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A train delivering pipeline for Nord Stream 2

EU takes giant leap towards revised Gas Directive

The EU is getting closer to an agreement on a revised gas directive after Germany secured key concessions for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline at a meeting in Brussels on Friday.

11 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
A cooling tower at a power station, West Burton, UK

Legal battle clouds future of UK power payments

The UK could be facing premature power plant closures unless the legal dispute over its subsidy scheme for generators is resolved.

7 February 2019 Policy & Regulation

Qatar strengthens position as Europe’s main LNG supplier

Qatar increased its share of the European LNG market from 39% in Q2 2018 to 43% in Q3 2018, according to a European Commission report.

6 February 2019 LNG
A coal-fired power plant in Germany

Germany’s goodbye to coal leaves room for gas

A proposal to phase out Germany’s coal-fired power plants seems like an opportunity for gas to gain market share, but many questions remain over the timeframe.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Pipeline welding in Spain.

Portugal pushes support for rejected STEP pipeline

Portugal’s energy regulator has told ACER it should be allowed a say on the future of the STEP pipeline after France and Spain rejected the project.

25 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Dungeness nuclear power station in the UK. (PA)

UK energy at crossroads after Wylfa suspension

Uncertainty over nuclear power in the UK may have boosted the prospects for gas-to-power, but attracting new investment in gas-fired plants will not be straightforward.

24 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Construction of Power of Siberia gas pipeline in progress

Investment needed to sustain Europe’s gas output

Declining gas output in Europe and Algeria will further boost Europe’s dependence on imported LNG and pipeline gas from countries such as Russia as early as 2023 unless greater upstream investment is made.

23 January 2019 Supply & Demand

French and Spanish regulators turn down Midcat’s first phase

Energy regulators in Spain and France have ruled that building the first phase of the proposed Midcat pipeline cannot be justified from an economic perspective under the current proposal.

23 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Maroš Šefčovič at a press briefing following the talks on Monday.

Clock is ticking for Ukraine-Russia transit deal

Time is running out for securing a new transit contract between Russia and Ukraine after 2019, with the negotiations being impeded by a sensitive geopolitical backdrop.

22 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
The South Stream project was halted after the commission said its IGAs were incompatible with EU law. (Gazprom)

Romania raises the stakes with revised EU Gas Directive

Romania is trying to push through changes to the directive that would give the European Commission more power to intervene in negotiations between EU states and third countries such as Russia.

21 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Tihange nuclear power plant in Belgium. (Electrabel)

Belgium presses on with power subsidy regime

The scheme is intended to attract investment in gas-fired capacity to replace the country's ageing nuclear fleet.

17 January 2019 Policy & Regulation

Brussels set to re-open probe into UK capacity payments

The European Commission will soon launch an investigation into the treatment of demand-side response services within the UK capacity market.

16 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Double decker buses in London

Europe’s drive to reduce emissions

Europe is moving to bring down emissions via ambitious new targets and developments in the region’s power sector will become increasingly critical to meeting them.

14 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
BayWa's Don Rodrigo solar plant in Spain.

Subsidies in Europe may fall faster for renewables than for gas

While renewable power generators in Europe may operate without subsidies in the coming years, gas- and coal-fired generators may be reliant on capacity payments for longer.

11 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
The European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

Brussels to face key decisions on gas in 2019

The EU institutions are expected to make a number of key decisions this year that will have a major impact on the gas sector.

9 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Centrica's Brigg gas-fired power plant in the UK. (Centrica)

EU carbon in 2019 – year of delivery for gas?

EU carbon prices surged in 2018, outperforming all other commodities, and the gas sector is hopeful the bull run will continue in 2019.

7 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Exploration in the Black-Sea offshore Romania.

Romania’s new tax regime jeopardises regional investment

The country’s sudden introduction of unfavourable fiscal terms risks derailing the BRUA pipeline and regional projects that plan to rely on it as an export route.

3 January 2019 Exploration & Production
Kozienice power plant in Poland. (Enea)

EU agrees coal subsidy phase-out, but loopholes remain

A new EU regulation designed to phase out national subsidies for coal-fired power plants may benefit the gas industry even if loopholes remain.

3 January 2019 Policy & Regulation

Romania’s new energy company taxes will hit market severely – OMV

A draft bill to introduce new taxes on energy companies operating in Romania will have a strong negative impact, Romania’s OMV Petrom has said

20 December 2018 Policy & Regulation
Work on the Turkish Stream pipeline

Serbia’s non-EU status crucial for South Stream Lite

Routing the project through Serbia will allow Gazprom to avoid key EU rules for new pipelines, helping it to transport volumes from Turkish Stream further into Europe.

19 December 2018 Policy & Regulation

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