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Keeping out the cold: Europe's winter gas supply security

A look at the global LNG supply situation in addition to projections for when new sources could reach the terminals of Europe.

Keeping Out the Cold: Europe's Winter Gas Supply Security is the latest in our series of quarterly special reports exploring key trends in the gas industry.

European consumers are looking to ease Gazprom's supply dominance, but new projects will be balanced against geopolitical tensions, declining supply and a new European Commission.

  • Europe heads into December with at least some expectation that Russian gas supplies via Ukraine will be maintained this winter, following the agreement signed in Brussels at the end of October.
  • Despite the promise of short-term stability of supply, EU gas markets remain in transition. The Independence FRSU, recently docked in Lithuania, will open up Baltic consumers to new gas. An onshore facility in western Poland will soon follow. Both projects aim to chip away at Gazprom's regional monopoly.
  • Meanwhile, production from North Africa continues to be under pressure from geopolitical upheaval, output at the EU's largest indigenous field in the Netherlands is now subject to caps, and a new European Commission team has taken the helm of EU energy policy. All could have a profound effect on medium-term operational security.

These factors make an in-depth report on the challenges faced this winter all the more important. Our study covers each of the above topics, with contributions from Interfax's global network of correspondents and external dispatches from Warsaw, Vilnius and Sofia – three capitals highly concerned about supply security.

Keeping out the cold is more complicated than ever in winter 2014.

Table of contents

  • Ukraine: Gathering complexities for Russian gas
  • Reverse flows and supply disruption
  • Central European storage capacity
  • Groningen quake fears threaten Dutch exports
  • LNG to end Gazprom's monopoly in the Baltics
  • EU stress tests show LNG key to supply security
  • View from Sofia: Bulgaria and South Stream
  • North Africa no substitute for Russian gas
  • Europe looks to LNG for supply security
  • Europe's potential new LNG sources
  • Czech Republic can deal with Ukraine supply cuts

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