Gas is a modest emitter compared with agriculture. EU Energy Policy

How clean is gas? Time for action on methane

The gas industry is under increasing pressure to reduce methane emissions, and now is the time to take action.

By The Wildcat 8 December 2017
The Lippendorf coal power plant in Germany. EU Energy Policy

Europe far off 2030 emissions target – Court of Auditors

Europe must overcome a number of obstacles to reach its climate targets for 2030 and 2050, according to the EU’s budgetary control watchdog.

19 September 2017
A power station in the UK EU Energy Policy

EU closes in on ETS reform, but Brexit remains a risk

Progress is being made towards reforming the EU Emissions Trading System, but Brexit poses a risk to future trust in the scheme.

15 September 2017
EU Energy Policy

More investment needed in Irish supply security – industry exec

Ireland and Northern Ireland need more investment to address security of supply, the CEO of the Electricity Association of Ireland has said.

13 September 2017
Jean-Claude Juncker delivers the State of the Union address EU Energy Policy

EU braces for first winter of gas ‘solidarity law’

New rules obliging EU countries to share gas in emergency situations will apply from this winter following a vote in the European Parliament.

13 September 2017
E.On’s Irsching gas-fired power plant. EU Energy Policy

German power price surge spells good news for CCGT

German power prices have been beating expectations in recent weeks, but this spike is not expected to last.

11 September 2017
A German coal-fired power plant EU Energy Policy

Bull run in EU carbon prices takes market by surprise

The prospect of an early agreement on ETS reform following statements by Germany and France caused allowance prices to climb this week.

8 September 2017
EU Energy Policy

Gas sector awaits EU review of energy finance

The gas industry is holding its breath ahead of the European Commission’s review of sustainable finance in energy.

31 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Polish law change marks new setback for renewables

Poland is reducing subsidies for existing wind farm operators, threatening the country’s renewables growth potential.

24 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

EU emission limits cloud outlook for coal plants

Stricter EU limits on airborne pollutants mean many of Europe’s coal-fired power plants face an uncertain future.

21 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Better TSO coordination needed to boost power trading

Underused interconnector capacity in the European power market will need to be addressed if the region seeks a Single Energy Market.

18 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

EC clears Brookfield’s stake in UK power company

The European Commission has approved the acquisition of joint control over FHHGL by Canadian global asset manager Brookfield and French energy company Engie.

16 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

EU and Switzerland move closer to linking carbon markets

The European Commission has adopted two proposals to finalise an agreement with Switzerland on linking the EU’s ETS with the Swiss version of the scheme.

16 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Gas market upswing good news for Greek hub plans

Strong investor interest in its grid operator and rising demand are favourable signs for Greece's ambition of becoming a regional gas hub.

16 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Traders push power TSOs to boost cross-border capacity

Europe’s TSOs are holding back too much capacity at electricity interconnection points, critics say.

14 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs Czech support scheme for alternative transport

The European Commission has found that Czech plans to support building a network of refuelling and recharging stations for low-emission vehicles is in line with EU state aid rules

11 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brexit to remove right to sue government if it misses green targets

UK citizens will lose the right to sue the government for failing to meet climate targets after the country leaves the EU.

11 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

US sanctions bill on Russia rattles Brussels

A new law that could enforce stricter US sanctions against Russia has unsettled Brussels, which sees it as a threat to European energy security.

4 August 2017
EU Energy Policy

Shorter BRUA may hit supply diversity/Black Sea gas

Hungary’s proposal to stop the BRUA pipeline from extending into Austria could keep it from helping with supply diversity in the region.

31 July 2017
EU Energy Policy

Gas ruled out from powering UK’s new electric cars

The UK’s ban on new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2040 will increase power demand, but new generation will mainly come from renewables, analysts say.

27 July 2017
EU Energy Policy

OPAL court decision tilts in Gazprom’s favour

Gazprom can ramp up exports on the OPAL pipeline until at least 2019, according to an interim ruling by the European Court of Justice.

24 July 2017

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