A gas filling station in Germany. The country is lagging behind others in Europe when it comes to NGVs. (Daimler) Gas for Transport

Courts push Germany to clean up transport

A series of lawsuits is forcing Germany to tackle air pollution at a regional level, but more policy backing will be needed to encourage NGV uptake.

By Annemarie Botzki 22 March 2017
Gas for Transport

Brussels launches €1 bln tender for transport infrastructure

The European Commission has launched a €1 billion tender to boost investment in infrastructure in a move to pave the way for cleaner transport

8 February 2017
Gas for Transport

Tripura boosts CNG vehicle and domestic connection efforts

India’s state of Tripura is expanding its efforts to get more vehicles running on CNG and to connect more households to the piped gas supply network.

7 February 2017
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Woodside plans truck-loading operations from Pluto

Woodside Petroleum is planning to start truck-loading LNG from its Pluto plant for delivery to remote mining operations and power plants and to use as vehicle fuel.

3 February 2017
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Total to supply LNG and fuel oil to shipping group CMA CGM

Total has signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with French shipping company CMA CGM that will see it supply a range of low-sulphur shipping fuels, including LNG.

1 February 2017
Iveco’s new Stralis NP dual-fuel HGV – the first vehical of its kind able to run on CNG and LNG. (Iveco) Gas for Transport

Iveco hopes to boost development of NGV sector

Iveco’s launch of a dual-fuel truck and the company’s support for filling stations are part of its plan to speed up NGV development in Europe.

1 February 2017
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Gas shortages force closure of CNG filling stations in Pakistan

Pakistan’s gas shortage has forced the closure of CNG filling stations in Punjab province

19 January 2017
A Kunlun Energy LNG station. Network growth in China has slowed. (Kunlun Energy) Gas for Transport

China’s LNG stations struggle with downturn

China’s LNG station operators continued to face a testing market for much of 2016, with sales growth slowing into the single digits.

18 January 2017
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Japanese JV announces new marine sulphur scrubbing success

A joint venture of Japanese companies has successfully tested a new scrubber system for removing sulphur oxides from marine diesel engines.

12 January 2017
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Norway orders two new LNG ferries

Norwegian shipbuilder Vard Holdings Ltd has secured a contract to build two LNG-powered ferries for one of Norway's largest transportation companies.

12 January 2017
An HGV being refuelled with LNG at Pontedera. Italy is planning an extra 40 such stations. (Blue Corridors) Gas for Transport

LNG trucking plans are heating up in Italy

Italy is planning to significantly expand its network of LNG filling stations to help boost the use of the fuel in the haulage sector.

10 January 2017
An ENN Energy LNG refilling station in Jiangsu province. The expansion of China’s network has slowed. (Interfax) Gas for Transport

Shaky Chinese economy slows gas use in transport

Slow growth of both China’s economy and its refuelling network has been has been turning users away from using gas for transport.

3 January 2017
The Gate LNG terminal in the Netherlands. The country’s TTF price point will likely affect bunkering costs. (Gate LNG) Gas for Transport

Costs preventing shipowners switching to LNG

The global LNG glut is good news for shipowners considering switching to the fuel, but they need regulatory certainty and a developed market.

20 December 2016
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Gail subsidiary sees CNG vehicle uptake in Bengaluru

Gail subsidiary Gail Gas Ltd is seeing some uptake of CNG vehicles in Bengaluru since opening its first refuelling station there in September.

14 December 2016
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China to clear 10,000 gas refilling stations by 2020

China will have 10,000-12,000 gas refilling stations by 2020, comprising 4,000-5,000 CNG stations and 6,000-7,000 LNG facilities.

12 December 2016
Gas for Transport

China to drive gas consumption

China plans to push the use of gas in the city gas, industrial, transport and power generation sectors.

6 December 2016
The UK’s first gas filling point. Axegaz will build 42 stations across nine countries in Western Europe. (CNG Fuels) Gas for Transport

LNG heavy-trucking to break out of hub-and-spoke

The refuelling network for Europe’s alternative vehicles is set to develop rapidly before the end of the decade.

6 December 2016
Gas for Transport

Kogas to spend $9 mln on LNG bunkering at Tongyeong

Kogas will invest $9 million to install an LNG bunkering facility at the Tongyeong LNG terminal in South Korea.

5 December 2016
Auto rickshaws in New Delhi. The Indian government hopes gas will reduce transport sector pollution. (PA) Gas for Transport

India aiming to boost use of LNG as transport fuel

Increasing calls to reduce air pollution in India’s urban centres are causing the government to throw its weight behind LNG as a transport fuel.

29 November 2016
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Spain tests world’s first LNG-fuelled train

Spanish rail transport company Renfe and energy companies Gas Natural Fenosa and Enagás are to test Europe’s first LNG-fuelled train.

24 November 2016
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India launches its first LNG-powered bus

India launched its first LNG-powered bus last week in Kerala.

14 November 2016

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