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IOCs diversify to meet challenge of decarbonisation

IOCs are struggling to find ways to transition to low-carbon energy and are looking to diversify their business models to provide greater resilience.

By Andrew Walker 21 February 2018
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LNG fuel savings tempt Shandong’s logistics sector

Shandong province on China’s east coast plans to build 49 LNG-refilling stations along provincial highways through 2015, and another 54 from 2016 to 2020, according to media.

11 July 2013
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China gas pricing overhaul affects NGV market

Air pollution and an attractive price spread between oil and gas are driving development of China’s NGV market, but a new gas pricing mechanism could have an impact on the economics of Chinese NGVs.

4 July 2013
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Market report: 35 million global NGVs on the road by 2020

Nearly 35 million natural gas vehicles may be on global highways by 2020, United States-based Navigant Research said in a new report

27 June 2013
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China’s LNG-fuelled vessel policy gathers steam

The central government is expected to provide policy guidance later this year on capital investment and approval procedures to promote the use of LNG by vessels plying China’s inland and coastal wat

24 June 2013
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EU and Japan to launch LNG dialogue

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy have decided to undertake expert-level exchanges on developments in the gas markets, a commission source has told Interfax.

6 June 2013
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China’s LNG filling network expands by 30% in four months

China’s network of refilling stations for LNG-fuelled vehicles has grown by nearly one-third since the start of this year – a rapid expansion that will help ease a major infrastructural bottleneck and persuade more motorists and businesses to run their vehicles on the cleaner-burning fuel.

24 May 2013
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Bolivia approves plan for CNG/LNG networks

Bolivia’s government has approved several regulatory guidelines in the past two months to move forward with plans to replace the use of LPG, kerosene and coal with natural gas in remote areas by cre

19 April 2013
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Industry demands clearer framework for LNG as shipping fuel

The European Barge Union has called on the European Commission to shape the right political framework and reserve a minimum of 20% of the Trans-European transport budget budget to enable inland waterway transport to move towards a sustainable system in the coming years

18 April 2013
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China’s NGV industry braces for tough emissions regime

China’s natural gas-powered vehicle (NGV) fleet is poised for strong growth in the near term, but the industry faces strict emission standards that are being tightened quicker than those for vehicles running on conventional fuel.

17 April 2013
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Price cuts lift trucked LNG sales across CNOOC terminals

China National Offshore Oil Corp. has seen a boost in sales of LNG delivered by truck from import terminals following a price cut at the start of this month, data from a Chinese energy consultancy showed this week.

12 April 2013
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LNG importers suffer tough February on trucked LNG sales

A drop in LNG imports from Australia reduced profits on sales of trucked LNG at China National Offshore Oil Corp.’s (CNOOC) receiving terminals in February, data from a Chinese energy consultancy showed on Tuesday.

9 April 2013
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LNG could be main fuel for Australian mines

LNG could become the predominant fuel used on Australian mine sites, as the rising cost of diesel and the effects of carbon tax appear to be driving the technology advancements needed to make the switch, Mining Australia reported on Tuesday.

9 April 2013
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Gazprom sees use for 10 bcm of LNG as Baltic bunker fuel

Consumption of LNG as a bunkering fuel in the Baltic and North seas could amount to 8-10 billion cubic metres per year by 2030, Gazprom’s Head of Foreign Economic Activities Paul Oderov has said, ci

8 April 2013
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Natural gas not used as motor fuel because it is ‘harder to steal’

A major reason natural gas is not used more as a motor fuel is because it is not as easy to steal as gasoline or diesel fuel, the head of a natural gas industry group has said.

25 March 2013
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Gazprom confirms interest in buying gas-fuelled power stations in Europe

Gazprom is interested in purchasing combined-cycle electric power plants in Europe despite the competition from cheap coal, the company said on Thursday.

21 March 2013
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Canadian government knew gas plant budget would overrun

Leaders of the Liberal party in Canada knew a decision to cancel construction of a gas-fired power plant would cost far more than the $40 million they claimed, according to testimony by an Ontario Power Authority (OPA) executive cited in The Star newspaper.

20 March 2013
Gas for Transport

China hastens expansion of LNG filling station network

China plans to have a network of 5,000 vehicular LNG filling stations by the end of 2015, an energy consultancy said on Thursday.

15 March 2013
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Rising tide of LNG use in China’s maritime transport sector

Gas consumption by China’s inland and coastal shipping fleet is expected to rise to 600 million cubic metres (MMcm) by 2015 and 4 billion cubic metres by 2020, according to an engineer with PetroChina.

8 March 2013
Gas for Transport

BNSF announces plans to fuel trains with gas

BNSF Railway Corp. has announced plans to fuel its trains with natural gas as opposed to diesel, with tests set to begin later this year in the United States.

6 March 2013
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Elengy to offer LNG trucking service

The market for LNG as a transport fuel continues to grow as Elengy – operator of the French Montoir LNG terminal – has announced plans to offer a trucking service.

13 February 2013

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