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Exploration & Production

The case for Bulgarian shale gas

Bulgaria has been on the agenda in several key continental energy debates of late, firstly as the second country to impose a national hydraulic fracturing (fracking) ban for exploration of shale gas.

8 February 2012
Exploration & Production

Defending oil-indexed contracts

Tatiana Mitrova, head of global energy at Russia’s SKOLKOVO Energy Centre, comments on why a move away from oil-indexation is unwise

3 February 2012
Pipelines, Storage & Power

The need for a common EU nuclear policy

Frank Umbach, of the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security, spoke to Interfax about the EU’s sanctions on Iran, relations with Russia and the lack of an EU-wide nuclear policy.

1 February 2012
Supply & Demand

The curse of large-scale field development

Professor Jonathan Stern, Chairman and Senior Research Fellow of the Natural Gas Research Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), talks about Russia’s gas industry and its future challenges

1 February 2012
Supply & Demand

Igor Yurgens on the real danger for Russian oil & gas

Professor Igor Yurgens, chairman of the Institute for Contemporary Development (INSOR) and first vice-president of Renaissance Capital Investment Group, provides an overview of the country’s investm

20 January 2012
EU Energy Policy

Challenges ahead for the Energy Community

Interfax asked the chairman of the Energy Community, Slavtcho Neykov, about the challenges ahead for improving competition and security of gas supply in non-EU countries.

4 January 2012
Policy & Regulation

India’s gas-hungry power sector

P. Uma Shankar is the administrative head of the Ministry of Power. India’s 16,640 MW of gas-fired generation is suffering from major shortages – running at about 75% of full capacity.

21 December 2011
Supply & Demand

European market in transition to hub-based environment – E.On Ruhrgas chairman

Interfax met Klaus Schäfer at the World Petroleum Congress, chairman of the board of directors of E.On Ruhrgas, to discuss the challenges facing the Dusseldorf-based company and his views on the European gas market

13 December 2011
Supply & Demand

Overcoming Asia’s impending supply glut

Oman LNG Chief Executive Brian Buckley spoke to Interfax at the LNG Outlook Australasia conference in Perth on Tuesday about Asian demand and concerns of a supply glut, talks over Iranian imports to O

30 November 2011
Supply & Demand

Coping with Asia’s impending supply glut

Oman LNG CEO Brian Buckley spoke to Interfax at the LNG Outlook Australasia conference in Perth on Tuesday about Asian demand and concerns of a supply glut, talks over Iranian imports to Oman and the prospect for domestic tight gas.

30 November 2011
Companies & Finance

The Arab Spring is far from over

Menas Associates’ Charles Gurdon talks to Interfax about the Arab Spring and its impact on the oil and gas industry.

16 November 2011
Policy & Regulation

The story behind ‘fracking’ earthquakes

Alice Walker, principal seismologist at the British Geological Survey, explains why hydraulic fracturing at Cuadrilla Resources’ Preese-Hall-1 well in Lancashire caused tremors felt by local residents.

9 November 2011
Exploration & Production

Meeting Middle Eastern gas demand

With gas demand across the Middle East rising, the EIU’s Peter Kiernan discusses how the region will meet its fuel needs.

2 November 2011
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Q&A: Harry Sachinis, CEO of DEPA

Interfax talks to Harry Sachinis, Chairman and CEO of Greece’s Public Gas Corporation (DEPA), about the prospect of bringing Caspian gas to Europe via the planned 10 billion cubic metres per year Turkey-Greece-Italy (ITGI) pipeline.

19 October 2011
Companies & Finance

Energy resilience amid economic turmoil

Marc Hammerson, formerly the head of energy at law firm Stephenson Harwood, has joined the energy practice at Dewey & LeBoeuf. James Batty caught up with him to ask about his current thinking on the m

5 October 2011

Negative margins for gas-fired power will not last

Harald Thaler, Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan, talks to Andreas Walstad about the future of gas in Europe's power generation mix.

12 September 2011
Supply & Demand

Chance gas glut will last longer than 2015 – EUCER’s Frank Umbach

Interfax speaks to Frank Umbach, an Associate Director at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security King’s College London, about how revolution in Egypt and Libya has impacted European en

9 September 2011
Exploration & Production

Financial turmoil mars outlook for energy projects

Christine Schweikert, energy economist at Germany’s BHF Bank, talks about the risk of a second recession and its potential impact on energy projects.

2 September 2011
Supply & Demand

What’s next for European gas trading and supply?

Howard Rogers, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, speaks to Interfax about the outlook for European gas markets and supply.

1 September 2011
Policy & Regulation

UK electricity market reform – what does it mean for gas?

Gas will continue to play a central role in UK energy policy but with the introduction of CCS, its longer term future is uncertain.

1 August 2011

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