Ian Lewis

Exxon enters South Africa offshore exploration

ExxonMobil has joined in the hunt for gas offshore South Africa, as growing experience of deepwater drilling is giving companies hope of tapping reserves and emulating nearby successes.

18 January 2013 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Prognosis poor for West African LNG plans

New West African LNG projects face an uphill battle in securing long-term supply contracts, forcing them to fall back on to the spot market.

14 December 2012 Middle East & Africa / LNG

North Africa’s shale gas quest faces challenges

North African countries are touting shale gas exploration and production in their basins, hoping to lure foreign majors. Despite the prospects, however, shale gas output in the region still remains a long-term goal.

30 November 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Ghana likely to place power before politics

Ghana’s need for more power capacity makes it unlikely that a new government will slow down development by seeking a radical overhaul of deals with China.

30 October 2012 Middle East & Africa / Policy & Regulation

Zimbabwe faces stiff CBM challenges

The Zimbabwean government hopes exploiting the country’s CBM resources could be a fast-track solution to its burgeoning power crisis.

10 September 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

South Africa goes offshore in search for gas

Big finds in neighbouring Mozambique has prompted South Africa to seek its own offshore treasure. However, despite attracting one of the most successful explorers in East Africa – Anadarko – the country needs to attract more investment to kick-start exploration.

24 August 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Time of transition in Ghana may impact China ties

A new president for Ghana in elections later this year could result in a cooling in relations with China.

7 August 2012 Middle East & Africa / Policy & Regulation

Nigeria edges closer to passing crucial oil law

Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Bill is vital for new investment in the country’s oil and gas sector. After years of debate, could the Nigerian government be close to passing it into law?

24 July 2012 Middle East & Africa / Policy & Regulation

GTL struggles for traction, despite high oil price

GTL plants look increasingly attractive in the current market environment. The problem is the huge capital costs to get these projects off the ground.

11 July 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Nigeria’s energy bill faces close scrutiny

Government assurance that a new draft of long-delayed legislation to revamp Nigeria’s energy sector will be completed in June will be welcomed by international oil companies (IOCs). However, it could yet run into political problems, as the terms may disappoint those hoping for greater transparency and more income from the sector in Nigeria.

1 June 2012 Middle East & Africa / Policy & Regulation

Carbon capture: the final push?

The opening of a dedicated testing centre in Mongstad, Norway, this month is the latest effort to push along the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS), a technology which could safeguard the future of coal and gas power, but which critics say is unproven and an expensive diversion from investment in renewable energy.

18 May 2012 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Algeria’s hard line shows signs of easing

There are signs that Algeria is adopting a more investor friendly approach in the oil and gas sector. But oil and gas companies have seen this all before.

1 May 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Kenya’s investment challenge

The oil finds made in the Turkana region of northern Kenya caused celebrations in Nairobi, but is the country’s regulatory and legal framework ready for a flood of exploration and production investment?

15 April 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Nigeria finally poised for LNG expansion

After years of delay, things are starting to look good for Nigeria’s LNG sector. So with the circumstances in its favour, Ian Lewis asks could this be the year we see the expansion of Nigerian LNG?

30 March 2012 Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand

Namibia offshore explorers seek support from majors

Having overcome last year’s delays, Namibian explorers are hoping for a discovery that will provide returns on investments and spark industry interest from the oil and gas majors.

16 March 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Shell leads South Africa upstream push

Driven by growing domestic demand for gas, the South African government is opening up more offshore and onshore areas for exploration. Anglo-Dutch super-major Royal Dutch Shell is principal among the companies hoping to take advantage of this.

27 February 2012 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

BG well placed for spending splurge

BG Group is invested in some of the world’s most prospective basins, but these interests also entail large capital expenditure commitments. Interfax looks at how the company intends to pay for these developments.

20 February 2012 Europe & Russia / Companies & Finance

Nigerian unrest could spark energy bill progress

Nationwide strikes and political unrest may provide an additional impetus for the Nigerian government to pass the Petroleum Industry Bill.

30 January 2012 Middle East & Africa / Policy & Regulation

China’s clever Ghana strategy

Concerns over a financing package from China have delayed much-needed gas pipeline and processing infrastructure, but this may not be so bad

13 January 2012 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Business as usual for energy firms after Moroccan polls

The rise to power of the Islamist Justice and Development Party is unlikely to have detrimental effects on Morocco’s oil and gas industry

5 December 2011 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

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