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An LNG tanker loading at the PNG LNG plant

Political instability in PNG opens door to China

The resignation of Papua New Guinea’s long-standing prime minister looks set to have repercussions for LNG investment in the Pacific island nation.

30 May 2019 Asia Pacific
CNOOC’s LNG terminal in Putian city of Fujian province

PetroChina targets growth in Fujian’s gas market

PetroChina is constructing more pipeline infrastructure in Fujian and wants to develop an LNG terminal in the province, as it looks to increase sales in the price-deregulated coastal market.

30 May 2019 Asia Pacific

Gas field maintenance disrupts Chinese LNG plant supplies

PetroChina’s Tarim Oilfield and Changqing Oilfield subsidiaries began maintenance at their gas fields last week.

29 May 2019 Asia Pacific
A Qatari LNG vessel

US LNG set to gain from Qatari-Saudi turf war

Saudi Arabia’s aim of challenging Qatar’s dominance of the LNG market will present the United States with an opportunity to commercialise its LNG.

24 May 2019 Americas

TTF gas prices slide but Ukraine transit deal remains a risk

TTF gas prices have declined in recent weeks, but concerns are growing that Russia and Ukraine may not reach a transit agreement before the end of the year.

23 May 2019 Europe & Russia
ENN's Zhoushan terminal in China

Tariff hike leaves US-China LNG trade dead in the water

With no end to the US-China trade talks in sight, American access to the fastest-growing major LNG market will be curtailed for the foreseeable future.

16 May 2019 Asia Pacific

France and Spain show strong appetite for US LNG

The two countries imported a total of 1.9 bcm of US gas as LNG in the first four months of 2019, according to preliminary data.

16 May 2019 Europe & Russia

Power and industry to boost northern China’s LNG output

Increased gas demand from the power and industrial sectors will see northern China up its LNG production this week.

16 May 2019 Asia Pacific
An LNG carrier at night

LNG demand growth by 2025 may disappoint

Interfax Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart spoke about LNG demand growth in Asia and the impact of Asian demand on European supply at Flame on Monday. Interfax was a Bronze sponsor of the conference.

15 May 2019 World

Pakistan’s LNG imports hit second-highest level to date in April

The country took 22% more LNG year on year in April 2019, a volume amounting to more than 700,000 tons.

15 May 2019 Asia Pacific

Thailand’s LNG imports up 40% in Q1

Thailand’s LNG imports are growing as the country’s domestic gas production is declining.

13 May 2019 Asia Pacific

CNOOC’s Tianjin terminal tops China’s trucked LNG sales

CNOOC’s Tianjin facility sold the most truckloads of LNG in China last month despite a decline from March.

9 May 2019 Asia Pacific

Singapore’s LNG imports up 27% year on year in March

Singapore’s LNG imports hit their fifth-highest level on record in March as the country received the equivalent of five cargoes.

8 May 2019 Asia Pacific
CNOOC's LNG terminal in Tianjin

Australian dominance grows as China’s LNG imports rise

Australia increased its share of China’s LNG imports in Q1 2019 year on year, while China's LNG and pipeline imports both continued to grow at double-digit rates.

7 May 2019 Asia Pacific

Taiwan leads Asian spot LNG price decline

The price of spot LNG in Asia fell by an average of around 6% in April, with Taiwan seeing the biggest drop.

7 May 2019 Asia Pacific

China to cut LNG output ahead of public holiday

Plants in the north of the country are expected to reduce production for the Labour Day holiday.

2 May 2019 Asia Pacific
A nuclear power plant in Japan

Risks to Japanese nuclear could boost LNG imports

Japan could see some of its operational nuclear reactors shut down next year, a move that will likely lead to a rise in the country’s LNG imports.

25 April 2019 Asia Pacific

Imports increase share of EU gas consumption in 2018

The share of imports in Europe’s gas mix rose last year despite Q4 declines in Russian and Norwegian supplies.

25 April 2019 Europe & Russia

Sinopec’s Tianjin terminal takes top spot in Chinese trucked LNG sales

The facility was China’s top-selling terminal for the first time in two months last week, sending out an average of 209 trucks per day.

25 April 2019 Asia Pacific

Trading subdued on China’s gas exchanges

Piped trades on the SHPGX hit their lowest level for two months last week, while the CQPGX dropped to its lowest since trading began last year.

24 April 2019 Asia Pacific

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