Africa-Europe piped flows see mixed picture in Week 3

Volumes surged via GreenStream but dropped dramatically on the MEG pipeline week on week, with total volumes down significantly on an annual basis.

1 hour ago Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand

Asian spot LNG price falls 8.5% on reduced purchases

Prices in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan closed the week at an average of $4.22/MMBtu compared with $8.31/MMBtu at the same point a year ago.

2 hours ago Asia Pacific / LNG

Kuwait gas production and imports in figures

Kuwait has plans to increase domestic gas production in the coming years, but few expect the country to wean itself off LNG imports.

3 hours ago Europe & Russia / LNG

Germany’s lignite phase-out in figures

Germany plans to take around 8.5 GW of lignite power plants offline by 2030, according to a timeline published last week.

Yesterday Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

The Dominican Republic’s power sector in figures

The country estimates it will need to raise its power generation capacity by almost 2 GW by 2025 in order to meet rising demand.

Yesterday Americas / Supply & Demand

Ukraine still main route for Russia-EU flows in December

Ukraine maintained its position as Gazprom’s main export route in December, but Nord Stream and Yamal-Europe were also operating at capacity.

4 days ago Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

Gas imports by Finland and the Baltic states in figures

Russia’s grip on the gas markets of Finland and the Baltic states may loosen as new, EU-backed import infrastructure comes into play.

4 days ago Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Taiwan LNG imports show moderate increase in 2019

The country imported slightly more LNG in 2019 than it did the year before, despite reduced demand from the electricity sector.

5 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG

CNOOC’s Tianjin FSRU loads 326 LNG trucks per day

The terminal was China’s top seller for trucked LNG last week and was followed by Sinopec’s Qingdao and Tianjin facilities in second and third place respectively.

5 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG

Chinese LNG plants cut prices to boost sales

Liquefaction plants in various provinces in China reduced their prices by an average of 2.87% last week compared with the previous week.

6 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG

China’s Hebei gas consumption in figures

Gas consumption in Hebei – one of China’s most polluted provinces – has been rising in recent years, but not as much as some had anticipated.

6 days ago Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Heating demand pushes up Asian spot LNG prices

The average spot price for LNG in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan closed at $5.30/MMBtu on Friday compared with $8.67/MMBtu a year ago.

14 January 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Africa-Europe piped gas flows down by 38% year on year in Week 2

Volumes remained significantly low for the second week of the new year, amounting to 529 MMcm compared with 858 MMcm for the same week in 2019.

14 January 2020 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Spain boosts imports of US LNG in November

Spanish imports of US LNG rose steadily between January and November 2019 and may overtake some of Spain’s traditional suppliers of the fuel

13 January 2020 Europe & Russia / LNG

German spark spreads improve year on year

Profit margins for German gas-fired power plants improved in 2019 compared with the previous year, while margins for coal-fired plants declined.

13 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels

African piped gas flows to Europe plummet in 2019

Imports of relatively cheap LNG into the European market last year severely dented flows of African piped gas.

10 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

EU gas consumption rises on fuel switching

Fuel switching from coal to gas continued to drive gas consumption across Europe in the third quarter of 2019, a recent report from the European Commission confirms.

10 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

Italian gas demand down 3% in November

Consumption fell in November 2019 after months of steady increases, although demand looks set to increase for the year as a whole.

9 January 2020 Europe & Russia / LNG

CNOOC’s Tianjin FSRU is top seller for trucked LNG

The facility dispatched an average of 383 tankers per day last month, placing it ahead of Sinopec’s Tianjin and Qingdao terminals on 309 and 271 respectively.

9 January 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

UK LNG imports continue to rise in October

Volumes continued their upward trajectory in October 2019, with most cargoes coming from Qatar, government data shows.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

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