An Iveco Stralis gas-powered HGV. EU Energy Policy

European NGV sector awaits CO2 rules for trucks

Brussels has signalled that gas has a role to play in transport, but the scale will become clearer when HDV standards are proposed next spring.

By Andreas Walstad 17 November 2017
EU Energy Policy

EC to file for second international negotiating mandate in energy

The European Commission this year will apply for a mandate from member states to negotiate a political agreement between the European Union and Russia to facilitate the integration of Baltic States’ power systems in the European grid while preserving interoperability with Russia and Belarus, at least for the medium-term.

15 September 2011
EU Energy Policy

Europe says drilling companies must be financially liable

Development of new gas or oil fields in European seas should only be allowed if the company involved has prepared an adequate emergency plan and has sufficient funds to repair possible damage to the environment, according to a resolution passed by the European Parliament on Tuesday.

14 September 2011
EU Energy Policy

European Parliament discusses internal energy market at first autumn session

At the first autumn session following the summer break, the European Commission launched a series of energy debates to affect the EU natural gas industry.

6 September 2011
EU Energy Policy

Hopes high for new Iraqi oil and gas law

A new Iraqi oil and gas law could be in place by the end of the year, a source familiar with matter exclusively told Interfax.

1 August 2011
EU Energy Policy

Polish EU presidency’s balancing act

During his tenure as President of the EU, Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk will attempt to balance European solidarity with his country’s own energy initiatives.

18 July 2011
EU Energy Policy

European Parliament debates energy infrastructure priorities

With the European Parliament discussing energy infrastructures that are essential to achieve EU goals, it concluded that a fresh approach to energy is needed.

6 July 2011
EU Energy Policy

Gas industry needs a voice

The gas industry in Europe is failing to effectively put its case across to politicians, policymakers and the general public, and has fallen well behind a more organised and publicity-savvy renewables

25 May 2011
EU Energy Policy

Interview: ACER's Walter Boltz

Walter Boltz discusses the steps towards greater transparency in gas markets and the impact they will have on medium to long-term investment in the European gas industry.

20 May 2011
EU Energy Policy

Russia, EU need to reconcile gas forecasts

Russia and the EU need to agree similar forecasts for European gas demand, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said at the Russia-EU Energy Dialog conference in Berlin on 19 May.

20 May 2011

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