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UAE’s gas ambition in figures

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. is matching its spending to bold ambitions in a bid to ramp up output to return the United Arab Emirates to being a net gas exporter, a status it has not held since 2007.

27 November 2019 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Flows on Italy-Algeria Trans-Med pipeline fall in Week 47

Volumes along the route declined by 9% week on week and 60% year on year, while transit via the other three Africa-Europe pipelines looked broadly stable on a weekly basis.

26 November 2019 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Vietnam’s energy challenge in figures

Vietnam is seeing a rush to build LNG terminals in a move to displace coal in power generation and meet booming electricity demand.

25 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

US power generation in figures

Renewable sources provided a record 410 TWh of electricity in the US in 2018 and are now challenging gas for market share thanks to policy support mechanisms.

22 November 2019 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Hainan's energy supply mix in figures

The power mix in the Chinese province is dominated by coal and renewables, but gas and nuclear are expected to gain market share because of the phase-out of coal.

20 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

US coal decline in figures

A number of coal-fired power plants in the United States have closed since 2010, taking a combined capacity of more than 100 GW offline.

18 November 2019 Americas / Global Markets

EIB energy lending in figures

The EIB has lent several billion euros to gas projects over the years, but this will stop by 2022.

15 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Thailand’s and Cambodia’s competing offshore claims

Renewed efforts are being made to settle a territorial dispute over waters between Thailand and Cambodia thought to be rich in natural gas.

15 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

BP takes FID on Tortue/Ahmeyim

BP and its partners have taken FID for phase 1 development of the ultra-deepwater Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project.

21 December 2018 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Croatia LNG receives only 520 MMcm/y in capacity bookings

The second round of the open season for contracting capacity at the Krk FSRU ended on Thursday with 520 MMcm/y of binding capacity bookings made.

21 December 2018 Europe & Russia / LNG

PetroChina’s Rudong terminal to take 40 LNG cargoes in November-March

PetroChina will receive 40 LNG cargoes at its Rudong terminal in Jiangsu province between November 2018 and March 2019.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / LNG

Three Central Asia-China Pipelines supply 46.9 bcm

The three Central Asia-China Pipelines had supplied 46.9 billion cubic metres of gas this year as of 20 December.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Tarim Oilfield supplying 65 MMcm/d to WEP 1

CNPC's Tarim Oilfield unit in Xinjiang is supplying 65 MMcm/d of gas to the first West-East Pipeline.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Bangladesh struggling under subsidy burden – World Bank

Gas subsidies are putting a huge burden on Bangladesh’s finances, a report from the World Bank has concluded.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Shaanxi-Beijing pipelines supply record volume

The four Shaanxi-Beijing pipelines supplied a record 206 MMcm of gas on 8 December.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Höegh LNG to supply FSRU to AGL Energy project

Höegh LNG has agreed to supply an FSRU for AGL Energy’s proposed floating LNG import project in Victoria.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / LNG

Indian companies adding floating solar panels to gas power plants

Indian companies plan to install floating solar power plants at their underutilised gas plants.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Alternative Fuels

Shell calls for Malampaya tax case verdict within six months

Shell Philippines Exploration is looking for a verdict on its PHP 53 billion tax case relating to production from the Malampaya field within the next six months

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

India turns to gas storage as import dependence grows

India is considering building emergency gas reserves to handle supply disruptions as the country’s dependence on gas imports grows.

21 December 2018 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

PTTEP boosting capex plans as it eyes African projects

PTTEP plans to increase its capital expenditure next year to $1.84 billion as it looks to develop new projects in Africa.

21 December 2018 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

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