An E.On coal power plant in Germany. Energy efficency could see gas lose market share to coal. (E.On) EU Energy Policy

Gas industry cautions against EU efficiency reforms

The gas industry is lobbying against stricter EU targets for energy efficiency, which it says could favour coal over gas in the energy mix.

By Andreas Walstad 23 March 2017
UK Prime Minister Theresa May with European Council President Donald Tusk. (PA) EU Energy Policy

Brexit: build bridges, not borders

The energy industry should lead by example and help maintain strong bonds between the UK and the EU in spite of a hard Brexit.

20 January 2017
UK Prime Minister Theresa May announcing a ‘hard Brexit’ on Tuesday. (PA) EU Energy Policy

EU energy sector digests May’s ‘hard Brexit’ pledge

Brussels is trying to come to terms with UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s pledge to leave the single market and the impact this will have on EU energy and climate policy.

19 January 2017
A consortium of infrastructure funds bought 61% of National Grid Gas Distribution in December. (National Grid) EU Energy Policy

Funds invest billions in European grids

Funds and insurance companies continue to show an appetite for European gas and power grids, with billions of euros invested in 2016 alone.

16 January 2017
OPAL receives gas from Nord Stream 1, the route of which bypasses Ukraine. (Gazprom) EU Energy Policy

Gas industry awaits clarity on OPAL capacity use

The European Court of Justice is expected to clarify its interim measures on OPAL within the coming weeks, but a final verdict in the case could take up to two years.

12 January 2017
Lithuania’s Independence FSRU gives it leverage in gas contract negotiations. (Höegh LNG) EU Energy Policy

Gazprom’s Lithuania return shows it pays to be cheap

Gazprom’s rising share of Lithuania’s gas market shows countries in the region may be struggling to find anyone to beat the Russians on price.

11 January 2017
Talks on Cyprus took place in Geneva ahead of an international conference. (UN Photo/Violaine Martin) EU Energy Policy

Perceived gas potential may help Cyprus talks

Hopes that Cyprus may soon benefit from gas revenues could help talks on the reunification of the island, but both gas development and a unification deal are far from certain.

10 January 2017
OPAL brings Russian gas from Nord Stream 1 to Germany and the Czech Republic, bypassing Ukraine. (PA) EU Energy Policy

Legal challenge marks setback for OPAL

The European Court of Justice’s temporary suspension of a decision allowing increased flows via OPAL has brought Gazprom’s future use of the pipeline into question.

9 January 2017
EU Energy Policy

OPAL shipments increase despite Polish lawsuit

Volumes shipped to Europe from Russia through the OPAL pipeline spiralled over the holiday period despite the best efforts of Poland’s PGNiG to obstruct them.

3 January 2017
A German solar plant. The country has installed roughly 600% more solar capacity than Spain. (E.On) EU Energy Policy

The long road to an energy-only market

Creating an energy-only market across the EU with minimal subsidies seems a long way off, says Annika Hedberg of the European Policy Centre.

3 January 2017
EU Energy Policy

EC opens call for third list of PCI projects

The European Commission has opened a call for gas and electricity projects to be shortlisted on the third list of Projects of Common Interest.

22 December 2016
A German oil and gas facility. The EU has sent a warning to the country over energy regulation. (Wintershall) EU Energy Policy

Energy regulators not independent enough – CEER

Europe’s national energy regulators lack independence because of interference from their respective governments, a new CEER report says.

22 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

EC says fracking guidelines not satisfactorily applied

EU recommendations on fracking shale gas have not been applied satisfactorily across all EU member states, the European Commission has said.

21 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Europe provides €92 million for Romania-Moldova pipeline

The EU, EBRD and EIB will provide €92 million to finance a gas pipeline from Romania to Chisinau in Moldova.

20 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs German auction scheme for renewables

The European Commission has found changes to support for renewable energy in Germany to be in line with EU state aid rules.

20 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Brussels clears Network Reserve for German power

The European Commission has approved a German support scheme aimed at ensuring electricity capacity in the south of the country.

20 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Efficiency could cut Ukraine’s import dependence – Šefcovic

Improving energy efficiency in Ukraine would reduce the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, Maroš Šefcovic, the European Commission’s vice president for Energy Union, has said.

20 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

EU approves changes to Romanian renewables support

The European Commission has found amendments to Romania’s ‘green certificate’ system for supporting renewable energy to be in line with EU state aid rules.

19 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs UK support for Drax biomass conversion

The European Commission has ruled that UK support for converting a unit of the Drax power station from coal to biomass complies with EU state aid rules.

19 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

Polish government supports PGNiG in OPAL case

PGNiG has gained the support of the Polish government in challenging the European Commission’s decision to allow Gazprom to increase gas exports via the OPAL pipeline.

19 December 2016
EU Energy Policy

EU extends sanctions against Russia

The EU has prolonged economic sanctions against Russia for another six months until 31 July 2017, the Council of the EU has confirmed.

19 December 2016

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