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UK will be litmus test for European NGVs

Chris Le Fevre, senior visiting research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, spoke to Interfax at the LNG and CNG for transport forum in London about the prospects for gas as a transport fuel in Europe

10 April 2014
Gas for Transport

China LNG shortages to last until 2016

China’s LNG sector is facing a supply crunch, with demand set to surpass supply by 4 mt over the next three years as the country accelerates a shift to gas in place of coal and oil, according to experts.

8 April 2014
Gas for Transport

Is Europe approaching the NGV tipping point?

Momentum is building across the continent for vehicles running on natural gas – though governments need to give them a push to start them rolling.

28 March 2014
Gas for Transport

Euro gas-for-transport players seek pricing clarity

As Europe looks to follow China in its adoption of LNG as a low-carbon transport fuel, stakeholders across the continent are seeking greater clarity regarding how prices will be structured –a key uncertainty with potential to slow development of the sector.

27 March 2014
Gas for Transport

LNG trucks slowed by low fuel efficiency in UK

The UK’s nascent gas-for-transport sector is developing slowly as fleet owners struggle to achieve commercially viable levels of fuel efficiency from dual-fuel engines.

26 March 2014
Gas for Transport

China in a Catch-22 over LNG bunkering

Worsening pollution problems mean LNG bunkering holds significant promise in China, but industry is struggling to see the benefits and is stuck in a vicious cycle.

20 March 2014
Gas for Transport

LNG importers lower prices to remain competitive

Two major LNG sellers in China have cut the price of imported LNG for March delivery at four of their terminals, to stay competitive against domestically produced supplies of the fuel.

27 February 2014
Gas for Transport

‘LNG or nothing’ as UPS trucking fleet makes the switch

Truck operators are switching to LNG because of cheaper fuel costs and government incentives – but long payback costs make the fuel a less attractive option for other road users.

24 February 2014
Gas for Transport

Gas vehicles take their own road in China

China’s extension of subsidies for new energy vehicles such as electric and hybrid cars has put the policy environment for gas-powered vehicles in the spotlight, but experts say there is room for both in the Chinese market.

13 February 2014
Gas for Transport

Shell to delay LNG investments in Thailand

The ongoing political deadlock in Bangkok is likely to see Shell delay plans to become an LNG distributor for the company’s transport sector, the head of Shell's local unit has said.

11 February 2014
Gas for Transport

LNG as a marine fuel: a question of price

LNG is set to become the fuel of choice for many European ship owners over the coming years, but disagreements over how the fuel should be priced may stifle rapid expansion of the nascent sector in th

29 January 2014
Gas for Transport

Number of LNG-fuelled ships to soar by 2020 – DNV GL

New environmental regulations are forcing ship owners to look at alternatives to traditional marine diesel and heavy fuel oil, and although the boom in LNG-fuelled ships has not started yet, latest industry predictions suggest there will be around 1,000 in circulation by 2020.

28 January 2014
Gas for Transport

Tangshan LNG terminal to stiffen north China competition

The start of trucked LNG sales from PetroChina’s newest LNG import terminal poses long-term competition for domestic LNG supply in north China.

8 January 2014
Gas for Transport

South Korea clears three reactors for restarts

The South Korean government has cleared three reactors for restarts in a move which could help decrease LNG consumption for the world’s second largest importer of the fuel.

6 January 2014
Gas for Transport

The future will be micro for GTL technology

New technology will allow refiners to tap the gas market and build small GTL units where there is both feedstock supply and demand for their products, potentially offering a new lease of life to a sector restricted to expensive and cumbersome larger plants.

23 December 2013
Gas for Transport

A smaller, broader future for GTL

Interfax spoke to Roy Lipski, chief executive of Velocys, a provider of technology for small-scale GTL projects, about what has made the sector possible and what niche it could occupy in the refining market.

23 December 2013
Gas for Transport

Beijing to expand gas-fired bus fleet over next four years

Beijing plans to replace two-thirds of conventional public buses with vehicles running on greener energy sources within four years, state media reported on Friday.

13 December 2013
Gas for Transport

Guangzhou to build 126 LNG stations for vehicles by 2020

Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, will build 126 LNG filling stations between now and 2020 to combat air pollution from vehicle emissions, the city government announced on Monday.

3 December 2013
Gas for Transport

Three paths for gas as US transport fuel

New technology may finally allow natural gas to compete with gasoline in US transport markets, according to a new white paper from thinktank Resources for the Future.

2 December 2013
Gas for Transport

CNOOC’s trucked LNG profits rise, PetroChina stems losses

China’s two major LNG importers, China National Offshore Oil Corp. and PetroChina, recorded solid results from trucked LNG sales from their receiving terminals – Dapeng, Putian, Rudong and Dalian – in October, data from an energy consultancy showed.

28 November 2013

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