oil prices and a looser market will make US offtake less competitive in Asia, where spot prices are already on the wane.

22 December 2014 World / LNG

Asian market in hibernation as imports wane

The Asian LNG market is stuck in bearish territory as demand from the world’s largest importers wanes because of mild weather.

19 December 2014 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Asian LNG prices set for fall as oil slides

The cost of Asia’s LNG imports is set to plummet in coming months as lower oil prices translate into cheaper gas deliveries for Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

17 December 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

Japanese slowdown to weigh on gas demand

A slowdown in Japan’s economy could weigh on gas demand in the world’s largest LNG importer, while solar and nuclear power may make matters worse.

12 December 2014 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

LNG market set to rebalance as glut looms

A new wave of liquefaction capacity could soon rebalance the LNG market at lower prices, pushing Asian prices back down to post-Fukushima lows.

5 December 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

OPEC decision casts shadow over LNG developments

Greenfield LNG projects due for sanction in the next couple of years and further US developments could be at risk now oil prices look likely to remain lower for longer, analysts say.

28 November 2014 World / Global Markets

Malaysian LNG exports up overall, but down in Korea

Malaysian LNG exports climbed by 1% during the first nine months of the year, but fell by 21% to South Korea

27 November 2014 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Japan posts largest yearly drop in LNG imports

Japanese LNG imports posted their largest year-on-year decline in October this year, falling by 7.9% to 6.94 mt as mild weather and high storage levels cut demand.

21 November 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

South Korean LNG imports fall for eighth month

South Korean LNG imports fell once again in October – by 13% year on year to 2.76 mt – marking the eighth consecutive month that imports have declined from last year. October imports stood at 3.2 mt in 2013.

18 November 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

Prices and competition hit high-cost producers

Lower oil prices and growing competition from the US and Russia are pushing up project costs, with analysts forecasting problems for higher-cost producers in regions such as Australia and Canada.

13 November 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

Gas to overtake oil by 2040 – IEEJ

Gas will overtake oil as the world’s second-largest power source by 2040 according to a bullish forecast from the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.

7 November 2014 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Japan’s utilities set for windfall as oil prices slump

Japanese electricity generating companies are set for a multi-billion dollar capital infusion as slumping oil prices push down the cost of LNG.

31 October 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian prices flat as market looks set for longer-term slide

Asian spot prices failed to rally in October as slack demand and ample supply keep fundamentals weak.

24 October 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

South Korean volumes keep falling as demand wanes

South Korean LNG imports continued to fall year on year in September, with a 7% drop marking the seventh consecutive month of declining imports. September’s imports stood at 2.3 mt, down from 2.5 mt last year.

23 October 2014 Asia Pacific / LNG

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