Chile’s GNL Mejillones LNG terminal. Pipelines, Storage & Power

Chile’s northern LNG terminal looks set for busy 2018

Chile’s northern terminal is expecting 50% more cargoes in 2018. Matias Vidal, commercial manager of GNL Mejillones, explains why.

By Chris Noon 20 October 2017
Exploration & Production

Norway looks to exploration drilling in 2017 – Lien

Exploration activity has slowed in Norway because of low oil prices, but 2017 drilling plans are a reason to be optimistic, according to the country’s petroleum and energy minister.

11 November 2016
Policy & Regulation

Help is on the way for Indonesia – energy ministry

Wiratmaja Puja says Indonesia is attempting to reform and revive the country’s ailing upstream sector.

10 November 2016
Exploration & Production

Minnows to take bet on onshore Uruguay

Martin Schuepbach, chief executive and chairman of Schuepbach Energy, talks about the company’s drilling plans for Uruguay’s Norte Basin.

9 November 2016
EU Energy Policy

Gas industry must embrace post-Paris era – Schäfer

The new president of Eurogas, Klaus Schäfer, tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily about the importance of gas to the Paris climate commitments.

7 November 2016
Exploration & Production

Sasol hopeful on Mozambique exploration – VP

The vice president of Sasol is optimistic about the South African company’s exploration prospects in Mozambique.

4 November 2016
Policy & Regulation

Public-private deals are the way forward for Tanzania

Salum Mnuma, of Tanzania’s energy ministry, sees public-private partnerships as crucial for satisfying demand for energy.

25 October 2016
Exploration & Production

Prospex sees conventional opportunities in Poland

Small investment company Prospex is looking to get into gas exploration in Poland as low prices cause many bigger companies to pause.

20 October 2016
Exploration & Production

Breaking the mould in Brazil

Brazilian indie Eneva is confident that its ‘DIY’ philosophy can spread beyond the country’s northeast. Interfax Natural Gas Daily speaks to the company’s CFO, Pedro Zinner.

14 October 2016
Exploration & Production

A fresh chapter for the Falkland Islands?

Stephen Luxton, director of mineral resources for the Falkland Islands, talks about what warmer UK-Argentine relations mean for oil and gas.

23 September 2016

Online trading for spot LNG coming soon – GLX exec

Global LNG Exchange’s Damien Criddle tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily how he hopes the company’s new online platform will change the way LNG is traded.

19 September 2016
EU Energy Policy

Turkish Stream may up Turkey’s exposure to Russia

A revival of the Turkish Stream project may increase Turkey’s dependence on Russian gas, something that should concern the EU, says the European Policy Centre’s Marco Giuli.

15 September 2016
Alternative Fuels

Battery technology can pass the test – Masdar

Interfax speaks to UAE-based Masdar, which has built a facility in Abu Dhabi that enables battery makers to test their technologies.

30 August 2016
Policy & Regulation

Devil in the detail for Asia LNG price reviews – Ashurst

Price review processes within LNG contracts differ greatly in Asia compared with Europe, but they may be no less difficult in practice, says Ashurst’s Ronnie King.

26 August 2016
Gas for Transport

LNG needs a boost as maritime fuel – industry body

The managing director of Germany’s Maritime LNG Platform says the country’s government must do more to encourage the use of the fuel.

22 August 2016
Policy & Regulation

Social licence key to South African gas industrialisation

South Africa is working to advance its gas industry, but developers will have to tread carefully to avoid stirring up tensions in the region, says Denton’s Noor Kapdi.

10 August 2016
EU Energy Policy

Money to be made in power storage – battery expert

Battery researcher Jeff Dahn talks about the future of energy storage and what batteries might mean for fossil fuel companies.

5 August 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Nord Stream 2 good for energy security – report

Professor Andreas Goldthau argues expanding Nord Stream could boost Europe’s energy security, with the European Commission yet to play its hand as the key arbiter.

15 July 2016
Policy & Regulation

East Timor eyeing new Greater Sunrise treaty – Pires

East Timor wants to negotiate a new deal with Australia over rights to offshore resources, hoping to boost its exploration capability.

14 July 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Algeria needs 20 GW more gas-power by 2030 – exec

Algeria needs more generation capacity despite its massive recent additions, says Siemens Algeria Chief Executive Farouk Benabdoun.

5 July 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Finance favours bite-size power in sub-Saharan Africa

Small renewable power projects are most likely to get financed in Africa as there is still not the bank liquidity for the mega-deals, says Barclays Africa manager Theuns Ehlers.

1 July 2016

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