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Staudinger coal power plant near Frankfurt

EU BREF regulation adds to grim outlook for coal

Tougher EU regulations on airborne emissions will exacerbate the impact of higher CO2 prices and may lead to more closures of coal-fired power plants across Europe.

3 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The new Romanian prime minister Ludovic Orban during a session in parliament in Bucharest

Romania shifts to gas amid surge in CO2 price

Gas-fired power is likely to make significant gains in Romania’s energy mix in the coming years, particularly if the regulatory burden on domestic gas production is lifted.

3 days ago Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
A field of solar photo-voltaic panels that form part of a solar park in Dubai, UAE

Middle East gas-to-power growth trumps renewables

Countries in the region are outbidding each other with ambitious renewables targets, but it is gas-to-power that is making the difference on the ground.

3 days ago Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand

Chinese CBM production in figures

Shanxi is China’s ground zero for CBM, and a more relaxed regulatory regime for unconventional gas development recently introduced in the province is expected to boost output.

6 days ago Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation
A CBM project operated by Sino Oil & Gas in Shanxi

Shanxi revamps rules to boost unconventionals

The Chinese province has established new rules in its regulatory framework for unconventional resources in a move to increase production of shale, tight gas and CBM in the coming years.

28 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production
The Monstad CCS testing centre in Norway

Carbon capture may be too late for coal and gas

The technology may not develop quickly enough to save coal, and it may even be too late for gas.

28 November 2019 World / Policy & Regulation
A wind farm offshore UK/

EU regulations lag power-to-gas ambitions

Support for emerging power-to-gas technologies is missing from current EU legislation, but there are signs the regulatory framework is changing.

28 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Minskaya compressor station on Yamal-Europe pipeline

Yamal expiry shows Poland’s push to lower prices

Poland is likely to continue importing gas from Russia from 2023, but new supply sources look set to force Gazprom to lower its prices.

28 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
A gas-metering station on the Russian-Ukrainian border

Latest twist offers hope in Russia-Ukraine talks

Recent signals from Kiev offer a glimmer of hope that Russia and Ukraine might find a compromise for gas transits through the Ukrainian route this winter.

28 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Port Moresby, PNG

Tougher terms to cause more delays at PNG LNG

PNG’s new prime minister is clamping down on favourable terms ExxonMobil has long enjoyed for its PNG LNG project as he seeks to reap greater financial rewards for the state.

28 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production
An offshore gas platform in Thailand.

Chevron's Erawan dispute highlights decommissioning risk in Southeast Asia

The disagreement over the cost of decommissioning the giant field underscores the risks for operators in Southeast Asia as the region braces for a wave of assets nearing the end of their lives.

22 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

US power generation in figures

Renewable sources provided a record 410 TWh of electricity in the US in 2018 and are now challenging gas for market share thanks to policy support mechanisms.

22 November 2019 Americas / Policy & Regulation
EC President Jean-Claude Juncker with President-elect Ursula von der Leyen

MEPs up pressure to phase out EU grants for gas

Conventional gas projects may struggle to get EU funding under the next Connecting Europe Facility period because of mounting pressure from the European Parliament to reform the EU’s priority list.

21 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Part of the Power of Siberia pipeline

China plots next big step for gas pricing reform

China is phasing out regulated provincial border prices in a wider move to liberalise its domestic gas market.

21 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation
Wind turbines turning against the sky

US support for renewables may challenge gas

Power generation from solar and wind in the US is growing faster than gas-fired power because of policy support for renewables at state level.

21 November 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Meeting on Russian gas transit via Ukraine.

EU solidarity law may be tested if Ukraine-Russia transit talks falter

The EU’s revised solidarity law for gas may be put to the test for the first time this winter if there is no breakthrough in the negotiations and supplies to Europe are disrupted.

20 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
A rally for Taiwan's DPP.

Taiwan’s rising gas demand to be met by LNG

Uninspiring upstream prospects mean Taiwan has little choice but to boost LNG imports to compensate for a reduction in coal-fired and nuclear power generation

18 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A worker at a Korean factory fuelling a HFC EV.

South Korea and Australia scale up ambition on hydrogen

The two countries are stepping up hydrogen cooperation activities as part of plans to create a fully-fledged hydrogen economy in South Korea.

18 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
The EIB building

EU vote narrows EIB gas lending to low-emission projects

The policy will effectively ban lending to unabated fossil gas projects by 2022 but could open doors for more investment in carbon-capture technologies and ‘green’ gases.

15 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

EIB energy lending in figures

The EIB has lent several billion euros to gas projects over the years, but this will stop by 2022.

15 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

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