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Power lines

Australian election set to shape electricity market

Australia’s next general election is scheduled for 18 May. A change in government could result in a shift in energy policy – with implications for the power sector.

10 May 2019 Asia Pacific
Coal-fired power station

Coal sees resurgence in Turkey’s power sector

Turkey’s dependence on domestically produced coal and renewables is set to increase as the country shifts its focus towards minimising imports of fossil fuels for electricity generation.

8 May 2019 Middle East & Africa
CNOOC's LNG terminal in Tianjin

Australian dominance grows as China’s LNG imports rise

Australia increased its share of China’s LNG imports in Q1 2019 year on year, while China's LNG and pipeline imports both continued to grow at double-digit rates.

7 May 2019 Asia Pacific

Taiwan leads Asian spot LNG price decline

The price of spot LNG in Asia fell by an average of around 6% in April, with Taiwan seeing the biggest drop.

7 May 2019 Asia Pacific
A Sinopec Jianghan Drilling shale well

China’s gas output keeps rising but 2020 target still in doubt

The country’s production levels have been increasing steadily in recent months, but output is still short of what will be needed to meet the target of 200 bcm in 2020.

2 May 2019 Asia Pacific
A nuclear power plant in Japan

Risks to Japanese nuclear could boost LNG imports

Japan could see some of its operational nuclear reactors shut down next year, a move that will likely lead to a rise in the country’s LNG imports.

25 April 2019 Asia Pacific

Imports increase share of EU gas consumption in 2018

The share of imports in Europe’s gas mix rose last year despite Q4 declines in Russian and Norwegian supplies.

25 April 2019 Europe & Russia

Maghreb-Europe pipeline leads decline in North African exports to Europe

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 18.3% last week as a result of weak demand in Spain and Italy.

23 April 2019 Middle East & Africa
Disouq, Egypt

No smooth sailing for Egypt’s LNG exports

Upstream issues, rising domestic gas demand and regional geopolitics will remain obstacles to Egypt’s ambition of becoming a major LNG and pipeline gas supplier.

18 April 2019 Middle East & Africa
Manila, Philippines

Philippines LNG – potential still in question

The Philippines has long been touted as a potential LNG importer and a market with long-term growth potential. However, even with a number of projects moving forward, challenges remain.

18 April 2019 Asia Pacific
Bahia Blanca LNG terminal

Argentina’s LNG export dreams under pressure

The Latin American country is facing up to the cold, hard light of reality regarding its ambition to become an LNG exporter.

17 April 2019 Americas

EU energy consumption jeapordises 2020 target

Rising energy consumption in EU countries could make it harder to reach energy savings targets agreed by the EU institutions.

15 April 2019 Europe & Russia
Aguada Federal block in Argentina's Neuquén Province

Argentina’s perilous path to gas riches

Argentina’s efforts to become self-sufficient in gas and boost its exports of LNG and pipeline gas will be thoroughly tested as the country’s economy deteriorates.

12 April 2019 Americas
Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse near Port Kembla.

Aussie LNG imports progress as supply tightens

A swing to Labor in Australia’s upcoming election would see strong support for renewables and low-emission tech, but the retirement of coal power will also boost gas demand, enabling FSRUs to plug the short-term gap.

11 April 2019 Asia Pacific
Lignite Power Plant, Weisweiler, Germany. (RWE)

Gas set for tentative comeback in Germany

The country’s plans to phase out coal-fired power are set to benefit gas, as carbon prices have given the most-efficient gas plants higher profit margins.

3 April 2019 Europe & Russia
The Power of Siberia gas pipeline

China’s piped imports to surpass LNG shipments in long run

CNOOC has forecast China’s demand for LNG imports will drop as new pipelines come onstream.

3 April 2019 Asia Pacific

North African pipeline gas exports hit new low

Weak demand and low-cost alternatives saw the decline in pipeline gas exports from North Africa to Europe continue last week.

2 April 2019 Middle East & Africa

UK LNG imports up by 7% in 2018

While the share of LNG in UK gas imports rose in 2018, the amount of LNG imported by the country remains low compared with previous years.

29 March 2019 Europe & Russia
The Dragon LNG terminal in the UK.

UK hub prices face further pressure

Mild temperatures and strong imports will continue to put pressure on NBP prices.

29 March 2019 Europe & Russia

North African pipeline exports rise despite low Italian demand

Exports of pipeline gas from Africa to Europe rose by 2.3% last week, but volumes are still unseasonably low.

26 March 2019 Middle East & Africa

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