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Exploration & Production

The Colombian connection

A glut of Canadian small- and medium-sized companies are drilling in Colombia.It's a story of trade agreements, easy access to capital - and good old tradition.

15 March 2012
Global Markets

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good infographic must be worth about a million.

14 March 2012
Global Markets

Crude Thoughts: Oil reporting in Iraq

Iraqi oil reporters battle sectarianism and silence from the country’s energy elite.

13 March 2012
Global Markets

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Every Monday, WildCat will give you a headstart on the coming week, as well as a round-up of what mattered in the previous week.

12 March 2012
Exploration & Production

The art of fracking

Fracking lobbyists are fighting the battle for hearts and minds in the cinema auditorium rather than at the well-head.

9 March 2012
Supply & Demand

What ever happened to…?

The cheery monthly emails that accompanied US LNG data are no more.

8 March 2012
Companies & Finance

No gas, no problem - when you’re the richest man in Asia

The soap opera between India’s billionaire brothers is even being played out in the country’s gas industry.

7 March 2012
Global Markets

Ten Twitter feeds you need to follow

Wildcat thinks these 10 Twitter feeds should be staples for those who work in the gas industry.

6 March 2012
Global Markets

Oil – nine times more important than gas?

Shale oil and gas discoveries in the US are still insufficient to offset risks to the country’s economy from Middle East oil shocks.

5 March 2012
Exploration & Production

Feeding the dragon

The news that China’s January LNG imports were up significantly in volume and value was glad tidings for LNG exporters around the world.

2 March 2012
Policy & Regulation

Australia’s cashed-up bogans

Australia’s oil and gas industry is making millionaires of miners, but not everyone’s happy.

27 February 2012
Policy & Regulation

Hollywood and hydrocarbons

Can Sean Penn change gas prices? Perhaps not, but his willingness to wade into Latin American issues has brought the region’s energy politics onto the world stage.

24 February 2012
Companies & Finance

What’s the ‘super’ in ‘supermajor’?

Humility and humour are in plentiful supply at one of the oil and gas industry’s marquee events in London.

22 February 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

South Stream questions remain

The South Stream looks more viable than the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline, but there are still concerns about the project’s implementation.

17 February 2012
Exploration & Production

A dead cow bounce

YPF’s resource revelation this week was a thinly veiled riposte to the Argentine government, which publicly attacked the company earlier this month

10 February 2012
Exploration & Production

Australia’s fading magnetism

While two of the big majors this week emphasized their intent to continue pouring money and resources into their immense – and growing – Australian LNG developments, analysts are warning that Australia’s booming sector is entering a period of discontent.

3 February 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Shah Deniz choice far from clear

The Shah Deniz consortium is rapidly approaching its self-imposed deadline to reach a final decision on which pipeline will secure the right to pump gas volumes from the second phase of the Azerbaijan

27 January 2012
Supply & Demand

A tale of two demand growth patterns

Two main factors stand out when looking at BP’s Energy Outlook 2030, which was released this week.

20 January 2012
Exploration & Production

Loosening the grip

China watchers will have noted with interest the recent announcement of pilot reform to gas pricing in Guangdong Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region.

13 January 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

An electric future for gas

The electrification of the global transport sector could see gas demand soar in coming years as it offers the best option for power generators to increase capacity without the carbon emissions associa

6 January 2012

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