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By The Wildcat 23 April 2018
Exploration & Production

To give with one hand and take with the other

Are recent developments in China’s energy sector evidence the government is attempting to shift activity from the conventional to unconventional sector?

14 October 2011

Latin American LNG is one-way traffic

Chris Noon says more Latin American governments are seeing the benefits of LNG and are looking to exports to fuel growth.

7 October 2011
Policy & Regulation

Bangladesh sets an example

The Bangladeshi government’s agreement to allow Santos to charge customer market-based prices - the first of its kind in the country - signalled its willingness to make concessions in order to lure

30 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Supply security relies on joint forces

The consortiums behind the Nabucco and Trans-Adriatic Pipeline projects must join forces to bring Caspian gas to Europe by 2017, writes Andreas Walstad.

23 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Nabucco, TAP must join forces for security of supply

The consortiums behind the Nabucco and TAP pipeline projects must join forces to bring Caspian gas to Europe by 2017.

23 September 2011

LNG shipping’s growth spurt

As LNG shipping enters a new growth phase, Andy Flower wonders whether it will last.

21 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

EU gas demand must grow by 2% per year for South Stream to be profitable

In this guest article, Dr. Chi Kong Chyong, of the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, looks at the profitability prospects of the pipeline and

19 September 2011

Fossil Feud

Leigh Elston delves into the debate surrounding shale gas drilling.

19 September 2011
Companies & Finance

Deep ambition

Pemex’s doubling of its stake in Repsol YPF has aroused suspicion of a takeover and prompted the Spanish firm to refer the deal to regulators, but it’s more likely the move is about gaining access

9 September 2011

LNG takes centre stage

Global demand for LNG may create a very competitive market for buyers until 2015.

8 September 2011
Supply & Demand

Global demand for LNG may create a very competitive market for buyers until 2015

The global LNG industry has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past two years, with first half 2011 production 41% higher than in the same period for 2009.

8 September 2011

Browse LNG’s tug of war

News this week suggesting that the Australian government pressured the Browse LNG Development joint venture (JV) partners into building the station at the controversial James Price Point and accepting a tight timeline, highlights the disagreements that many analysts see as detrimental to the Western Australian project.

2 September 2011
Exploration & Production

Latin American unconventional wisdom

Developers are getting serious about Latin American shale, with Halliburton, Schlumberger, Apache and others staking their claims in Argentina and Colombia, so could the region be in for a shale gas b

26 August 2011
Policy & Regulation

Cairn India’s cautionary tale

India’s demand that Cairn Energy pay royalty fees on its oil and gas assets before selling its Cairn India shares highlights the government’s tendency to shift goalposts and change rules in order

12 August 2011
Policy & Regulation

Venezuela: healthy outlook?

If Hugo Chávez’s illness forces him to withdraw from Venezuelan politics, it may spell opportunity in a country which has the world’s ninth largest proven gas reserves, writes Chris Noon.

29 July 2011
Companies & Finance

Dis-Integrating majors?

Anglo-American majors will be asked about the relative merits and demerits of the integrated business model this week after ConocoPhillips’ dramatic decision earlier this month to split into two.

25 July 2011

One step forward, two steps back

Shell has finally signed a $12 billion deal with the Iraqi government to gather and market associated gas from three major oil fields in the south. The deal is hailed as a milestone in the development of the domestic power sector, but the three years it took to negotiate highlights the need for Baghdad to pursue a clearer and more transparent contr

19 July 2011
Exploration & Production

Mirror image

A report released on 30 June, suggested that the Namibian offshore could mirror Brazil’s offshore Santos Basin. James Batty considers the implications of the discovery.

4 July 2011
Exploration & Production

Into the deep

The governments of Central and South America are opening up more deep-water acreage with Trinidad and Tobago's latest licensing rounds garnering international interest.

27 June 2011
Exploration & Production

Shell's big pay off

Five years after Royal Dutch Shell and Qatar Petroleum made the final investment decision on the Pearl gas-to-liquids project, which saw a host of unforseen challenges, Shell can finally breathe a sigh of relief and reap the rewards.

15 June 2011

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