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Big drop in African pipeline flows to Italy

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 15.6% in Week 29, to 559.9 MMcm.

By Verity Ratcliffe 25 July 2017
Global Markets

Argentina's gathering storm

Argentina will face some tough economic choices in 2015. The country’s bleak fiscal situation is expected to deteriorate further next year, with applied economist Steve Hanke, from Johns Hopkins University, telling Interfax on Monday the country’s foreign reserves could shrink to "near $10 billion" by October 2015.

24 October 2014

South Korean volumes keep falling as demand wanes

South Korean LNG imports continued to fall year on year in September, with a 7% drop marking the seventh consecutive month of declining imports. September’s imports stood at 2.3 mt, down from 2.5 mt last year.

23 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Russia faces production declines and transit risks

The amount of gas produced by boh Gazprom and Russia as a whole fell in September on a year-on-year basis, with the trend set to continue because of uncertainty over export volumes to Europe.

21 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Weather eases Japanese power demand

Japanese LNG imports climbed by close to 2 mt in the first eight months of 2014 as demand from utilities and distributors rose year on year because of the weather and rising industrial demand.

20 October 2014

Trinidad and Tobago treads water

Restrictions on the supply of gas to Trinidad and Tobago’s Point Lisas Industrial Estate and Atlantic LNG liquefaction plant will ease in November as production flows from the startup of BG Group’s four-well Starfish field, the country’s Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine said on 11 October.

20 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Azerbaijan production rises 5.3% in Jan-Sep 2014

Azerbaijan’s gas production increased by 5.3% year on year between January and September 2014 to 13.8 bcm, the country’s State Customs Committee told Interfax.

17 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy to quadruple by 2040 – IEA

The economy of sub-Saharan Africa will quadruple in size by 2040 and energy demand will grow by 80%, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) latest Africa Energy Outlook.

14 October 2014

Diary of Argentina’s LNG backlog

Several LNG cargoes are still idling offshore Argentina, according to shipping data gathered by Interfax.

13 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Ukrainian imports, consumption and transit all down year on year

Ukraine imported 403.5 million cubic metres of gas in August, 85.9% lower year on year, Ukraine’s Energy and Coal Ministry said.

10 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Indonesia's gas exports continue to grow

Indonesia topped its monthly exports mark in 2014 for a second consecutive month, and pulled its oil and gas trade deficit in line with 2013 as higher average prices for its exported gas continued to boost revenues.

9 October 2014
Supply & Demand

UK LNG imports up while production decline slows

The UK imported almost twice as much LNG in July 2014 as it did in the same month in 2013 as Asian demand slipped from the highs of the previous two summers and cargoes were diverted to Europe.

2 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Australia: The end of an era

The Australian energy and resources industry is coming to the end of an unprecedented growth spurt.

26 September 2014
Supply & Demand

Kazakh exports to China climb

Deliveries of Kazakh gas to China reached 210 million cubic metres (MMcm) in July, their highest level yet. Shipments in June were 30 MMcm, according to Chinese customs data.

23 September 2014

South Korean importers expect low LNG demand and high storage levels

South Korean imports of LNG were down by 713,000 cubic metres – or 22% – year on year in August 2014.

18 September 2014
Pipelines, Storage & Power

European countries stock up ahead of winter

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe have robust gas storage inventories as the winter season approaches, with last year’s mild winter and fears over the transit of Russian gas via Ukraine meaning stocks are up year on year.

10 September 2014
Supply & Demand

Russia stops supplies to Ukraine, but imports up year on year

Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine on 16 June in what was a dramaic month for the country.

2 September 2014
Supply & Demand

Indonesia's July gas exports are up, but volumes still down for 2014

Indonesia exported more gas in July than in any other month of the year so far. Revenues also improved as gas prices remained at least $50/t higher than in 2013.

2 September 2014
Supply & Demand

Asian LNG imports rise in H1

LNG imports into East Asia’s largest buyers were up again in the first half of 2014, with Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan taking a combined 81.3 mt of the fuel – up by 2.5%.

1 September 2014
Supply & Demand

Turkmen gas shipments to China hit record high

Turkmenistan increased shipments of gas to China to 2.43 bcm in June, according to Chinese customs data. This was a record high and came in the same month that Line C of the CACP went online.

29 August 2014
Supply & Demand

Russian gas production down, but there is hope in the long term

Gas production from Gazprom and Russia as a whole suffered in July, as a result of customers’ healthy storage levels and fuel-on-fuel competition. The outlook for August is similar.

28 August 2014

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