Policy & Regulation

Industry must evolve to avoid supply gap – Burke

Caution following the drop in oil prices is set to leave a worrying gap in oil and gas supplies, warns Ray Burke, global product leader at GE.

18 July 2017 Exploration & Production

IMO to debate climate deal for shipping

The International Maritime Organization will begin discussions this week on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry.

21 June 2017 LNG

EU and China to form alliance to fight climate change

China is forming an alliance with the EU to tackle climate change.

1 June 2017 Policy & Regulation

Identity crisis: utilities and IOCs

Hefty writedowns and plummeting prices have left IOCs looking to become power developers and traditional utilities turning to renewables.

25 May 2017 Policy & Regulation

IEA emissions data shows gas faces uphill struggle

Gas is not cheap enough in most regions for it to take advantage of the move to a lower-carbon world, data from the IEA suggests.

3 April 2017 Policy & Regulation

Leaving it in the ground is unrealistic

The debate over the proper balance between capitalism and climate is becoming increasingly polarised.

17 March 2017 Policy & Regulation

Shell CEO tells companies to support transition to clean energy

Shell Chief Executive Ben van Beurden made the case for renewable energy at the CERAWeek conference in Houston on Thursday.

10 March 2017 Policy & Regulation

CCS platitudes fail to carry weight

Companies can agree that developing CCS is vital to gas’s future in the energy mix, but they are struggling to decide where the responsibility for its development lies.

28 February 2017 Policy & Regulation

Trump and China: on a collision course?

The new US president has threatened to boost coal, cut emissions regulations and introduce tariffs on Chinese goods. His counterpart in Beijing, meanwhile, has stressed the need to do exactly the opposite.

24 January 2017 Exploration & Production

World Bank confident it can stop flaring by 2030

An initiative by the World Bank and its partners hopes to put an end to gas flaring by 2030, but rising oil production will make this difficult.

18 January 2017 Supply & Demand

Gas industry must act to secure its future

The industry needs to realise there’s still work to be done if it is going to convince the public of gas’s potential as a bridge fuel to a low-carbon world.

13 January 2017 Policy & Regulation

Japanese JV announces new marine sulphur scrubbing success

A joint venture of Japanese companies has successfully tested a new scrubber system for removing sulphur oxides from marine diesel engines.

12 January 2017 Policy & Regulation

LNG has too many price indices, and not enough

Market players consider LNG to be ripe for trading as a commodity, but say more price transparency is needed.

20 December 2016 LNG

Emission reductions: supportive of gas

Increasing gas use is key to emissions reductions plans in some of the world’s largest gas markets.

1 December 2016 Policy & Regulation

OPEC to debate cuts but market share still an issue

Next week, OPEC will hold its first ministerial meeting since Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States.

23 November 2016 Supply & Demand

Leaking methane undermines gas’s clean credentials

The oil and gas industry needs to tackle fugitive methane emissions to promote the low-carbon image of the fuel.

21 November 2016 Policy & Regulation

Countries push decarbonisation at COP22

With COP22 wrapping up in Marrakesh this week, countries have been laying out their plans for decarbonisation.

18 November 2016 Policy & Regulation

Worldwide CCS progress not enough – report

The Global CCS Institute expects more than 20 new CCS projects to be operational by the end of 2017, but more are needed to meet the Paris 'well-below 2C' target.

18 November 2016 Policy & Regulation

Gas and renewables set for strongest growth – IEA

The IEA predicts rapid growth in gas and renewables will be needed to meet the world’s growing energy demand and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

17 November 2016 Supply & Demand

Climate deal implementation plans due at COP22

The historic COP21 climate deal came into force on Friday, and negotiations are set to start again in Marrakesh on how to implement the agreement.

4 November 2016 Policy & Regulation

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