LNG bunkering in Rostock, Germany. The fuel could help reduce martime GHG emissions. (Gazprom) Gas for Transport

IMO to debate climate deal for shipping

The International Maritime Organization will begin discussions this week on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry.

By Annemarie Botzki 21 June 2017
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Gazprom to push LNG-for-transport with plant in Yaroslavl

Gazprom will build a liquefaction plant in Russia’s Yaroslavl region as part of its efforts to boost domestic use of LNG in transport.

19 April 2017
An LNG filling station in Jiangsu. China’s network of facilities to cater for NGVs is fragmented. (Interfax) Gas for Transport

Chinese NGVs need more policy support

China’s fragmented LNG service station network is just one of the barriers preventing greater uptake of the fuel on the country’s roads.

19 April 2017
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Multi-fuel ferries delivered to British Columbia

Canada’s Seaspan Ferries has taken delivery of two multi-fuelled vessels at a ceremony in Delta, British Columbia.

13 April 2017
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Total to open 200 new CNG filling stations in Europe

Total will open 200 new CNG stations in Europe by 2026, of which 110 will be in France, the group said in a statement on Thursday.

6 April 2017
A truck loading LNG at the Zeebrugge terminal in Belgium. (Fluxys Belgium) Gas for Transport

Zeebrugge LNG finds small-scale success

Belgium’s small-scale truck loading and bunkering operations could be the way ahead for Europe’s LNG terminals, which are largely lying idle.

5 April 2017
Woodside is hoping to provide LNG from the Pluto LNG plant for a dual-fuel supply vessel. (Woodside) Gas for Transport

Australia shifts to LNG bunkering and transport

Australia’s vast reserves of gas, an impending global LNG supply glut and tightening emission controls mean there is significant potential for LNG to be used as an alternative to diesel.

30 March 2017
Gas for Transport

IGU demands clear rules to boost LNG as a marine fuel

LNG can play crucial role in enabling cleaner marine transport and governments must set clear guidelines to help its deployment worldwide, the International Gas Union has said.

23 March 2017
A gas filling station in Germany. The country is lagging behind others in Europe when it comes to NGVs. (Daimler) Gas for Transport

Courts push Germany to clean up transport

A series of lawsuits is forcing Germany to tackle air pollution at a regional level, but more policy backing will be needed to encourage NGV uptake.

22 March 2017
Singapore’s LNG terminal, which aims to offer bunkering services later this year. (Singapore LNG Corp.) Gas for Transport

Chicken-and-egg problem for Asian LNG bunkering

Asia faces a dilemma in developing LNG bunkering infrastructure, which could mean it will take time for the fuel to be used for shipping.

14 March 2017
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China gas-fuelled heavy truck manufacturing up 927%

China built 4,119 heavy-duty gas-fuelled trucks in February, up by 927% year on year, according to domestic media reports.

13 March 2017
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Indonesia should encourage NGV uptake – minister

Indonesia’s deputy energy and mineral resources minister, Arcandra Tahar, has said the country needs to encourage car owners to switch their vehicles to run on natural gas.

13 March 2017
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Thailand working to liberalise its energy sector

Thailand is in the process of liberalising its energy sector, with private companies now allowed to be involved in CNG stations, pipeline operations, gas transport and LNG sales.

13 March 2017
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UK considering tax hikes on diesel cars

The UK government said it is considering "the appropriate tax treatment" for diesel vehicles in its 2017 spring budget, released on Wednesday.

9 March 2017
Artist’s impression of the proposed LNG and storage site in Ravenna, Italy. (PIR Group) Gas for Transport

Edison to boost Italian small-scale LNG position

Italy’s Edison aims to cover 25% of the country’s LNG market by 2030 through the construction of coastal storage and bunkering facilities.

7 March 2017
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ADNOC planning GCC’s largest NGV facility

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. plans to build the largest natural gas vehicle service station in the Gulf Cooperation Council group of countries.

2 March 2017
HGV refuelling in Italy. By 2023 France could have 25,000 heavy-duty vehicles running on gas. (Blue Corridors) Gas for Transport

France prepares for NGV sector boom

Three of France’s four LNG terminals are planning to develop bunkering facilities, and several companies have plans to build LNG and CNG filling stations across the country.

2 March 2017
A ship engine fuelled by LNG. Analysts say the maritime sector is a major growth area for the fuel. (Rolls-Royce) Gas for Transport

Renewables growth threatening fossil fuel demand

Analysts are becoming more bullish on the prospects for renewable energy, which could start to overtake fossil fuels sooner rather than later.

28 February 2017
Orense wind farm. Significant investment is needed in the European renewable power sector (Iberdrola) Gas for Transport

Europe’s power sector needs huge investment boost

The European power sector will need heavy investment if it is to reach EU energy and climate targets, a study commissioned by the European Parliament has found.

28 February 2017
Gas for Eni’s plans for liquefaction in Sicily will be sourced from the GreenStream pipeline. (Eni) Gas for Transport

Southern Italy's LNG demand still unanswered

Southern Italy needs more LNG for transport, but major Italian players are delaying the construction of new infrastructure, such as Eni’s LNG hub in Gela.

27 February 2017
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Jinan hikes gas prices for NGVs by 20%

Retail gas prices for vehicles in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, have been increased by nearly 20%.

22 February 2017

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