Policy & Regulation

Three global gas associations commit to emissions reduction principles

Three major gas associations have signed a guiding principles document on reducing methane emissions.

3 May 2018 Policy & Regulation
Wildcat gives you a head-start on the coming week.

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Wildcat gives you a head-start on the week and a round-up of what mattered last week

30 April 2018 Exploration & Production
A cargo being loaded at the Sabine Pass plant in the US

US-China trade dispute will not dent LNG exports

President Donald Trump’s threatened trade war with China looks unlikely to hit fossil fuel exports from the US to the energy-hungry Asian superpower.

11 April 2018 LNG
An artist’s impression of Lightsource and BP solar panels in the UK.

IOCs diversify to meet challenge of decarbonisation

IOCs are struggling to find ways to transition to low-carbon energy and are looking to diversify their business models to provide greater resilience.

21 February 2018 Policy & Regulation
LNG-fuelled ferry, Norway

New CO2 rules could scupper LNG shipping

The use of LNG as a marine fuel faces a difficult future if the industry decides to introduce tougher greenhouse gas emissions targets.

31 January 2018 LNG

World Bank to end lending for oil and gas after 2019

The World Bank will stop lending to oil and gas projects after 2019, the bank’s president, Jim Yong Kim, said in Paris on Tuesday.

13 December 2017 Exploration & Production
Gas is a modest emitter compared with agriculture.

How clean is gas? Time for action on methane

The gas industry is under increasing pressure to reduce methane emissions, and now is the time to take action.

8 December 2017 Policy & Regulation

Chinese growth propels world emissions higher

Economic growth and increased power generation from coal in China have contributed to the first rise in global CO2 emissions for three years.

16 November 2017 Policy & Regulation
COP23 in Bonn.

Cities set the pace on decarbonisation and air quality

Cities are increasingly finding themselves at the forefront of combating climate change as they work to improve their air quality.

15 November 2017 Policy & Regulation
A coalition of US cities and states have pledged their commitment to the Paris agreement.

COP23: regional pledges outpace national ambitions

Regional governments in some countries have been increasingly active on climate change, outpacing national ambitions.

14 November 2017 Policy & Regulation

Global CO2 emissions return to growth

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are forecast to increase in 2017 for the first time in four years.

13 November 2017 Policy & Regulation
A globe showing flags of the world at COP23

COP23 talks to focus on bridging financial divide

Countries are not making enough progress in the area of climate finance, delegates at the COP23 summit in Bonn heard this week.

8 November 2017 Policy & Regulation
Interfax’s discussion with Norton Rose on the future of gas in the post-COP23 world.

Carbon pricing under scrutiny as COP23 begins

Carbon pricing is struggling to deliver the decarbonisation needed for countries to meet their targets under the Paris agreement.

8 November 2017 Policy & Regulation
An LNG-fuelled ferry.

IMO emissions strategy to boost LNG as marine fuel

The International Maritime Organization is expected to adopt stricter GHG targets in April that could increase the uptake of LNG in shipping.

1 November 2017 LNG
Venue for COP23 climate talks in Bonn

‘War on coal’ to continue at COP23

The UK and Canada are spearheading an attempt to phase out coal that looks set to gain ground at the upcoming UN climate summit.

27 October 2017 Policy & Regulation
Docked LNG tankers

Trends shaping the market this gas year

Global Gas Analytics highlights the issues that will set the agenda for the 2017-2018 gas year.

20 October 2017 Supply & Demand

Security of supply risks remain despite improved market flexibility – IEA

The global gas market is becoming more flexible but security of supply risks remain, the IEA says.

18 October 2017 Policy & Regulation

New policies needed to continue gains in energy efficiency

Governments must continue to implement new policies to avoid a drop-off in energy efficiency gains, the IEA has said.

5 October 2017 Policy & Regulation
A photo of the Orense wind farm in Spain..

Regulatory visibility remains key to energy investment

Energy regulators have highlighted the need for regulatory visibility to foster investor confidence in the energy sector.

29 September 2017 Policy & Regulation
A photo of a Blue Corridors event for gas-fuelled vehicles in Brussels.

NGVs left in the dust by electric competition

The window of opportunity for NGVs to operate as a bridge from oil-fuelled to electric vehicles is fast disappearing.

22 September 2017 Policy & Regulation

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