Geology Without Limits will carry out a seismic survey on Iran’s Caspian Sea territory. (GWL) Exploration & Production

Exploration planned for Iranian Caspian Sea

Several IOCs are assessing the oil and gas potential of Iran’s Caspian Sea acreage, but competing territorial claims could stymie exploitation.

By Verity Ratcliffe 24 April 2017
Spring Farm biogas plant, UK. Germany, Italy and the UK produce more than 77% of the EU’s biogas. (Future Biogas) Policy & Regulation

Brussels hopeful on biogas despite slow progress

The EU wants biogas to contribute to energy security and climate targets in Europe, but the industry has a long way to go to unleash its full potential.

Yang Hua resigned as chief executive of CNOOC Ltd 10 months after his appointment. (Interfax) Companies & Finance

CNOOC chief’s resignation surprises industry

CNOOC Ltd’s chief executive, Yang Hua, has resigned to the surprise of industry observers, who expected him to remain at the explorer for some time.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has attempted to placate militants in the Niger Delta. (PA) Policy & Regulation

Small investors wait for PIB to calm Nigerian violence

Nigeria has attempted to calm militants in the Niger Delta, but more needs to be done to reassure companies working there.


Global small-scale LNG fleet expands

The small-scale LNG shipping fleet has shown sustained growth over recent years, and three-quarters of all vessels are on long-term charter.

Brazil may pay price for Q1 hydro binge

Brazil leaned heavily on its huge hydro dams in Q1 2017, but reservoir levels are dwindling and the country may soon be competing for spot LNG cargoes.

LNG trading fleet set to sail for crowded waters

Increasing amounts of shipped goods are increasing marine traffic around the world. This map shows the location of maritime incidents recorded since the beginning of 2007.

Indonesia’s gas imports surge by a third in Q1 2017

Indonesia is importing more LNG as it seeks to expand gas use around the country and reduce reliance on oil-based fuels.

The use of blockchain technology could enable neighbours to trade electricity from solar panels. (PA)

Blockchain tech holds potential for energy sector

Using a ‘distributed ledger’ could help the energy sector increase efficiency, deal with clients and track every part of the production chain.

A hydrogen-powered vehicle. The new process produces hydrogen pure enough to use directly in a hydrogen fuel cell. (Toyota)

Researchers see the light on hydrogen fuel

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology to produce pure hydrogen fuel from biomass using sunlight instead of heat. Interfax Natural Gas Daily finds out more.

Igor Yusufov with Former Vice President Dick Cheney after the first US-Russia energy summit in 2002. (Igor Yusufov)

Russia and US need third energy summit – Yusufov

Former Russian energy minister Igor Yusufov believes a third Russian-American energy summit is key to furthering bilateral energy ties.

The economic committee of the House of Lords criticised the UK government for excessive intervention in the energy market. (UK House of Lords, Flickr)

UK needs competitive energy market – Lord Hollick

The economic committee of the House of Lords criticised the UK government for excessive intervention in the energy market, and has asked for free auctions.

The Datteln 4 coal-fired power plant in Germany. (E.On)

Picking winners and losers in EU electricity

Industry is speaking out against proposed regulations that would effectively squeeze coal out of capacity mechanisms, calling for such decisions to be left to the markets.

A well in the Vaca Muerta shale play. Argentina is offering generous incentives to drill there. (YPF)

Great offers in Vaca Muerta – for a limited time only

Now is a great time for companies to plant a flag in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta formation, but the rewards on offer will not be around forever.

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the coming week.

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the week and a round-up of what mattered last week.

A platform offshore Trinidad. The country may have only eight years of gas reserves remaining. (BG Group)

Trinidad hopes for divine intervention

Trinidad and Tobago’s Angelin field looks the country’s best hope for saving its gas production. But Port of Spain is struggling to close the deal.