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Emerging gas markets – challenges for investors

Emerging gas markets will account for a growing share of global LNG trade going forward. However, challenges to the growth of small gas and LNG markets remain.

The challenges and opportunities for LNG in new markets were the focus of discussion at a Breakfast Roundtable Interfax Global Energy hosted with QED Consulting in July.

The LNG market is growing, and emerging markets will account for an increasing share of the global trade in the fuel. More flexible and smaller-scale LNG import infrastructure is helping to facilitate this growth. However, the issues of scale, economics and governmental support for gas continue to present challenges for the rise of LNG in new and growing markets.

In this Roundtable Special Report, we provide insights from the event with additional analysis from Interfax Natural Gas Daily, Interfax Global Gas Analytics and QED Consulting.

Table of contents

  • Roundtable – Growing emerging markets
  • Pakistan’s election could put LNG on backburner
    Pakistan’s election could see it shift away from large infrastructure and energy projects, focusing instead on shoring up the country’s finances.
  • Southeast Asia set for LNG market growth
    The small gas markets of Southeast Asia are growing. And as expansion plans result in more LNG being imported into the region, its importance as a hub is set to rise.
  • Emerging gas markets – Challenges for investors
    Emerging gas markets will be key to future gas demand growth. While there are many players ready to invest in these markets, many projects get stuck at the pre-feasibility stage. 

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