A photo of gas installations in Argentina’s Neuquén province. Companies & Finance

BP relaxes its grip on Argentine oil and gas producer

BP is giving up control of the boardroom at Argentine giant Pan American Energy, and it could be a canny move by the supermajor.

By The Wildcat 21 September 2017
Exploration & Production

Instant reward from Mexico’s new deepwater frontier

Deepwater prospectivity in the Gulf of Mexico was further enhanced at the end of last week, with discoveries in both United States and Mexican offshore territories.

5 December 2011
Policy & Regulation

Bolivia’s key Margarita field requires light-touch regulation

The imminent launch of a new production phase at Repsol YPF’s giant Margarita gas field in Bolivia will provide a much-needed boost to the country’s stagnating gas output. However, analysts polled by Interfax have said that deeper regulatory reform will be needed to sustain the investment drive.

1 December 2011

Legal wrangle may delay Jamaican LNG ambitions

A protracted legal wrangle and uncertain demand forecasts may harm prospects for Jamaica’s planned LNG regasification terminal, Interfax has learned.

30 November 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Proposed pipeline extension is boon for Venezuela’s regional ambitions

A decision to extend the Trans-Caribbean pipeline between Colombia and Venezuela to neighbouring Ecuador and Panama is a significant breakthrough for Caracas, which finally appears poised to take adva

29 November 2011

Trinidad and Tobago’s LNG exports intact after security crisis, but concerns mount

A security crisis in Trinidad and Tobago is unlikely to affect the country’s LNG exports in the short-term, although the investment reputation of the country has been severely damaged by continuing lawlessness, Interfax has learned.

28 November 2011
Exploration & Production

Repsol and Eni to make Cardon IV FID by year end

Repsol YPF and Eni will make a final investment decision (FID) on the Cardon IV project before the end of the year, paving the way for the development of the first giant Venezuelan gas field.

25 November 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Bolivia’s Uruguay export plans stay above water

Bolivia, South America’s largest gas exporter, has scrapped a planned pipeline to neighbouring Paraguay and Uruguay in favour of an ambitious waterway gas transport route.

23 November 2011

Cash-strapped Jamaica seeks better LNG deal

Jamaica is unlikely to see LNG imports before 2014, two years later than originally planned, after the government re-tendered a contract to build a floating LNG facility.

22 November 2011
Exploration & Production

TNK-BP to bid in new Brazil oil and gas tenders

TNK-BP plans to participate in Brazil’s oil and gas tender, Executive Vice-President for International Projects and Geological Exploration Chris Einchcomb told journalists on Monday.

21 November 2011
Exploration & Production

Argentina shale exploration favours oil to gas

Shale exploration in Argentina’s high-potential Neuquen Basin is likely to favour oil deposits over gas until the country’s energy prices are liberalised.

21 November 2011
Companies & Finance

Russia’s role in Latin America

TNK-BP’s $1 billion farm-in deal in Brazil is just the latest Russian investment in Latin America, but it is also the first made outside Moscow’s traditional sphere of influence.

18 November 2011
Supply & Demand

Industrial plants drive Brazil demand growth

Industrial consumption continues to drive Brazilian gas demand, state-owned energy company Petrobras said on Wednesday in its third quarter results presentation.

17 November 2011

The Camisea effect in Peru

Booming production and favourable prices are rapidly making gas the dominant fuel in Peru’s economy. Interfax looks at the impact this has on the country’s energy industry.

16 November 2011
Policy & Regulation

Argentina takes first step to liberalise gas market

Argentina’s government last week raised gas and electricity prices for private industries in a promising step forward for domestic gas market liberalisation. But much bolder action will be needed to nurse the sector back to health.

15 November 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Regional power line boosts LNG import prospects

Central America will be closer to becoming a natural gas user when the first regional power interconnector launches next year. But experts warn better power market integration will be required to make LNG imports in the energy poor region financially feasible.

15 November 2011
Exploration & Production

Ratings agency bullish on Latin American sector

High capital spending will continue to drive the growth of the Latin American oil and gas sector in 2012, ratings agency Moody’s said in a report published earlier this week.

11 November 2011
Exploration & Production

BP announces discovery in Brazil’s pre-salt layer

UK-based BP announced on Wednesday that it had discovered gas at one of its blocks in the Brazil’s ultra-deep pre-salt layer.

9 November 2011
Policy & Regulation

Mexican incentives mark partial improvement

Mexico’s state-controlled company Pemex is converting some service contracts at its flagship gas field into performance-based agreements as it seeks to boost stagnant production.

8 November 2011
Companies & Finance

Bad blood after BP’s $7 billion Argentine deal collapses

A BP spokesman has told Interfax that the company is not concerned by the collapse of a $7 billion deal to sell its 60% stake in Pan American Energy to Bridas, a joint venture involving Argentina’s Bridas Energy Holdings and state-controlled China National Oil Corp. (CNOOC).

7 November 2011

Uruguay to double gas-to-power capacity by 2013

Uruguay will more than double its gas-to-power capacity by 2013 in preparation for the launch of its LNG regasification terminal, Interfax has learned.

7 November 2011

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