A well drilled by Croatian company INA. The country aims to attract IOCs in its new licensing round. (INA) Global Markets

Croatia plans new onshore licensing round

Croatia aims to increase its domestic production and is planning to offer new 10 onshore blocks this year as well as pass a hydrocarbons law to make investment easier.

By Silvia Favasuli 24 May 2017
A surge in Asian demand for LNG imports could cause a move away from oil-linked pricing. (PA) Global Markets

New players could shift to hub-based LNG pricing

The surge in LNG demand coming from China, India and south-east Asia could be the catalyst for LNG prices in Asia moving away from the traditional oil-linked pricing mechanism and towards a spot market pricing.

22 February 2012
Global Markets

Programme to encourage British business with Australian LNG launched

The British High Commissioner to Australia Paul Madden and Western Australian Energy Minister Peter Collier met on Wednesday to launch the Northern Australia Gas High Value Opportunity Programme, which is aimed at encouraging more British companies to do business in Australia’s LNG industry, 9 News reported on Wednesday.

22 February 2012
Gazprom’s Head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Sergeyi Komlev, talks in an exclusive interview about gas pricing in Europe and the future of oil-indexed contracts. (The Russia Forum 2012) Global Markets

The dangers of a hub-based pricing approach

Gazprom’s Head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Sergei Komlev, talks in an exclusive interview about gas pricing in Europe and the future of oil-indexed contracts.

22 February 2012
Global Markets

UK faces spot market shake-up on storage

Supply strain in the UK’s gas market may have eased since the tight supply-demand situation of the last few weeks, but the market may now be facing supply complications caused by a storage shutdown in the UK and global storage obligations, which could significantly affect the spot market.

20 February 2012
Global Markets

US gas prices surge

United States gas prices surged ahead of Presidents’ Day weekend because of announced drilling cutbacks, as well as production shut-ins.

20 February 2012
Global Markets

Iran nuclear programme

Iran may be willing to revive international negotiations over its nuclear programme with "new initiatives", Reuters reported on Friday.

17 February 2012
Chesapeake's asset sale plan is larger than expected. (PA) Global Markets

Rock bottom prices force Chesapeake into asset sale

Chesapeake has outlined a financial plan to fill its expected funding gap for this year. The plan has raised some analyst questions about the extent of its financial stress and the use of excess proceeds.

15 February 2012
Global Markets

PDP wins gas rich Bayelsa

Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has won the election for governor of Bayelsa state in the country’s oil and gas rich south.

13 February 2012
Global Markets

British prices drop 15%

British prompt gas prices dropped by 15% on Wednesday as plentiful supplies offset above-average demand, however near-term prices stayed at six-year highs on forecasts of more freezing temperatures to come, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday.

8 February 2012
Global Markets

UK spot gas price rise continues

UK spot gas prices continued to firm as day-ahead trade increased by nearly 15% to trade at 100 pence per therm (p/th).

7 February 2012
Global Markets

US tightens Iran sanctions

The White House tightened sanctions against Iran on Monday which would effectively cut off the sale of Iranian oil by hindering the means of payment.

7 February 2012
Global Markets

Temperature drop causes UK gas prices hit record high

UK prompt spot gas prices traded at their highest level since 2006, as freezing temperatures snow and ice covered the country over the weekend.

6 February 2012
Snow surrounds the Colosseum in Rome on Friday. (PA) Global Markets

European spot prices surge, but no crisis looming

European spot gas prices surged on Friday morning, as cold winter temperatures continued to keep demand high and countries cut their estimates of gas flows from Russia

3 February 2012
Tatiana Mitrova, head of global energy at Russia’s SKOLKOVO Energy Centre, argues that a move away from oil-indexation would be unwise. Global Markets

Defending oil-indexed contracts

Tatiana Mitrova, head of global energy at Russia’s SKOLKOVO Energy Centre, comments on why a move away from oil-indexation is unwise

3 February 2012
Global Markets

Qatar opposes action against Iran

Qatar’s Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber al Thani told reporters on Tuesday that his government opposes any kind of action against Iran, according to a Bloomberg report.

24 January 2012
Global Markets

Slumping US prices cause tectonic shift in T&T LNG

Slumping prices in North America continue to divert Trinidad and Tobago’s LNG exports away from the United States, without adversely impacting the Caribbean country’s balance sheet, its government claimed at the weekend. Energy minister Kevin Ramnarine said in a statement that 81% of local LNG exports went to markets outside of the US in 2011.

23 January 2012
Global Markets

Depressed North American gas prices

North American gas prices, which this week hit its lowest level in more than a decade, won't continue to be depressed for much longer, as companies will have to stop drilling due to economic reasons, Anadarko Petroleum Chief Executive Jim Hackett said on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg.

19 January 2012
With gas storage at elevated levels, the market needs demand growth to absorb the excess. (BP plc) Global Markets

Banks forge bearish consensus on US prices

Expectations that gas prices will remain low in 2012 reflect a broad consensus that supply growth will continue to outpace increases in domestic demand.

10 January 2012
Global Markets

India and Africa

The long-term partnership between India and African countries in the hydrocarbon sector is “poised” to grow stronger because of their mutual interests, Indian Minister of Finance Shri Pranab Mukherjee said in a speech at the India-Africa Hydrocarbon Conference on Friday.

9 December 2011
Global Markets

Argentine elections

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is heading for a landslide election victory, according to early results.

24 October 2011

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