The Offshore LNG Toscana terminal will be equipped with arms to refuel LNG barges. (OLT) LNG

Small-scale LNG to rescue Italian terminals

The Italian government is supporting the development of small-scale LNG facilities across the country to boost its underused terminals.

By Silvia Favasuli 16 January 2017
A meeting of SHPGX personnel. The exchange has not lived up to expectations. (Shanghai Oil and Gas Trading Centre) Global Markets

China’s Henry Hub hopeful fizzles in 2016

Trading on the Shanghai Petroleum and Gas Exchange, China’s hoped-for equivalent of the Henry Hub, remained limited last year.

Essar’s 500 MW gas-fired power plant at Hazira, Gujarat. India’s power demand is expected to increase. (Essar) Supply & Demand

India’s power plans underestimate gas demand

India’s National Electricity Plan may be overestimating the role of hydro in future power generation and underestimating gas demand.

A consortium of infrastructure funds bought 61% of National Grid Gas Distribution in December. (National Grid) Companies & Finance

Funds invest billions in European grids

Funds and insurance companies continue to show an appetite for European gas and power grids, with billions of euros invested in 2016 alone.


Uruguay gambling on Argentina’s demand

The reluctance of Buenos Aires to commit to capacity from Uruguay’s proposed LNG terminal may scuttle the project.

India’s gas supply falling short of demand

Despite importing greater volumes of LNG, India is still far from meeting its demand for gas.

Drilling up in Latin America but Mexico hits zero

Gas-focused drilling ticked up in Latin America in December, but Mexico has dropped from 12 rigs to zero in two years.

Gas pushed out of South Korea’s energy mix

South Korea is looking to nuclear and renewables to meet growing demand for power, while the share of gas in the mix is set to decline.

Larry Bottomley, CEO of Chariot (Chariot)

Chariot looking for partners in Namibia – CEO

Larry Bottomley, chief executive of Chariot Oil & Gas, tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily about the company’s activities in Namibia.

Jim Menard, general manager. (The Weather Company)

Weather forecasters have more to offer the upstream

Improvements in weather forecasting technology are starting to benefit upstream operators with greater coverage and longer forecasts, says The Weather Company’s Jim Menard.

A German solar plant. The country has installed roughly 600% more solar capacity than Spain. (E.On)

The long road to an energy-only market

Creating an energy-only market across the EU with minimal subsidies seems a long way off, says Annika Hedberg of the European Policy Centre.

The LNG terminal on Revithoussa Island. Greece could use virtual trading to swap gas from the terminal. (EC)

Competition on way for Greek gas market – analysts

Greece is reforming its retail gas market to encourage demand growth and establish a more competitive environment, two regional analysts tell Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the coming week.

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the week and a round-up of what mattered last week.

The Peterhead power plant, where Shell had planned to use CCS technology. (Shell)

Gas industry must act to secure its future

The industry needs to realise there’s still work to be done if it is going to convince the public of gas’s potential as a bridge fuel to a low-carbon world.

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the coming week.

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the week and a round-up of what mattered last week.

Trump has threatened to punish GM with a tariff on Mexico-made cars. (GM)

Trump’s trade tirades cause jitters in Mexico

If Trump rips up Uncle Sam’s trade agreements, sparking a trade war, Mexican gas imports may be in the firing line.