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Kunlun Energy scales back LNG developments

Kunlun Energy is slowing the pace of its LNG business development, as other domestic LNG producers struggle with high gas costs and low oil prices.

19 March 2015
Gas for Transport

Be careful what you wish for: The LNG market in 2015

A lot has changed in the LNG market since our last report. New supply is expected to surge onto the market, but demand is lacklustre in most regions of the world.

12 February 2015
Gas for Transport

LNG ship fuel struggles to navigate low oil prices

The lowest diesel prices in China in five years are hindering Chinese efforts to get more vessels running on LNG on inland waterways, but players are still bullish about LNG as a bunkering fuel.

11 February 2015
Gas for Transport

East Asian imports steady in 2014, but change expected for 2015

The quantity and cost of LNG delivered to the Far East remained high in 2014, but change is in the air.

30 January 2015
Gas for Transport

Korean nuclear to expand despite safety worries

In the wake of safety scandals, public opinion of nuclear power is at an all-time low in South Korea, yet three reactors are expected to start up in 2015, increasing capacity to record levels.

30 January 2015
Gas for Transport

Tank half-full for Argentina’s NGVs

Argentine drivers can recoup their investment in NGV conversions in one year via savings on fuel costs, because of low regulated prices.

29 January 2015
Gas for Transport

China Number Crunch: 27 January update from the world’s largest energy consumer

Asian spot LNG prices fell towards the $9/MMBtu mark last week, amid a backdrop of low oil prices, mild winter weather, full storage inventories and growing Pacific Basin supply.

27 January 2015
Gas for Transport

French ports gear up for LNG as transport fuel

French port Nantes Saint-Nazaire is gearing up for new clean fuel rules by conducting a study into LNG as a transport fuel.

2 December 2014
Gas for Transport

Wildcat’s Pick of the Week

Wildcat gives you a headstart on the coming week and a round-up of what mattered last week.

1 December 2014
Gas for Transport

Gas is losing the race for European road freight

Gas is failing to gain ground as a transport fuel among Europe’s major road haulage companies, according to speakers and delegates at the NGV Europe Conference.

28 November 2014
Gas for Transport

HGV fleet operators lament lack of biomethane

Poor availability of biomethane and high vehicle conversion rates are two key factors threatening to stymie the UK’s nascent gas-for-trucking sector, according to two of Europe’s largest courier services.

25 November 2014
Gas for Transport

New LNG technology to fuel NGV growth

The emergence of new offshore LNG technology has given advocates of the fuel an edge in the battle to attract customers in the transport sector.

25 November 2014
Gas for Transport

Singapore preparing for LNG bunkering by 2020

Singapore hopes to begin offering LNG to ships by 2020, and is planning to launch a pilot programme to lay the foundations for commercial LNG bunkering operations in the city-state.

16 October 2014
Gas for Transport

Europe needs benchmark for LNG-for-transport market

Shipping companies and gas suppliers appear ready to get involved in Europe’s nascent LNG-for-transport market once there is clarity on how the fuel will be priced.

16 September 2014
Gas for Transport

Shale boom to make new environment for maritime industry – US official

US Maritime Commissioner William Doyle told a marine industry conference last week that the US shale gas boom will create a new environment for the maritime industry to use LNG as a fuel.

8 September 2014
Gas for Transport

Red tape and costs stymie inland LNG bunkering

Chinese river fleet owners remain unconvinced LNG is the fuel of the future, as conversion costs and a bureaucratic approval process dent their enthusiasm for switching from diesel.

5 September 2014
Gas for Transport

China’s switch to gas for transport is gaining speed

China’s use of gas for transport will accelerate over the next decade even if rising gas costs increase the price of the fuel, said experts at an LNG conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

2 September 2014
Gas for Transport

China’s gas vehicles aim to swerve past price hike

China is preparing to raise wholesale gas prices, which in turn will lift fuel prices for gas vehicles, but experts are confident the impact can be mitigated.

1 September 2014
Gas for Transport

Morgan Stanley aims to sell CNG from Texas

Morgan Stanley is looking to build a CNG plant in Texas and sell the fuel in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America, according to an application it has lodged with the Department of Energy.

29 August 2014
Gas for Transport

Concrete sector adds CNG to the mix

The United States trucking market is slowly switching to use gas as a fuel – with concrete mixing trucks the latest fleet to consider making the move.

22 July 2014

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