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A cooling tower at the EDF power station in West Burton in the UK

EU carbon prices see sell-off on economic woes

EU carbon allowances have traded lower recently, with fears over a global recession and a hard Brexit weighing on prices.

7 October 2019 Policy & Regulation
Kadri Simson

Simson dodges questions on EU gas security

The candidate to be the new EU energy commissioner stressed the European Commission’s intention to support renewable gases but avoided questions on Russian gas dependence during Thursday’s hearing with MEPs.

3 October 2019 Policy & Regulation
Eemshaven coal power station in the Netherlands

RWE carbon pledge confirms power shake-up

The announcement that the company wants to be climate-neutral in 20 years may be dismissed as a gimmick by some, but it signals Europe’s energy transition is well under way.

3 October 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Litoral de Almeria coal-fired power plant. (Endesa)

Low profits for Spanish coal plants may accelerate phase-out

Endesa’s sudden decision to close two of its coal-fired power plants may boost gas in Spain’s power mix and hasten the end of coal-burning.

30 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Hungarian President Janos Ader

Hungary’s 2030 pledge to end coal likely to be too optimistic

Gas is in a good position to squeeze coal in Hungary’s power mix from 2020, but the country is unlikely to completely phase coal out by 2030 despite recent pledges.

26 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
A gas-fired power plant in Spain.

EU regulation offers reprieve to gas with CCS

The inclusion of clean gas in a proposed new EU taxonomy regulation could help boost investment in hydrogen and CCS.

26 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greek coal shutdown requires radical rethink

Greece’s plan to phase out coal-fired power by 2028 will require major changes to the country’s generation mix, ostensibly with more reliance on renewables and gas.

25 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms

UK auction signals future boost to offshore wind

With the roll-out of offshore wind projects in the UK beating expectations, gas may face a challenge to its profitability in the long run.

23 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
European Commission vice-president for energy union Maros Sefcovic

Major issues still unresolved in Russia-Ukraine transit talks

Despite some progress this week, a lot of work remains to be done if Russia and Ukraine are to agree on a new transit deal before the end of December.

20 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
European Commission President-elect Ursula con der Leyen

EU steps up efforts to revamp energy tax directive

An overhaul of the EU’s Energy Taxation Directive could bring benefits for gas and hydrogen in road and maritime transport, but getting member states to sign up for radical changes to the directive will not come easy.

19 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany

Germany may see race to end coal before 2038 deadline

The economics suggest Germany’s coal phase-out could be completed well in advance of 2038, with the first auction for government compensation expected in June next year.

12 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Kadri Simson

EU gives top energy job to Estonian amid supply security drive

The appointment of Kadri Simson to the post of energy commissioner shows that energy security and supply diversification will remain high on the EU’s political agenda.

10 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
The OPAL pipeline.

ECJ ruling on OPAL is welcome news for Kiev

The European Commission’s decision to allow Gazprom to export more gas on the pipeline has been overruled, giving Ukraine more bargaining power in transit negotiations with Russia.

10 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez addresses Spain's parliament.

Spain’s renewables auctions on hold as coalition plans falter

The delay to forming a new coalition government in Spain has put on hold Madrid’s plans to hold new auctions for renewable energy capacity.

9 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Berlaymont building.

New EU commission to balance climate ambition and energy security

The EU’s new director general for energy has reiterated gas’s key role in the energy transition and restated that green gases will be supported by the incoming European Commission.

5 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
German energy traders

Engie becomes latest target in market abuse clampdown

The trading arm of the French energy firm has become the latest to be fined over alleged gas market manipulation as European regulators step up their efforts to combat price rigging.

5 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
A wind farm in Germany.

Germany’s onshore wind decline opens door for gas

The declining rate of expansion in German wind farms seen in H1 may signal opportunities for gas to expand its share of the energy mix.

4 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
Naftogaz infrastructure in Ukraine

Ukraine’s new government prepares for gas transit talks

Kiev’s new cabinet will seek to secure a long-term transit agreement between Naftogaz and Gazprom, but it is also preparing for a no-deal outcome.

3 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
M5S leader Luigi Di Maio

Leftist coalition in Italy signals boost in climate ambition

The newly formed coalition between M5S and the PD will likely seek to accelerate Italy’s renewable energy expansion, but gas will remain a key transition fuel.

30 August 2019 Policy & Regulation
Germany's Datteln coal-fired power plant

Europe sees steady decline in hard coal consumption

The fall seen in the past few years is partly the result of the expansion of renewables and a switch from coal to gas in power generation.

28 August 2019 Alternative Fuels

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