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By The Wildcat 22 January 2018
Exploration & Production

Loosening the grip

China watchers will have noted with interest the recent announcement of pilot reform to gas pricing in Guangdong Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region.

13 January 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

An electric future for gas

The electrification of the global transport sector could see gas demand soar in coming years as it offers the best option for power generators to increase capacity without the carbon emissions associa

6 January 2012
Policy & Regulation

Meet the gas ‘BRICs’

Investors are keen to keep an eye on a number of new economies, which are benefitting from their newfound worth in the oil and gas world.

9 December 2011
EU Energy Policy

REMIT throws a lifeline to non-transparent gas markets

Stricter regulation to combat price manipulation in European gas and power markets would not have been tabled if wholesale markets were trustworthy and functioning as they should

2 December 2011
Policy & Regulation

A lot of hot air

There are many theories as to why ExxonMobil signed six oilfield contracts with Kurdistan without, apparently, the consent of either the US or the Baghdad governments, but few provide a satisfactory e

25 November 2011
Companies & Finance

Investment fund seeks Israeli offshore licences

Itay Rubin, the CEO designate of Katzir Investment Fund, speaks to Interfax about attracting investors.

23 November 2011
EU Energy Policy

Europe must show leadership on gas efficiency beyond Durban

Investment in low-carbon technologies including gas efficient power stations and smart grids will have positive knock on effects for the EU economy and pave the way for a global approach to a low-carb

18 November 2011
Exploration & Production

A vote of confidence in KRG

ExxonMobil has signed six exploration contracts with the Kurdish Regional Authority (KRG), making it the first of the supermajors to venture into northern Iraq. This suggests investment in the KRG may

11 November 2011
Supply & Demand

Italy’s precarious position

The GreenStream pipeline’s full return on Thursday actually had little effect on the already oversupplied Italian gas market. Still, the link’s prolonged closure highlighted the risk Italy runs ev

4 November 2011
Companies & Finance

Majors weather storm amid uncertainty

In a busy week for company earnings results, Shell came out as one of the winners after beating analysts’ expectations with a juicy $7.2 billion quarterly net profit – a 106% increase on the same quarter last year.

28 October 2011

The importance of YLNG

The attack on Yemen LNG’s feedstock pipeline may not have caused that much immediate disruption to the plant, but the implications of the bombing are of more concern.

21 October 2011
Exploration & Production

To give with one hand and take with the other

Are recent developments in China’s energy sector evidence the government is attempting to shift activity from the conventional to unconventional sector?

14 October 2011

Latin American LNG is one-way traffic

Chris Noon says more Latin American governments are seeing the benefits of LNG and are looking to exports to fuel growth.

7 October 2011
Policy & Regulation

Bangladesh sets an example

The Bangladeshi government’s agreement to allow Santos to charge customer market-based prices - the first of its kind in the country - signalled its willingness to make concessions in order to lure

30 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Supply security relies on joint forces

The consortiums behind the Nabucco and Trans-Adriatic Pipeline projects must join forces to bring Caspian gas to Europe by 2017, writes Andreas Walstad.

23 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Nabucco, TAP must join forces for security of supply

The consortiums behind the Nabucco and TAP pipeline projects must join forces to bring Caspian gas to Europe by 2017.

23 September 2011

LNG shipping’s growth spurt

As LNG shipping enters a new growth phase, Andy Flower wonders whether it will last.

21 September 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

EU gas demand must grow by 2% per year for South Stream to be profitable

In this guest article, Dr. Chi Kong Chyong, of the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, looks at the profitability prospects of the pipeline and

19 September 2011

Fossil Feud

Leigh Elston delves into the debate surrounding shale gas drilling.

19 September 2011
Companies & Finance

Deep ambition

Pemex’s doubling of its stake in Repsol YPF has aroused suspicion of a takeover and prompted the Spanish firm to refer the deal to regulators, but it’s more likely the move is about gaining access

9 September 2011

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