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Russia’s energy minister in the spotlight

This week, Interfax got to sit down with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, who will be forced into the spotlight as his country hopes to attract $1 trillion in gas and power investments by 2020.

12 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

America’s win-win situation

The future of US energy got its mention in the first presidential debate, with the candidates disagreeing over the details of the output growth in the past four years; but could shale gas from privately owned land be a way to make everyone happy?

5 October 2012
Global Markets

New Latin

UK PM David Cameron’s Americas tour revealed a weak recollection of schoolboy Latin, but he relished an audience with Petrobras chief executive Maria das Gracas Silva Foster.

3 October 2012
Companies & Finance

We’ve been here before

A look at Total’s investor presentation from 10 years ago gives a curious sense of déjà vu when compared with the investor presentation held in London this week.

28 September 2012
Companies & Finance

Blues brothers

Gazprom is now Chelsea FC’s global energy partner, as the Russian company seeks global exposure through football.

26 September 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Waiting for an energy miracle?

The industry’s brainiacs are working on energy storage. And gas has a key role to play, Wildcat has discovered.

24 September 2012
EU Energy Policy

Goodwill must prevail in Gazprom dispute

Gazprom and the European Commission must find a compromise solution to end the dispute on gas contracting to the benefit of consumers.

21 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

A long and treacherous path

A new foreign investment law was passed in Myanmar last week, but the country still has work to do to catch up with its Southeast Asian neighbours.

14 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

DNC, RNC or all of the above?

If you think all candidates in the US presidential race sound the same, you’re forgiven.

11 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

A jolt to the energy system

India’s largest-ever power outage this summer has led to a shift in rhetoric from energy officials. Whereas the focus was previously on keeping the country’s fuel shortage from worsening, it is now centred on overhauling a weak and insufficient distribution system.

7 September 2012
Exploration & Production

Imagine there’s no fracking

Rock’s most famous son ups the artistry of anti-fracking propaganda.

6 September 2012
Global Markets

Angolans look set to vote for oil and gas

Angola is holding the third presidential elections in its history, and the likely winners could mean good things for the counry’s oil and gas industry

31 August 2012
Companies & Finance

Pacific workers’ paradise

Wildcat looks into the muddied politics of labour unrest pulsating through Colombia’s oil and gas industry

30 August 2012
Global Markets

Commodity speculation: friend, not foe

Speculation within the commodity markets has long been criticised, with regulators calling for the end of financial institutions’ involvements. Are speculators distorting the market, or are the benefits of their participation being ignored?

24 August 2012
Companies & Finance

Elephants splashing out

Wildcat peruses the luxury magazine that helps the cream of the oil and gas crop make tough everyday decisions about how best to enjoy the perks of the job.

23 August 2012
Exploration & Production

Venezuelan rumour mill

Wildcat wants to know if there is any substance to Eni and Respol's rumoured troubles in the giant La Perla field in the Gulf of Venezuela.

21 August 2012
Companies & Finance

The lights are E.On, but RWE isn’t home

E.On and RWE posted financial results for the first half of 2012 this week, with the fate of both resting on gas supply contract negotiations.

17 August 2012
Companies & Finance

Waiting out the slump

A year after BHP Billiton dove head first into the US shale sector with $17 billion of acquisitions, the company was forced to take a write-down of $2.48 billion. While this has stirred investor concerns, the company will have to hold tight until US prices bounce back.

10 August 2012
Exploration & Production

It’s not the hand, but how you play it

KRG Oil Minister Ashti Hawrami has proved successful at luring four of the world’s oil majors to invest in Iraqi Kurdistan. Can this new bargaining power be as successful in luring Baghdad into cooperation?

3 August 2012
Global Markets

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31 July 2012

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