European power lines. (European Parliament) EU Energy Policy

Better TSO coordination needed to boost power trading

Underused interconnector capacity in the European power market will need to be addressed if the region seeks a Single Energy Market.

By The Wildcat 18 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

EU seeks mandate to negotiate legal framework for Nord Stream 2

The European Commission has requested a mandate from the Council of the EU to negotiate the key principles with Russia for the operation of the planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project

9 June 2017
Romanian gas wells. The country has considerable gas and coal reserves. (Petrom) EU Energy Policy

Brussels pressures Romania to integrate gas market

The European Commission has challenged Romania’s grid operator Transgaz over underinvestment in infrastructure that it says may prevent exports to neighbouring countries.

9 June 2017
A combined-cycle thermo-solar power plant. Gas should benefit from carbon pricing. (Dana Smillie, World Bank) EU Energy Policy

G20 to debate carbon pricing and subsidy phase-out

The upcoming G20 meeting will provide an opportunity for discussions on a global carbon price, but progress may take time.

31 May 2017
Romania could be a reliable source of supply to the rest of Europe in the case of emergencies. (Romgaz) EU Energy Policy

Romania’s gas reforms worry Brussels

Romania’s proposed regulations to restrict gas exports in times of crisis are setting it against the EU’s plans for energy security.

31 May 2017
MEP José Blanco López has called for a higher target for renewables in the EU’s energy mix. (EP) EU Energy Policy

MEPs face long battle on renewables ambition

Efforts to raise the EU’s renewables target to 35% of energy consumption look set to face significant opposition.

25 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs support for energy-intensive users in Latvia

The European Commission has approved Latvia’s plans to partially compensate energy-intensive users for charges incurred to support renewable energy.

24 May 2017
Innogy’s Eschweiler wind farm. The company manages renewables services that were split off from RWE. (Innogy) EU Energy Policy

Analysts question Franco-German energy alliance

A possible alliance between French and German energy companies has left analysts scratching their heads.

24 May 2017
Nord Stream 2 pipes arriving in Kotka, Finland. (Nord Stream 2, Axel Schmidt) EU Energy Policy

Nord Stream 2 backers shun Russia-EU legal deal

The developers of Nord Stream 2 do not share the European Commission’s view that a separate legal framework is needed for Russian infrastructure.

23 May 2017
A PGNiG gas storage facility. The company has called on the European Commission to fine Gazprom. (PGNiG) EU Energy Policy

Poland sets the bar high in Gazprom probe

Poland's PGNiG has called for commitments that go far beyond the preliminary agreement between the European Commission and Gazprom in the antitrust probe.

19 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Poland's PGNiG calls for Gazprom to be fined over market practices

Polish incumbent PGNiG has called on the European Commission to fine Gazprom over illegal practices on European gas markets.

18 May 2017
Jaroslav Neverovic (centre) at an ITRE committee meeting. (European Parliament) EU Energy Policy

Poland-Lithuania energy talks rise above politics

Energy relations between Poland and Lithuania should not be marred by political disputes, a former Lithuanian energy minister says.

17 May 2017
A solar power plant owned by RWE subsidiary Innogy. (Innogy) EU Energy Policy

European utilities face increased regulatory pressure

RWE used its Q1 earnings call to highlight how price caps and stricter EU rules on emissions are contributing to a tough business climate.

17 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Poland awaits first LNG cargo from US

The first LNG cargo sold from the US to Poland is expected to arrive next month, marking a symbolic shift for a country largely dependent on Russia.

17 May 2017
Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route. (Transitgas) EU Energy Policy

Italy reveals plans to boost hub liquidity

Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route that brings in gas from markets in northwest Europe.

15 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels rules in favour of Portuguese hydro agreements

The European Commission has concluded that the extension of hydropower concessions granted by Portugal to state-owned Energias de Portugal does not involve state aid.

15 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs French subsidy for Brittany power plant

The European Commission has conditionally approved French plans to give subsidies to Compagnie Electrique de Bretagne for the construction of a gas-fired power plant in Landivisiau, Brittany.

15 May 2017
Patnow coal plant, Poland. Warsaw hopes to help the country’s coal plants. (Zepak) EU Energy Policy

Warsaw vs Brussels in capacity market debate

Poland is pushing ahead with plans to support its coal power plants with a capacity market, but these will bring it into conflict with proposed EU law.

15 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels clears Chinese stake in Greek power TSO

The European Commission has approved the acquisition of joint control over Greece’s IPTO by China’s State Grid International Development.

11 May 2017
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt has defended the European Commission’s proposal for capacity payments. (EC) EU Energy Policy

Brussels defends pushing coal out of capacity payouts

The European Commission has hit back against criticism its proposed emission standards for capacity mechanisms are discriminatory.

11 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

Belgian power exports increase sharply in 2016

Belgian electricity exports increased sharply last year as France shut down several of its nuclear power plants, data from Belgian TSO ELIA shows.

10 May 2017

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