a CCGT power plant in Spain. EU Energy Policy

Surge in EUA prices is good news for gas

The recent bull-run in carbon prices has restored confidence in the EU ETS and may help gas win further market share over coal in power generation.

By Andreas Walstad 15 February 2018
Nord Stream 2 pipe segments in Finland. EU Energy Policy

MEPs challenge extension of EU gas laws

MEPs have voiced their disquiet over the proposed extension of the EU Gas Directive to pipelines from third countries.

19 January 2018
MEPS at a press conference EU Energy Policy

European Parliament backs tougher climate targets

MEPs have backed more ambitious energy and climate targets but will need support from EU countries if they are to be adopted.

18 January 2018
The Patnow coal power plant EU Energy Policy

EU CO2 plans could lift gas-for-power demand

Critics say the EU’s proposal will threaten security of power supplies, undermine the ETS and require more gas-import infrastructure to be built.

15 January 2018
The GreenStream receiving terminal in Sicily. EU Energy Policy

Gas industry warns against extending EU market rules

Brussels’ attempt to extend its legal framework to cover pipelines from third countries is facing opposition from the gas industry.

12 January 2018
Datteln coal plant. EU Energy Policy

EU presses on with coal plant subsidy phase-out

The EU wants to prevent coal-fired power plants from receiving capacity payments, but the new rules will not affect existing plants anytime soon.

8 January 2018
EU Energy Policy

Brussels OKs Greek renewables support scheme

The European Commission has found that a Greek auction scheme for renewable electricity production is in line with EU state aid rules.

5 January 2018
Wildervank station, Groningen gas field, Netherlands. EU Energy Policy

Netherlands shifts further away from gas

The Dutch government dealt a blow to the gas industry with plans to phase out gas for heating and support CCS for industry rather than energy producers.

3 January 2018
Pipe stringing for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline in Greece. EU Energy Policy

Europe losing the battle against Russian dependence

Despite the EU’s efforts to diversify its sources of supplies, 2017 saw Russia increase its share of Europe’s gas import mix.

22 December 2017
A woman wearing a breathing mask at an air quality protest in Brussels. EU Energy Policy

EU adopts key reforms, but plenty of work remains

The EU institutions managed to press through key reforms to European energy markets in 2017, but much work remains to be done to fulfil the vision of an Energy Union.

21 December 2017
An E.On gas-fired power station in Germany. EU Energy Policy

German gas import dependence expected to grow

Germany’s dependence on gas imports is growing as the share of domestic production and coal in the country’s energy mix shrinks.

20 December 2017
A gas-fired power plant in Ireland. EU Energy Policy

Brexit progress is good news for Ireland’s power market

The reformed single electricity market between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland may benefit from the UK’s pledge to avoid a hard border.

18 December 2017
Cabling for the BritNed interconnector. EU Energy Policy

EC priority list confirms switch from gas to power

The European Commission’s new priority list for energy projects confirms a gradual switch from gas to power and has also found room for carbon capture.

14 December 2017
solar panels in germany EU Energy Policy

EU Council meeting to address energy governance

Energy ministers from the 28 EU member states are meeting in Brussels next week with the aim of agreeing on centralised governance of energy and climate targets.

12 December 2017
Gas is a modest emitter compared with agriculture. EU Energy Policy

How clean is gas? Time for action on methane

The gas industry is under increasing pressure to reduce methane emissions, and now is the time to take action.

8 December 2017
An ITRE roundtable on energy efficiency, March 2017. EU Energy Policy

MEPs back stricter monitoring of energy governance

The European Parliament hopes EU countries will raise their ambitions for renewables and energy efficiency targets.

7 December 2017
EU Energy Policy

Europe continues to close thermal capacity – ENTSO-E

The decommissioning of Europe’s thermal power plants throughout 2017 has been only partly offset by new and inflexible renewable generation.

6 December 2017
staudinger coal power plant, germany EU Energy Policy

EU’s green policies fail to phase out coal

The share of coal in the EU’s electricity mix has declined only slightly over the past 15 years despite efforts to decarbonise, research shows.

5 December 2017
An ERG Renew wind farm in Italy. EU Energy Policy

Italy cannot delay in move to low-carbon economy

Italy’s recently set renewables target could see the country lagging behind the rest of the EU in its low-carbon transition.

1 December 2017
A factory producing pipelines for Nord Stream 2 EU Energy Policy

Nord Stream debate shifts focus to legal framework

The debate about Nord Stream 2 appears to have shifted from whether the pipeline should be built to how it should be operated.

30 November 2017
EU Energy Policy

UK power prices to drop in line with gas – Moody’s

UK wholesale power prices are expected to drop in line with lower gas prices, higher imports and reduced electricity demand, Moody's says.

29 November 2017

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