ENN storage facility. The company’s returns are below the cap. (ENN Energy) Global Markets

Higher returns cap placates Chinese gas distributors

Lobbying by China’s urban gas distributors has paid off, after the Chinese government announced a more favourable limit on investment returns.

By Colin Shek 28 June 2017
Global Markets

Brokers launch Tankard natural gas indices

Europe’s largest interdealer energy brokers have launched a new set of indices for UK and continental European gas hubs based on bilateral and cleared transactions, it was announced on Wednesday.

7 February 2013
Global Markets

LNG market shows little sign of easing

The tightness in the global LNG market shows few signs of subsiding as spot offers for deliveries to the Far East in March climbed above $21 per million Btu over the last week.

6 February 2013
Global Markets

Slide in demand arrested as spot regains value

European spot natural gas contracts trended upward in the latter half of last week, with the bulls returning following suggestions the market had been oversold despite large drawdowns on storage stocks.

4 February 2013
Global Markets

Citigroup launches UK NBP contracts in euros

The EuroNBP, a product which quotes UK natural gas contracts in euros rather than pounds, was launched on Thursday by Citigroup.

1 February 2013
CEGH CEO Gottfried Steiner said the change to a virtual trading system went as well as could be expected. (CEGH) Global Markets

CEGH set for liquidity boom

CEGH Chief Executive Gottfried Steiner talks about the hub’s transition to a virtual trading point and the future of European trading hubs.

31 January 2013
Pembroke power station in the UK. OMV expects gas to be Europe’s biggest power source by 2035. (RWE) Global Markets

Overregulation stifling European gas market

Europe's goal of creating an integrated gas market to boost its global competitiveness has been stifled by overregulation and unnecessary state intervention, delegates have said at the European Gas Conference in Vienna.

30 January 2013
Global Markets

Henry Hub faces more downside risk

The NYMEX Henry Hub February and March 2013 contracts slipped by 3% for the week ending on 25 January from the previous Friday. The February contract closed at $3.44 per million Btu (MMBtu), and the March contract at $3.46/MMBtu.

28 January 2013
Global Markets

LNG market faces supply crunch as new terminals come online

The commissioning of new LNG regasification capacity in 2013 is set to tighten the global market.

23 January 2013
The GDF Suez Neptune was believed to have been sold to Petrobras at around $17/MMBtu (GDF Suez) Global Markets

South America’s questionable LNG procurement strategy

South America’s LNG buyers have been forced to pay premium rates for cargoes because of a reluctance to sign long-term supply deals.

22 January 2013
Global Markets

Coal prices need to double to make gas competitive

European coal prices would have to almost double for gas to be competitively priced for power generators, Deutsche Bank has said in a research note.

17 January 2013
Global Markets

LNG roundup: Spot prices surge on Asian and South American interest

Record-high prices of $20 per million Btu (MMBtu) remain a possibility this winter as competition for spot LNG cargoes intensifies in northeast Asian markets.

16 January 2013
Global Markets

US regulator extends JP Morgan hearing timeframe

The United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has extended the timeframe it set to decide whether it will grant a second hearing regarding a temporary suspension of JP Morgan from sect

15 January 2013
Global Markets

Polish market finally clears first spot deal

The first spot trade at Poland’s newly inaugurated gas exchange took place late last week, almost two weeks after prompt contracts were available for trade, operator POLPX announced on Monday.

15 January 2013
Global Markets

Central European Gas Hub reports large trade increase

Over-the-counter trade volumes at Austria’s Central European Gas Hub surged by 20% in 2012, the market operator announced on Thursday.

10 January 2013
Global Markets

Coal-to-gas switch jeopardised by weak coal market

High coal stocks and a mild start to the winter in the United States have left significant natural gas stocks in storage facilities, prompting a growing need for coal-to-gas switching, investment bank

9 January 2013
Global Markets

EEX traded volumes set daily and monthly records

Traded volumes at the European Energy Exchange reached a record level on 28 December 2012, defying the post-Christmas lull that plagued certain markets, the exchange announced on Monday.

8 January 2013
Analysts had predicted winter demand and a drilling slowdown would bolster gas prices. (BG Group) Global Markets

Warm weather stunts 2013 gas price recovery

Unusually warm winter weather is prompting analysts to make downward revisions to 2013 gas price expectations and upward revisions to forecasts for end-of-season storage levels.

8 January 2013
Global Markets

Ireland fails to meet EU supply security regulations

A significant disruption to one of Ireland’s larger supply sources would see the country fail to meet as much as 93% of its natural gas demand, which breaks EU regulations, a report released by the

4 January 2013
Global Markets

Cold snap raises Asian LNG prices

Asian LNG spot prices rose to around $17.20/MMBtu this week as a result of a cold snap in northern Asia, Reuters reported on Friday.

4 January 2013
Global Markets

Stunted Christmas demand draws bears to European gas markets

A staggered trading period over Christmas saw traded volumes fall dramatically as traders deserted their desks for the festive break.

3 January 2013

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