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Pipelines, Storage & Power

Is the UK going mad for gas?

The UK government has announced plans to increase gas-fired capacity by 2030, but with plants sitting idle and the rest of Europe predicting falling demand, whether this capacity will be needed is unclear

7 December 2012
Supply & Demand

Fool’s gold

Hindsight is a splendid thing, but foresight is even better. We look at what 2013 holds for the global gas industry

30 November 2012
Supply & Demand

One continent, two countries

With no pipelines on trading platforms to link them, Australia’s two coasts operate and have evolved as two different countries with varied energy policies

23 November 2012
Global Markets

To be or not to BP?

Wildcat took herself to the British Museum last weekend — only to find that energy had become the most interesting exhibit.

21 November 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

The Dark Ages return to Europe

The outlook for gas in Europe is bleak and delegates at the European Autumn Gas Conference in Vienna this week appeared at a loss on what to do to turn the situation around

16 November 2012
Exploration & Production

Moon river

Pop star particle physicist Brian Cox pinpoints one of the greatest LNG stores in the solar system.

15 November 2012
Supply & Demand

It’s not the oil, stupid

An increasingly energy-independent US will not bring sensational shifts in foreign policy, experts tell Wildcat.

14 November 2012
Companies & Finance

From derrick to cleric

The oil industry may be a distant memory to Justin Welby, the next leader of the Church of England. But Wildcat tracks down his 1992 dissertation that reveals the Bishop to be an offshore expert.

12 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Mother Nature’s wake-up call

Chevron is grimly clinging on in Latin America, but the region’s legal environment is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

9 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Green giant

London-based tycoon Roman Abramovich is on Wildcat’s radar – that’s twice in one month.

8 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Man flue

‘This is just the beginning,’ warn protesters who occupied a huge gas-fired power station in the UK.

7 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Ghana learns the Norwegian way

Norway is helping Ghana through the bureaucratic jungle that sprouts around an oil boom.

6 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Off-guard down under

Australia’s drillers underestimated the power of community, but they’ve learned their lesson, Wildcat hears.

5 November 2012
Policy & Regulation

Measuring the Middle Kingdom

With questions hanging over China’s impressive GDP figures, power data may be able to provide a clearer picture of the world’s second-largest economy.

2 November 2012
Companies & Finance

War (and peace)

Wildcat senses a cold civility to the BP-AAR divorce in Russia.

31 October 2012
Exploration & Production

Curiosity and the Wildcat

NASA lifts the lid on the universe’s most ‘unconventional’ gas exploration programme – Mars.

30 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

Gas flaring: is it here to stay?

The World Bank described recent efforts made by the industry to reduce gas flaring as “a great story of success”, but annual global gas wastage equivalent to $50 billion suggests more could be done.

26 October 2012
Policy & Regulation

Fire and ice in Ecuador

A fiery letter from a United States lawyer excoriating Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is a reminder of the region’s wobbly rule of law.

26 October 2012
Global Markets

Prices: has the worm turned?

A more panoramic view of gas prices hints at a bull run

24 October 2012

LNG ahoy

A global piracy report reveals the details behind two quixotic attempts to ‘steam’ LNG carriers.

22 October 2012

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