A truck being refuelled with LNG at Pontadera, Italy. (Blue Corridors) Gas for Transport

Range extenders offer chance for gas in transport

CNG-powered range extenders could offer gas a slice in the future of the transport sector.

By Annemarie Botzki 2 August 2017
Gas for Transport

LNG importers suffer tough February on trucked LNG sales

A drop in LNG imports from Australia reduced profits on sales of trucked LNG at China National Offshore Oil Corp.’s (CNOOC) receiving terminals in February, data from a Chinese energy consultancy showed on Tuesday.

9 April 2013
Gas for Transport

LNG could be main fuel for Australian mines

LNG could become the predominant fuel used on Australian mine sites, as the rising cost of diesel and the effects of carbon tax appear to be driving the technology advancements needed to make the switch, Mining Australia reported on Tuesday.

9 April 2013
Gas for Transport

Gazprom sees use for 10 bcm of LNG as Baltic bunker fuel

Consumption of LNG as a bunkering fuel in the Baltic and North seas could amount to 8-10 billion cubic metres per year by 2030, Gazprom’s Head of Foreign Economic Activities Paul Oderov has said, ci

8 April 2013
Gas for Transport

Natural gas not used as motor fuel because it is ‘harder to steal’

A major reason natural gas is not used more as a motor fuel is because it is not as easy to steal as gasoline or diesel fuel, the head of a natural gas industry group has said.

25 March 2013
Gas for Transport

Gazprom confirms interest in buying gas-fuelled power stations in Europe

Gazprom is interested in purchasing combined-cycle electric power plants in Europe despite the competition from cheap coal, the company said on Thursday.

21 March 2013
Gas for Transport

Canadian government knew gas plant budget would overrun

Leaders of the Liberal party in Canada knew a decision to cancel construction of a gas-fired power plant would cost far more than the $40 million they claimed, according to testimony by an Ontario Power Authority (OPA) executive cited in The Star newspaper.

20 March 2013
Gas for Transport

China hastens expansion of LNG filling station network

China plans to have a network of 5,000 vehicular LNG filling stations by the end of 2015, an energy consultancy said on Thursday.

15 March 2013
Gas for Transport

Rising tide of LNG use in China’s maritime transport sector

Gas consumption by China’s inland and coastal shipping fleet is expected to rise to 600 million cubic metres (MMcm) by 2015 and 4 billion cubic metres by 2020, according to an engineer with PetroChina.

8 March 2013
Gas for Transport

BNSF announces plans to fuel trains with gas

BNSF Railway Corp. has announced plans to fuel its trains with natural gas as opposed to diesel, with tests set to begin later this year in the United States.

6 March 2013
Gas for Transport

Elengy to offer LNG trucking service

The market for LNG as a transport fuel continues to grow as Elengy – operator of the French Montoir LNG terminal – has announced plans to offer a trucking service.

13 February 2013
LNG storage is preferred in China as liquefying gas reduces its volume by roughly 600 times. (Black & Veatch) Gas for Transport

China’s surging gas use spurs storage build-up

China’s leadership is looking to expand its gas storage infrastructure in an attempt to prevent future shortages brought on by seasonal spikes in consumption.

13 February 2013
Gas for Transport

Are ship owners asleep at the helm?

Tri-Zen International’s Tony Regan and James Ashworth say ship owners are sleepwalking into a crisis, as the 0.1% sulphur limit looms, and must decide between embracing LNG as a marine fuel or face

6 February 2013
Gas for Transport

EU pushes LNG as shipping fuel

The Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, led by Commissioner Siim Kallas, has presented a policy initiative, Clean Power for Transport, focused on alternative fuel distribution across Europe.

31 January 2013
Fjord Line’s MS Stavangerfjord will be the first cruise liner powered exclusively by LNG. (Bergen Group) Gas for Transport

LNG as a bunker fuel – far from plain sailing

European shippers will soon be forced to reduce emissions in parts of the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel, but will LNG be the first port of call for companies looking to clean up their acts?

23 January 2013
Gas for Transport

Spanish trucked LNG deliveries rising

Data from Spanish oil and gas industry body Cores shows trucked LNG deliveries are rising rapidly in the country.

23 January 2013
Gas for Transport

Kogas, DNV to cooperate on South Korea LNG bunkering study

Korean state-owned utility Kogas and DNV have announced they will cooperate on a feasibility study with the aim of creating an LNG bunkering facility in South Korea, the companies announced on Monday.

23 January 2013
Gas for Transport

EU to push for use of gas as transport fuel

The European Commission is increasing its support for the use of gas as a transport fuel for vehicles and will present a draft legislative proposal in the coming weeks to accelerate the development of

17 January 2013
Gas for Transport

Demand for European bunkering burgeons

Europe’s nascent bunkering market took another step forward on Tuesday as the first large-scale LNG-powered ferry journey took place in Finland, operator Viking Line confirmed to Interfax.

16 January 2013
Gas for Transport

CNOOC profits decline on trucked LNG sales, CNPC eases losses

China National Offshore Oil Corp.’s profits from sales of trucked LNG from supply terminals fell in November, as a result of expensive imports of the fuel from Qatar.

11 January 2013
Gas for Transport

Iran boosts number of NGVs thanks to increased sanctions on petrol imports

Increased international sanctions on petrol imports has encouraged Iran to significantly increase the number of compressed natural gas vehicles (NGVs) on its roads, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

8 January 2013

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