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Algeria Oil & Gas Summit 2019

20-21 November 2019

Under the auspices of The National Agency for the Valorisation of Hydrocarbon Resources (ALNAFT), IN-VR Oil & Gas is honoured to organise the Algeria Oil & Gas Summit” on 20-21 November 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia.

The summit will present a unique platform for networking that will bring together existing and future operators in the oil and gas industry in Algeria and the Mediterranean.

With the official support and keynote addresses from Mr. Arezki Hocini, President of ALNAFT, and participation from all the major players in country and in the Mediterranean, the Summit will be the official annual platform for Government announcements and to strike new business partnerships in the region.

Following the great success of the first Mediterranean Petroleum Summit, we are proud to include a full day of sessions on the Mediterranean.

During the summit, high-level Ministry, NOC and Hydrocarbon Agency Officials from the Mediterranean countries, as well as key partners from the Med oil and gas industry will share their insights on current and future business opportunities in the region to learn how to unlock the true potential of the Mediterranean hydrocarbon industry.

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