A BP platform off the African coast. The company may be stymied by political hurdles in Mauritania. (BP plc) Exploration & Production

BP ups Tortue share, but progress may be slowing

The UK major is trying to accelerate the development the West African discovery, but its progress may be stymied by local politics.

By Miriam Malek 28 April 2017
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at independence day celebrations in Harare in 2016. (PA) Exploration & Production

Indigenisation inflexibility stymies Zimbabwean gas

Zimbabwe has promising gas reserves, but the government’s commitment to holding 51% of all licences is holding back development.

Woodside has considered piping gas from WA to the pipeline hub in Moomba in central Australia. (Santos) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Aussies resurrect trans-continental pipeline concept

Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has revived plans for a trans-Australian pipeline as the country seeks to ease market tightness.

Sospeter Muhongo, Tanzania’s energy minister, has said the country must progress its LNG project. (Wentworth) LNG

IOCs take the lead on Tanzania’s LNG regulation

IOCs have set the LNG agenda with Tanzania’s government by submitting a draft host government agreement, but negotiations are likely to be tough.


Total’s Q1 income up as Brent prices soar

Total registered $2.6 billion of adjusted net income in the first quarter of 2017, a 56% increase year on year.

Latin American drilling hits record low

Gas-focused drilling in Latin America continued its decline in March. There were 17 rigs drilling for gas in the region – the fewest number since records began in 1995.

First exports make 2017 breakthrough year for FLNG

The world’s first FLNG project shipped its debut cargo earlier this month, and there are five other projects at an advanced stage.

Spanish gas demand grows by 8.4% in Q1

Gas consumption by homes, businesses and SMEs rose by 600 GWh, mainly because of colder weather.

A Repsol offshore exploration rig. Repsol will be doing seismic for Guyana. (Repsol)

Guyana follows the Nordic blueprint

Guyana needs a plan for its huge offshore discoveries. The country’s petroleum adviser, Jan Mangal, is championing Norway as a role model.

The use of blockchain technology could enable neighbours to trade electricity from solar panels. (PA)

Blockchain tech holds potential for energy sector

Using a ‘distributed ledger’ could help the energy sector increase efficiency, deal with clients and track every part of the production chain.

A hydrogen-powered vehicle. The new process produces hydrogen pure enough to use directly in a hydrogen fuel cell. (Toyota)

Researchers see the light on hydrogen fuel

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology to produce pure hydrogen fuel from biomass using sunlight instead of heat. Interfax Natural Gas Daily finds out more.

Igor Yusufov with Former Vice President Dick Cheney after the first US-Russia energy summit in 2002. (Igor Yusufov)

Russia and US need third energy summit – Yusufov

Former Russian energy minister Igor Yusufov believes a third Russian-American energy summit is key to furthering bilateral energy ties.

Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina, left, and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. (PA)

Bangladesh will be the victor in India/China rivalry

China’s purchase of Chevron’s Bangladeshi gas fields has rung alarm bells in India as New Delhi seeks to retain its influence over its neighbour through energy investments.

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The Datteln 4 coal-fired power plant in Germany. (E.On)

Picking winners and losers in EU electricity

Industry is speaking out against proposed regulations that would effectively squeeze coal out of capacity mechanisms, calling for such decisions to be left to the markets.

A well in the Vaca Muerta shale play. Argentina is offering generous incentives to drill there. (YPF)

Great offers in Vaca Muerta – for a limited time only

Now is a great time for companies to plant a flag in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta formation, but the rewards on offer will not be around forever.