The COP 21 climate summit in Paris, 2015 Environmental Policy

Energy industry awaits EU’s revised climate strategy

The EU’s long-term energy and climate strategy is seen as outdated and will have to be revamped to match the ambitions of the 2015 Paris climate summit.

By Andreas Walstad 20 April 2018
Market Legislation

Gas trade groups up pressure to phase out regulated power prices

A number of Brussels-based energy industry groups issued a joint statement warning against the negative effects of regulated retail electricity prices.

7 February 2018
Market Legislation

Brussels approves capacity payments in six countries

The European Commission has approved capacity remuneration mechanisms in six EU member states to ensure security of supply.

7 February 2018
Investment & Finance

EIB lends €1.5 bln to help finance TAP

The European Investment Bank has approved €1.5 billion in financing for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline.

7 February 2018
Environmental Policy

European Parliament approves ETS reform in plenary vote

MEPs in the European Parliament voted to make key reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System post-2020 in a plenary vote in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

6 February 2018
An artist’s impression of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, UK. Energy Security

Brexit transition could buy time for nuclear industry

A Brexit transition deal may give the European nuclear industry enough time to agree on the supply of uranium, materials and skilled labour to the UK.

5 February 2018
MEPs and environmental campaigners at the European Parliament. Environmental Policy

Voices grow louder in disapproval of gas

The voices of campaigners against increased investment in European gas infrastructure are getting louder, but will they be heard?

2 February 2018
Karmenu Vella speaking after the meeting on air quality on Tuesday. Environmental Policy

EC action on air quality may benefit gas

Brussels is clamping down on poor compliance with air quality standards – a move that could accelerate the transition to cleaner energy in power and road transport.

1 February 2018
Environmental Policy

France and the Netherlands still behind on renewables

France and the Netherlands are still lagging behind other EU nations when it comes to renewable energy, EU data shows.

31 January 2018
Laying an interconnector cable Energy Security

UK heading out of EU energy market, Lords warn

The UK is unlikely to remain a member of the EU’s Internal Energy Market given the current state of the Brexit talks, the House of Lords’ energy committee has warned.

29 January 2018
Polish TSO Gaz-System’s network. Market Legislation

All eyes on Poland as domestic market expands

Warsaw’s heavy reliance on coal used to mean Poland was a lost cause for gas, but the country is on the verge of change.

26 January 2018
Foreign Affairs

Next round of EU-Russia talks will happen in March – Novak

Russia and the EU plan to hold the next round of negotiations on infrastructure projects in March, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has said.

25 January 2018
Investment & Finance

Brussels earmarks €873 mln for power and gas projects

Brussels has announced grants worth $1.08 billion for key energy infrastructure projects under the Connecting Europe Facility.

25 January 2018
A Tesla Powerwall battery. Environmental Policy

UK poised for battery expansion

Battery technology is set to enter the market to cover peak generation, typically filled by gas and pumped hydro.

24 January 2018
Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova Energy Security

Bulgaria faces uphill struggle on EU energy reform

The Bulgarian Presidency of the EU faces key challenges if it is to broker deals on stricter climate targets and a tougher Gas Directive.

24 January 2018
Nord Stream 2 pipe segments in Finland. Competition Law

MEPs challenge extension of EU gas laws

MEPs have voiced their disquiet over the proposed extension of the EU Gas Directive to pipelines from third countries.

19 January 2018
MEPS at a press conference Environmental Policy

European Parliament backs tougher climate targets

MEPs have backed more ambitious energy and climate targets but will need support from EU countries if they are to be adopted.

18 January 2018
The Patnow coal power plant Environmental Policy

EU CO2 plans could lift gas-for-power demand

Critics say the EU’s proposal will threaten security of power supplies, undermine the ETS and require more gas-import infrastructure to be built.

15 January 2018
The GreenStream receiving terminal in Sicily. Competition Law

Gas industry warns against extending EU market rules

Brussels’ attempt to extend its legal framework to cover pipelines from third countries is facing opposition from the gas industry.

12 January 2018
Datteln coal plant. Environmental Policy

EU presses on with coal plant subsidy phase-out

The EU wants to prevent coal-fired power plants from receiving capacity payments, but the new rules will not affect existing plants anytime soon.

8 January 2018
Competition Law

Brussels OKs Greek renewables support scheme

The European Commission has found that a Greek auction scheme for renewable electricity production is in line with EU state aid rules.

5 January 2018

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