An artist’s impression of Lightsource and BP solar panels in the UK. Gas for Transport

IOCs diversify to meet challenge of decarbonisation

IOCs are struggling to find ways to transition to low-carbon energy and are looking to diversify their business models to provide greater resilience.

By Andrew Walker 21 February 2018
Gas for Transport

Delek signs MOU with Gazprom on Israeli gas for transport

Israeli explorer Delek Drilling has signed a memorandum of understanding with Gazprom to cooperate on gas for transport in Israel.

3 October 2017
Australian LNG bunkering Gas for Transport

Australia’s LNG trucking sector in need of support

Hauliers in Australia say LNG needs a helping hand from the state if it is to survive as a fuel for trucks.

28 September 2017
Gas for Transport

Polaris orders gas-ready ore carriers

South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries has received an order for 10 gas-ready large ore carriers.

26 September 2017
Gas for Transport

Shell to open first UK filling station without petrol in 2018

Shell is aiming to open its first petrol-free UK service station in 2018, The Telegraph reported on Monday, quoting sources close to the company.

25 September 2017
A photo of a Blue Corridors event for gas-fuelled vehicles in Brussels. Gas for Transport

NGVs left in the dust by electric competition

The window of opportunity for NGVs to operate as a bridge from oil-fuelled to electric vehicles is fast disappearing.

22 September 2017
Gas for Transport

NGV rally leaves Lisbon bound for St Petersburg

A rally for natural gas vehicles under the Blue Corridor initiative started in Lisbon on Monday.

20 September 2017
Gas for Transport

China’s phase-out of fossil fuel cars will benefit gas – analyst

China’s plans to start phasing out cars that run on petrol and diesel will benefit the gas industry.

12 September 2017
Gas for Transport

LNG in shipping needs all hands on deck

LNG as a marine fuel will sink without a trace unless the gas industry builds more bunkering facilities – especially in Asia.

1 September 2017
Gas for Transport

NGV numbers rising in South Asia

China and South Asia offer some of the biggest markets in the world for NGVs, and they are also where the biggest demand for new vehicles will emerge.

31 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Singapore and Japan to carry out study on LNG-fuelled car carriers

Japan and Singapore are expected to carry out a joint study into the creation of LNG-fuelled car carrier ships.

29 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Petronet and Reliance eye LNG trucking in India

India is the fastest-growing market for NGVs in the world, but ambitious policies to cut emissions could restrict demand growth over the long term.

29 August 2017
Gas for Transport

All-electric ships could threaten LNG as a marine fuel

Converting ships to all-electric propulsion may reduce the role LNG is expected to play in the maritime sector.

23 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Brussels OKs Czech support scheme for alternative transport

The European Commission has found that Czech plans to support building a network of refuelling and recharging stations for low-emission vehicles is in line with EU state aid rules

11 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Axegaz to open 42 CNG and LNG stations in Europe

French company Axegazs will open its first combined CNG and LNG filling station in the Italian city of Brescia on 16 September.

9 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Range extenders offer chance for gas in transport

CNG-powered range extenders could offer gas a slice in the future of the transport sector.

2 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Germany to have LNG bunkering by July 2018

A joint venture purposely created to exploit LNG in the transport market is building the first bunker to refuel river vessels in Cologne.

1 August 2017
Gas for Transport

Gas ruled out from powering UK’s new electric cars

The UK’s ban on new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2040 will increase power demand, but new generation will mainly come from renewables, analysts say.

27 July 2017
Gas for Transport

UK to ban new diesel and petrol cars by 2040

The UK government is expected to announce on Wednesday a ban on all new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 as part of a new clean air plan.

26 July 2017
Gas for Transport

Transport puts China LNG demand on road to recovery

LNG sales in China surged by 45% year on year in H1 2017, with demand from transport and industry the main drivers.

10 July 2017
Gas for Transport

CIMC Enric to buy LNG bunkering tank manufacturer

Hong Kong-listed CIMC Enric Holdings has signed a deal to purchase SinoPacific Offshore & Engineering, a manufacturer of LNG marine storage tanks.

6 July 2017

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