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Policy & Regulation

Measuring the Middle Kingdom

With questions hanging over China’s impressive GDP figures, power data may be able to provide a clearer picture of the world’s second-largest economy.

2 November 2012
Companies & Finance

War (and peace)

Wildcat senses a cold civility to the BP-AAR divorce in Russia.

31 October 2012
Exploration & Production

Curiosity and the Wildcat

NASA lifts the lid on the universe’s most ‘unconventional’ gas exploration programme – Mars.

30 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

Gas flaring: is it here to stay?

The World Bank described recent efforts made by the industry to reduce gas flaring as “a great story of success”, but annual global gas wastage equivalent to $50 billion suggests more could be done.

26 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

Fire and ice in Ecuador

A fiery letter from a United States lawyer excoriating Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is a reminder of the region’s wobbly rule of law.

26 October 2012
Global Markets

Prices: has the worm turned?

A more panoramic view of gas prices hints at a bull run

24 October 2012

LNG ahoy

A global piracy report reveals the details behind two quixotic attempts to ‘steam’ LNG carriers.

22 October 2012

The ‘crude’ in Japan’s cocktail

Japan is right to look for an alternative LNG pricing mechanism to the oil-linked method. But while the US Henry Hub gas price looks like an attractive substitute at the moment, it may not be an appropriate hook for Japanese prices in the long term.

19 October 2012
Companies & Finance

Russia’s energy minister in the spotlight

This week, Interfax got to sit down with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, who will be forced into the spotlight as his country hopes to attract $1 trillion in gas and power investments by 2020.

12 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

America’s win-win situation

The future of US energy got its mention in the first presidential debate, with the candidates disagreeing over the details of the output growth in the past four years; but could shale gas from privately owned land be a way to make everyone happy?

5 October 2012
Global Markets

New Latin

UK PM David Cameron’s Americas tour revealed a weak recollection of schoolboy Latin, but he relished an audience with Petrobras chief executive Maria das Gracas Silva Foster.

3 October 2012
Companies & Finance

We’ve been here before

A look at Total’s investor presentation from 10 years ago gives a curious sense of déjà vu when compared with the investor presentation held in London this week.

28 September 2012
Companies & Finance

Blues brothers

Gazprom is now Chelsea FC’s global energy partner, as the Russian company seeks global exposure through football.

26 September 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Waiting for an energy miracle?

The industry’s brainiacs are working on energy storage. And gas has a key role to play, Wildcat has discovered.

24 September 2012
EU Energy Policy

Goodwill must prevail in Gazprom dispute

Gazprom and the European Commission must find a compromise solution to end the dispute on gas contracting to the benefit of consumers.

21 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

A long and treacherous path

A new foreign investment law was passed in Myanmar last week, but the country still has work to do to catch up with its Southeast Asian neighbours.

14 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

DNC, RNC or all of the above?

If you think all candidates in the US presidential race sound the same, you’re forgiven.

11 September 2012
Policy & Regulation

A jolt to the energy system

India’s largest-ever power outage this summer has led to a shift in rhetoric from energy officials. Whereas the focus was previously on keeping the country’s fuel shortage from worsening, it is now centred on overhauling a weak and insufficient distribution system.

7 September 2012
Exploration & Production

Imagine there’s no fracking

Rock’s most famous son ups the artistry of anti-fracking propaganda.

6 September 2012
Global Markets

Angolans look set to vote for oil and gas

Angola is holding the third presidential elections in its history, and the likely winners could mean good things for the counry’s oil and gas industry

31 August 2012

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