A gas filling station in Germany. The country is lagging behind others in Europe when it comes to NGVs. (Daimler) Gas for Transport

Courts push Germany to clean up transport

A series of lawsuits is forcing Germany to tackle air pollution at a regional level, but more policy backing will be needed to encourage NGV uptake.

By Annemarie Botzki 22 March 2017
An LNG bunkering station in China. The fuel is well suited for smaller vessels. (China Gas Holdings) Gas for Transport

China navigates choppy waters for LNG-fuelled ships

Shipowners in China will need to plot a careful course if they are to make the switch to LNG, and regulatory uncertainty is not helping.

31 October 2016
Costs for operators of LNG-fuelled vehicles have risen under the new rules. (Chemtex) Gas for Transport

Regulation hits LNG trucks in China

Tougher weight restrictions on heavy-duty trucks and lorries in China have put the brakes on the use of LNG-powered trucks and has curbed demand for the fuel.

26 October 2016
Gas for Transport

EU greenlights Portuguese support for low-emission buses

The European Commission has found Portuguese plans to support low-emission buses – including those fuelled by LNG and natural gas – to be in line with EU state aid rules.

24 October 2016
Gas for Transport

German Federal Council to ban new petrol/diesel cars from 2030

The German Federal Council has reached an agreement on banning new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

10 October 2016
Gas for Transport

BP enters refuelling station market in India

BP joins Shell in India to become the second overseas energy company to set up a network of refuelling stations there.

7 October 2016
Gas for Transport

Indian Oil Corp. to sell CNG at refuelling stations in India

Rajasthan State Gas Ltd. formalised an agreement with Indian Oil Corp. to provide CNG refuelling infrastructure in India.

6 October 2016
Gas for Transport

Keppel building LNG-fuelled tugs

Keppel Offshore and Marine will build two LNG-fuelled harbour tugs and join Shell exploring opportunities related to using the gas as a fuel.

6 October 2016
Gas for Transport

Snam plans to develop CNG as vehicle fuel

Italy’s Snam has signed a memorandum of understanding on CNG as a vehicle fuel with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Turin-based industrial vehicle manufacturer IVECO.

6 October 2016
Gas for Transport

Russia aiming to boost subsidies for NGVs

Russia could provide RUB 3-3.5 billion in subsidies for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) over the next three years.

5 October 2016
An LNG-powered ship taking on fuel in Rostock, Germany. (Gazprom) Gas for Transport

IMO decision could tip scales towards LNG

Regulation could push the maritime sector to adopt LNG as a bunker fuel, creating demand at a time when the industry desperately needs it.

30 September 2016
The Stavangerfjord LNG-fuelled ferry. Emission limits could boost gas as a marine fuel. (Kimm Saatvedt, Palookaville) Gas for Transport

LNG industry eagerly awaits IMO decision

The International Maritime Organization will decide in October whether to bring forward the implementation date for stricter limits on sulphur emissions from global shipping.

21 September 2016
Gas for Transport

Gas-fuelled heavy trucks get rolling in China

China manufactured 1,359 gas-fuelled heavy trucks in July and August, up by 33% year on year.

6 September 2016
Gas for Transport

Gazprom signs deal with Mitsui for LNG ship bunkering

Gazprom has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Japan’s Mitsui for bunkering LNG fuel for ships.

2 September 2016
Gas for Transport

Gazprom to separate German CNG business

Gazprom has decided to spin off its business selling CNG at vehicle filling stations in Germany into a separate company following a two-year dispute with local regulators.

30 August 2016
Gas for Transport

South Korea launches drive for hydrogen vehicles

South Korea launched the Alliance for Hydrogen Convergence in Seoul on Wednesday.

24 August 2016
An NGV filling station in Germany. There are around 66 CNG filling stations in Belgium. (Daimler) Gas for Transport

Belgium’s regions are pushing for NGVs

Belgium’s NGV market has ambitious targets but no policy support at a federal level, leaving it up to regional governments to step in.

23 August 2016
An LNG-powered ferry. The German Maritime LNG Platform is urging the government to encourage the use of LNG as a fuel for ships. (LMG Marin) Gas for Transport

LNG needs a boost as maritime fuel – industry body

The managing director of Germany’s Maritime LNG Platform says the country’s government must do more to encourage the use of the fuel.

22 August 2016
A gas-fuelled HGV in the UK. Trucks offer the best prospects for gas as a transport fuel in the EU. (CNG Fuels) Gas for Transport

Gas vehicles losing out in EU’s emission strategy

The European Commission is driving forward low-emission transport across the EU, but gas-powered vehicles are losing out to EVs in the new strategy.

26 July 2016
Gas for Transport

Chinese energy demand to peak in 2035 – CNPC

CNPC’s Economics & Technology Research Institute has forecast China’s energy consumption will peak at 3.75 btoe at around 2035 and fall to 3.52 btoe in 2050.

14 July 2016
Gas for Transport

US NGV sales falling, but interest in infrastructure continues

The number of NGVs sold in the US fell in 2015, but CNG- and LNG-powered vehicles – as well as the number of associated filling stations – continue to attract interest.

13 July 2016

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