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Artist’s impression of the wall of the tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay

The UK tidal lagoon – making a costly mistake?

The UK government will not support a proposed tidal lagoon project. Critics say it is a missed opportunity, but Westminster is clear it will not fund the project.

3 July 2018 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels
Abengoa employees doing construction work on a transmission tower in Chile.

Renewables going from strength to strength in Chile

Chile’s improving electricity distribution infrastructure and the government’s emphasis on clean power will boost the country’s development of renewables and CCS.

3 July 2018 Americas / Supply & Demand
Bird's eye view of Świnoujście LNG terminal

Poland pushes renewables, but coal is embedded

It will be difficult for Poland to move away from its overwhelming dependence on coal, but the country is making moves to do so by diversifying its energy mix.

4 June 2018 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
TCM plant at Mongstad. (Gassnova)

Norway’s FEED decision may boost CCS prospects

Carbon capture and storage has made little progress in Europe, but Norway’s decision to move ahead with a FEED study for a full-scale demo project is a positive step.

4 June 2018 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Main dam body - Neelum Jhelum Hydropower plant, Pakistan.

Pakistan needs new power capacity

Power shortages are blighting Pakistan. Ambitious government plans to improve output have been hit by delays in bringing new capacity online.

9 May 2018 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Factory emissions

Europe: carbon pricing in the power mix

Carbon prices in Europe have risen and a region-wide price floor has been proposed. The changing dynamics could alter Europe’s power mix.

3 April 2018 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Downtown Kuwait City

Gas will consolidate position in Kuwait’s power sector

The popularity of gas in the Kuwaiti power sector is set to grow over the coming years, but the use of oil products will continue and the evolution of renewables will be slow.

3 April 2018 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Mount Owen coal complex, Australia

Coal growth may continue despite bullish LNG talk

Shell has predicted strong growth in the LNG market over the next decade, but underinvestment in liquefaction capacity could boost prices and lead to a coal resurgence.

6 March 2018 World / Supply & Demand
Koeberg nuclear power plant, South Africa

Nuclear facing challenges in South Africa

South Africa’s power supply position has improved, but a drought affecting Cape Town is forcing change at the nuclear plant that supplies much of the city’s electricity.

6 March 2018 Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand
Bongkot South production platform, Thailand

Thailand’s power mix – gas under threat

Gas dominates Thailand’s generation mix. However, government plans to limit gas generation and push renewables could weaken its position.

5 February 2018 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Demonstrators erect a seven meter high 'fracking rig' as they call for a ban on exploration and development of shale gas in the UK, outside the Houses of Parliament, London.

UK demand outlook may stymie shale development

A recent research note from Global Gas Analytics suggests UK gas demand will fall to 2030 while overall European demand is unlikely to grow significantly. This makes large-scale development of UK shale unlikely.

5 February 2018 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production
Industrial emissions.

German power’s emission challenge

Germany is under pressure to move forward with its coal policy and get on track to meet its emission reduction targets.

8 January 2018 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Ferrybridge coal-fired power stations

UK to set emissions limit to force coal phase-out

The UK government has introduced an emissions limit for power producers that it hopes will see coal phased out of the country’s energy mix by 2025.

8 January 2018 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Coal mine in Shanxi, China

Coal prices driven by tight supply and Asian demand

Reports of coal's demise look to be premature as prices have angled upwards in Asia, with supply bottlenecks and increasing demand in Asia being the main causes.

21 October 2016 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Hinkley Point C nuclear plant

Is the UK's energy policy still technology neutral?

The UK’s decision to approve the construction of a new nuclear plant puts a question mark over whether the government’s policy is still impartial.

22 September 2016 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels
Crescent Petroleum operations in UAE.

UAE diversifies options as thirst for power grows

The UAE is looking to increase its gas and LNG imports as well as diversify its power generation mix.

19 May 2016 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

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