A Repsol offshore exploration rig. Repsol will be doing seismic for Guyana. (Repsol) Policy & Regulation

Guyana follows the Nordic blueprint

Guyana needs a plan for its huge offshore discoveries. The country’s petroleum adviser, Jan Mangal, is championing Norway as a role model.

By Chris Noon 27 April 2017
Luay Al Khatteeb, the executive director of the London-based think-tank, Iraq Energy Institute. Exploration & Production

Interview: Iraq Energy Institute's Luay Al Khatteeb

IEA's Luay Al Khatteeb discusses the challenges of closing a $12 billion deal which will culminate in capturing flared gas from Iraq’s southern oil fields.

20 May 2011
Anne-Sophie Corbeau, senior gas expert at the International Energy Agency. (IEA) Exploration & Production

Interview: IEA’s Anne-Sophie Corbeau

Anne-Sophie Corbeau, senior gas expert at the International Energy Agency, discusses the development of Brazil’s gas market, the increase in LNG imports and the difficulties of attracting private investment into the fast-growing domestic gas sector.

17 May 2011
The EBRD will evaluate the issue of shale gas in detail before committing to any investment. (EBRD/Andy Lane) Exploration & Production

Interview: EBRD's Riccardo Puliti

Riccardo Puliti, managing director of energy and natural resources for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, discusses European shale gas developments, the Nabucco pipeline and the impact of Japan’s nuclear crisis on European gas demand.

11 May 2011

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