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CNOOC terminals in top spots for Chinese trucked LNG sales

The company’s Tianjin and Ningbo facilities together sent out an average of just over 500 LNG tanker trucks per day last month

11 April 2019 Asia Pacific

LNG sales pick up in Rudong and Qingdao as Tianjin declines

PetroChina’s Rudong facility was ranked in the top three for trucked LNG sales among China’s terminals last week for the first time since September 2018.

4 April 2019 Asia Pacific

Three weeks of no trading on SHPGX in March

Last week was the third week this month without any pipeline gas or LNG sales on the Shanghai Petroleum and Gas Exchange.

3 April 2019 Asia Pacific

Japanese LNG imports down by 11%

Japan’s LNG imports continued to decline in February as prices fell for the first time in 15 months.

1 April 2019 Asia Pacific

UK LNG imports up by 7% in 2018

While the share of LNG in UK gas imports rose in 2018, the amount of LNG imported by the country remains low compared with previous years.

29 March 2019 Europe & Russia
The Dragon LNG terminal in the UK.

UK hub prices face further pressure

Mild temperatures and strong imports will continue to put pressure on NBP prices.

29 March 2019 Europe & Russia

Hebei and Tianjin to boost China’s LNG output

LNG plants in Hebei and Tianjin are expected to ramp up output this week, helping to push China’s LNG production to 33,454 tpd.

28 March 2019 Asia Pacific
An LNG truck in China

High LNG prices weigh on direct supply in China

The direct supply model helped boost LNG uptake by Chinese industrial sector over the past three years, but it is now under pressure.

28 March 2019 Asia Pacific

Asian LNG imports up by 13% in 2018

China and Pakistan saw the largest year-on-year growth, driving a 13% increase across the region as a whole.

27 March 2019 Asia Pacific

Chinese ex-works LNG prices fall week on week

Soft demand and full inventories led Chinese LNG plants to cut their prices last week, with average prices down by 2.11% compared with the previous week.

27 March 2019 Asia Pacific

North African pipeline exports rise despite low Italian demand

Exports of pipeline gas from Africa to Europe rose by 2.3% last week, but volumes are still unseasonably low.

26 March 2019 Middle East & Africa

Asian spot LNG prices still falling

Spot prices ended last week at their lowest level since July 2016, having fallen by 9.8% from the previous week.

26 March 2019 Asia Pacific
South Korea's Pyeongtaek LNG terminal.

New taxes in South Korea will benefit gas and hit coal

South Korea is lowering taxes for LNG and raising them for coal, a move that will benefit gas consumption.

25 March 2019 Asia Pacific

Singapore’s LNG imports fall for fourth month

The country imported less LNG in February for the fourth month in a row as it remained heavily reliant on pipeline gas from its neighbours.

25 March 2019 Asia Pacific

Spain to reduce coal and nuclear power output

Spanish projections foresee a gradual phase-out of coal and a reduction of nuclear in the country's power mix, but gas may be able to defend its share.

21 March 2019 Europe & Russia
In Salah dry gas field

Algerian worker strikes threaten gas exports

Industrial action at oil and gas facilities caused by the country’s political turmoil have the potential to affect gas exports.

21 March 2019 Middle East & Africa

Thailand’s LNG imports hit record high in January

The country's LNG imports reached a new record of 550,000 tons in January as domestic demand for energy continued to grow.

20 March 2019 Asia Pacific

CNOOC’s Tianjin terminal leads LNG sales

The terminal sold 346 truckloads of LNG last week, placing it ahead of CNOOC’s Ningbo terminal, which came second with 282 truckloads.

14 March 2019 Asia Pacific

South Korea’s LNG imports fall following nuclear restarts

South Korea’s LNG imports dropped by 16% in February as nuclear restarts hit demand for gas.

13 March 2019 Asia Pacific
An LNG tanker loading in Australia

Aussie LNG players step up trading focus

As LNG becomes a global commodity, Australian exporters are equipping themselves with more sophisticated international LNG sales and marketing capabilities.

13 March 2019 Asia Pacific

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