Spain’s LNG imports up by 44% in 2019

Traditional exporters of the fuel to Spain, such as Qatar and Nigeria, have seen tough competition from the US and Russia.

14 February 2020 Europe & Russia / LNG

African piped gas keeps losing ground to cheap LNG

North African gas flows to Europe started the year significantly depressed, and the trend is expected to continue.

14 February 2020 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Chinese trucked LNG sales plummet

CNOOC’s Tianjin FSRU was once again the top-selling facility for trucked LNG in China last week, despite selling just 146 tankers.

13 February 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Price of China’s domestic LNG slumps by 2.4%

Prices averaged $8.93/MMBtu last week, marking their lowest point since September 2019.

12 February 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Malaysian gas production in figures

Supplies from the country’s Lang Lebah discovery could help alleviate a short-term supply crunch that has plagued the Bintulu LNG export plant for the past year.

12 February 2020 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Asian spot LNG price dips below $3/MMBtu

Prices fell to record lows last week, while the coronavirus epidemic caused LNG supply and demand to slump in China.

11 February 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Africa-Europe piped gas flows down 42% year on year

Europe’s imports of North African piped gas saw another week of decline in Week 6, with volumes falling to 413 MMcm.

11 February 2020 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

UK auction sees 1.3 GW of unsuccessful gas-to-power bids

Last week’s year-ahead capacity auction in the UK saw just 90 MW of contracts awarded to gas-fired installations while the Nemo electricity interconnector between Belgium and the UK secured an 820 MW contract.

10 February 2020 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Coal and nuclear may provide 27% of US power even by 2050

Power generation from the fuels will plateau after 2025 despite the rise of gas and renewables, according to the reference case in the EIA’s latest Annual Energy Outlook.

10 February 2020 Americas / Pipelines, Storage & Power

India’s gas demand in figures

India wants to boost the share of gas in its energy mix to 15% from 2030, up from 6.5% now, and securing lower LNG import prices could prove key to meeting this target.

10 February 2020 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Asian LNG import growth falls sharply in 2019

The region's LNG imports fell by 0.7% last year after years of strong growth

7 February 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

US LNG strengthens position in UK Sep-Nov 2019

The UK imported around 1.2 billion cubic metres of LNG from the US in the September-November 2019, with only Qatar supplying more.

7 February 2020 Europe & Russia / LNG

China’s gas fundamentals flag over 2019

China’s consumption and imports of gas both experienced growth slowdowns over the course of 2019, but production bucked the trend through generally stable growth.

6 February 2020 Americas / Supply & Demand

Europe’s gas-to-power generation leaps 12% in 2019

Gas-fired power generation in the EU28 increased by 12% year on year in 2019 while renewables also recorded strong gains, according to a new report by Agora Energiewende and Sandbag.

5 February 2020 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

China’s pipeline gas import growth stalls in 2019

The country’s pipeline imports rose by less than 1% last year compared with 20.3% in 2018.

5 February 2020 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

US LNG capacity growth in figures

The US may be able to export around 252 million cubic metres per day of LNG by end-2020 if new projects go ahead as planned.

5 February 2020 Americas / LNG

Chinese LNG imports see slower growth in 2019

Volumes were up by 11.5% last year on an annual basis compared with 40.8% in 2018.

4 February 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Russian flows decline in January amid gas stock withdrawals

Gazprom reduced its commercial flows last month to balance the gas market after EU storage facilities reached exceptionally high volumes at the end of last year.

4 February 2020 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

North Africa gas flows to Europe down again in Week 5

Despite the slight week-on-week increase seen in Week 4, gas flows from North Africa shrank again last week.

4 February 2020 Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand

US rig count drops 25% year on year

The number of rigs in the country’s seven key producing regions fell to 717 in December 2019, according to EIA data, but new-well gas production increased

3 February 2020 Americas / Exploration & Production

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