Nord Stream 2 pipes arriving in Kotka, Finland. (Nord Stream 2, Axel Schmidt) EU Energy Policy

Nord Stream 2 backers shun Russia-EU legal deal

The developers of Nord Stream 2 do not share the European Commission’s view that a separate legal framework is needed for Russian infrastructure.

By Andreas Walstad 23 May 2017
EU Energy Policy

ACER says ENTSOG must improve cost benefit analysis

ENTSOG’s draft gas infrastructure plan for 2017 must improve on its cost benefit analysis, ACER says.

22 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

EU Council adopts IGA transparency rules

Europe’s rules on transparency for IGAs on oil and gas are set to come into force this year after the Council of the EU adopted the rules on Tuesday.

21 March 2017
Construction of the OPAL pipeline. The European Commission recently allowed Gazprom to increase its flows on the line. (Wingas) EU Energy Policy

Gazprom switches strategy to settle antitrust case

Gazprom’s proposed remedies to settle the EU’s antitrust case signal the Russian company is changing to a strategy based on volume, not price.

20 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

Brussels approves compensation plan for Belgian nuclear plants

The European Commission has approved Belgium’s plans to for potential financial risks linked to the long-term operation of three nuclear reactors.

17 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

European Parliament rejects total ban on Arctic drilling

MEPs in the European Parliament voted on Thursday against a total ban on oil and gas extraction in the Arctic in a symbolic move.

17 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

Šefcovic heads to Spain on Energy Union tour

The EU’s Maroš Šefcovic and Miguel Arias Cañete visited Spain on Thursday to discuss developments related to the Energy Union.

16 March 2017
EMIR is one of several financial regulations drawn up in response to the financial crisis. (European Commission) EU Energy Policy

Energy industry holds breath ahead of EMIR review

Firms hope the review of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation will leave the hedging exemption for mandatory clearing untouched.

16 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

Gas-fired power leaps up 50% in Germany in 2016

Gas-fired power plants in Germany generated 45.2 TWh of electricity in 2016, up by 50% on the previous year.

15 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

EU share of renewables clears 17%

The share of renewables in the final energy consumption of EU countries rose slightly in 2015 from a year earlier, to almost 17%.

14 March 2017
European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager has said she is happy with Gazprom’s pledges. (EC) EU Energy Policy

Gazprom antitrust probe drawing to a close

Energy relations between the EU and Russia may thaw in the near future as the end of a five-year investigation into Gazprom is in sight.

14 March 2017
The Langage power station. Renewables are making CCGTs less popular in the UK. (Centrica) EU Energy Policy

UK capacity market in urgent need of reform

The UK’s capacity auction mechanism is putting the country at risk of having a capacity gap in 2025. CCGT seems the best solution to the problem.

14 March 2017
PGNiG’s underground gas storage facility in Kosakowo, northern Poland. (PGNiG) EU Energy Policy

Polish storage obligation unsettles market players

Market players in Poland are trying to come to terms with a new storage obligation that will apply from October.

9 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

EC OKs investment in construction of Hungarian nuclear reactors

The European Commission has approved financial support for the construction of two new reactors at Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant.

6 March 2017
Polish MEP Zdzislaw Krasnodebski, rapporteur of the new IGA regulations. (EP) EU Energy Policy

IGA transparency law nears completion

EU laws to enhance the transparency of intergovernmental agreements in energy have taken a leap forwards following last week’s key vote.

6 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

Naftogaz applies for right to intervene in OPAL case

Naftogaz Ukrainy has applied for the right to intervene in the case against the European Commission’s decision to allow Gazprom to increase gas flows via the OPAL pipeline.

2 March 2017
EU Energy Policy

European Parliament backs new rules on IGA transparency

MEPs in the European Parliament voted on Thursday in favour of more transparency in energy-related intergovernmental agreements with countries outside the EU.

2 March 2017
HGV refuelling in Italy. By 2023 France could have 25,000 heavy-duty vehicles running on gas. (Blue Corridors) EU Energy Policy

France prepares for NGV sector boom

Three of France’s four LNG terminals are planning to develop bunkering facilities, and several companies have plans to build LNG and CNG filling stations across the country.

2 March 2017
EU Commissioner for Climate and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete at the summit on Tuesday. (EU) EU Energy Policy

EU ministers back key reforms to ETS

Efforts to reform the EU’s Emissions Trading System have made progress, with European environment ministers backing key reforms to address the surplus of allowances.

1 March 2017
Mongstad CCS plant, Norway. Companies and states are reluctant to invest in the technology. (TCM) EU Energy Policy

CCS platitudes fail to carry weight

Companies can agree that developing CCS is vital to gas’s future in the energy mix, but they are struggling to decide where the responsibility for its development lies.

28 February 2017
Orense wind farm. Significant investment is needed in the European renewable power sector (Iberdrola) EU Energy Policy

Europe’s power sector needs huge investment boost

The European power sector will need heavy investment if it is to reach EU energy and climate targets, a study commissioned by the European Parliament has found.

28 February 2017

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