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Permitting progress bolstered Kitimat’s appeal - Chevron

Progress on securing permits was a primary factor in attracting Chevron to the proposed Kitimat LNG project in western Canada, in which the major has agreed to purchase a 50% stake, the company has said.

2 July 2013 Americas / LNG

West Canada output ramp-up awaits LNG export capacity

Research firm ITG expects Western Canadian gas output to rise by 2025 – driven by three key shale plays – but production looks likely to dip in the near-to-medium term, pending new demand from LNG export projects on the country’s western coast.

2 April 2013 Americas / Exploration & Production

Risks and rewards for stricter US LNG export rules

Establishing stricter criteria for granting non-FTA export permits to LNG projects would help bring the volume of proposed capacity down, but could also offer an unfair advantage to certain projects.

26 March 2013 Americas / Supply & Demand

Congressmen press DOE on LNG export permits

United States congressmen took the Department of Energy to task for its failure to provide a timeframe for permitting future non-free trade agreement LNG exports, at a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform‘s energy subcommittee this week.

21 March 2013 Americas / Supply & Demand

Chevron sees potential 150 mt LNG supply shortfall in 2025

The addition of global liquefaction capacity may be insufficient to keep pace with rising demand, potentially leading to a 150 million ton shortfall in 2025, according to Chevron.

13 March 2013 Americas / Supply & Demand

Gas decline to drag down Exxon’s 2013 output

ExxonMobil anticipates a sharp decline in gas production in 2013 will more than offset expected liquids’ output growth, resulting in a 1% fall in total forecast production.

7 March 2013 Americas / Supply & Demand

Conoco defends APLNG performance

The Australian Pacific LNG project has suffered cost overruns – which could be as high as 25% in United States dollar terms – despite effective project management.

4 March 2013 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Conoco's five-year plan excludes North American gas growth

ConocoPhillips is one of the largest unconventional leaseholders in North America, but its five-year plan includes essentially no North American gas production growth.

1 March 2013 Americas / Exploration & Production

Write-downs push independents into losses in North America

In addition to eating away at cash flows, falling gas prices have forced asset write-downs that have led to losses at companies that might have otherwise been profitable in 2012.

28 February 2013 Americas / Companies & Finance

Regulatory delay offers upside for Quicksilver

Canada’s National Energy Board recommended against construction of new takeaway capacity from the Horn River Basin, and Quicksilver will use the opportunity to defer capital and drilling during the development of additional marketing options.

27 February 2013 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Sinopec picks up low-cost Chesapeake acreage

Chesapeake has agreed a $1 billion joint venture with China’s Sinopec in the Mississippi Lime play, but analysts say the deal price appears lower than industry averages.

26 February 2013 Americas / Companies & Finance

Chesapeake: short-term cautious, long-term upbeat on gas

Chesapeake’s 2013 gas hedging strategy shows an emphasis on caution, despite the company’s confidence in a gas rebound.

22 February 2013 Americas / Companies & Finance

Linn buys Berry for $4.3 billion

United States-based Linn and its subsidiary LinnCo have agreed to buy Berry Petroleum for $4.3 billion in an all-stock deal.

22 February 2013 Americas / Companies & Finance

Anadarko to test North African shale potential

The US independent is looking to export its shale expertise to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, citing favourable or improving above-ground conditions. Meanwhile, it is aiming for 50 mtpa of liquefaction capacity in Mozambique.

21 February 2013 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

Companies trend towards transparency – IHS

The oil and gas industry is responding to public calls for more transparency regarding issues that stoke concerns about the environmental impact of drilling.

20 February 2013 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Exxon reserves edge back towards oil

ExxonMobil’s reserve additions in 2012 have shifted the company’s reserve mix back towards oil.

20 February 2013 Americas / Companies & Finance

Joint efforts may aid fugitive emissions cuts

Studies to measure fugitive emissions from gas production, with participation by both environmental groups and industry, should help meet the need for reliable data on disputed leakage rates.

19 February 2013 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Alaska senator tempers outlook for LNG timeline

The latest deal between Rosneft and ExxonMobil gives the Russian oil giant the option to become a partner in the Point Thomson gas field in Alaska, but the timeline for the field to come to full development and marketing remains uncertain.

18 February 2013 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Regulatory rethink lures Encana back to Haynesville

A change in Louisiana’s drilling regulations has helped to improve the economics of Encana’s Haynesville shale operations and draw the producer back to the play.

15 February 2013 Americas / Exploration & Production

Energy Security Trust proposal remains murky

United States President Barack Obama called for the creation of a federal energy security trust during his State of the Union speech this week, generating speculation about what such a trust would entail.

14 February 2013 Americas / Policy & Regulation

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