Gas Natural Fenosa was granted a €600 million loan under EFSI to expand its gas networks. (Gas Natural Fenosa) Investment & Finance

EU energy sector eyes more funding under EFSI 2

The extension of the EU’s European Fund for Strategic Investment is good news for energy-related projects that rely on cheap financing to get started.

An HVDC cable being installed. Brexit could make new interconnector projects uncertain. (BritNed) Market Legislation

Energy sector hopes for soft landing after Brexit

The European energy industry is trying to get to grips with what Brexit will mean for energy and climate policy.

Energy industry is EU’s highest CO2 emitter

The Energy industry is responsible for 30% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the highest-emitting sector.

23 September 2016 8:21 GMT

Renewables close in on oil and gas in power sector

Power generation costs for renewables are lower on average than those for fossil fuels, and clean energy plants will become even more cost-competitive by 2020.

21 September 2016 9:51 GMT

EC investigates Luxembourg’s tax treatment of GDF Suez

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into Luxembourg’s tax treatment of the GDF Suez group, now known as Engie, over concerns that it may breach state aid rules.

20 September 2016 14:33 GMT

Brussels approves Centrica's acquisition of NEAS

The European Commission has approved UK utility Centrica's acquisition of Danish service provider NEAS Energy, it said on Tuesday.

20 September 2016 14:24 GMT

Dutch Council of Ministers approves COP21 agreement

The Council of Ministers of the Netherlands has approved the COP21 Paris climate agreement.

19 September 2016 13:44 GMT

Dusseldorf ordered to reduce NOx emissions

A German court in Dusseldorf has ordered the state authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia to reduce excessive nitrogen dioxide emissions in inner cities.

19 September 2016 13:43 GMT

Falling costs cut global energy investment

Global energy investment dropped by 8% in 2015, to $1.8 trillion, according to the latest IEA report on energy investments.

16 September 2016 10:47 GMT
The potential routes of Turkish Stream and the now-cancelled South Stream.

Turkish Stream may up Turkey’s exposure to Russia

A revival of the Turkish Stream project may increase Turkey’s dependence on Russian gas, something that should concern the EU, says the European Policy Centre’s Marco Giuli.

15 September 2016 8:55 GMT

EC presses ahead with gas projects in SE Europe

The European Commission is pressing ahead with initiatives to better connect gas markets in Central and Southeastern Europe.

14 September 2016 8:21 GMT

Brussels grants €9.2 mln for gas infrastructure in Poland

The European Commission has awarded a grant of €9.2 million to help finance gas infrastructure that will increase the transmission capacity between Poland and Germany.

12 September 2016 13:18 GMT
A Tesla electric vehicle on show in China. The EU meets about 94% of its transport needs with oil products. (Tesla)

The long road to electrification of EU transport

Electrification of transport could play a major role for the EU in reaching its climate goals and reducing fuel imports, but the sector will have to overcome technological barriers.

12 September 2016 11:17 GMT
Former Croatian PM Tihomir Oreškovic said negotiations for the LNG terminal would conclude in September. (PA)

New Croatian government to decide on LNG terminal

Croatians will go to the polls on Sunday to vote for a new government that will decide the future of the country’s planned LNG terminal on the island of Krk.

9 September 2016 9:37 GMT

High energy prices hamper EU’s exporters – Šefcovic

Higher energy prices in Europe compared with the US and Russia put European exporters of manufactured goods at a competitive disadvantage, says the European Commission’s VP for Energy Union.

8 September 2016 14:30 GMT
IGAs signed for South Stream were found to be against EU law. (Gazprom)

EU countries mount objections to IGA transparency

A legislative proposal that would allow the European Commission to see IGAs before they are signed is facing strong opposition from some member states.

8 September 2016 9:44 GMT
Delivery points for auctioned Gazprom gas.

Gazprom auction 'embarrasses' EC – Stern

The results of Gazprom’s third gas auction for European customers have placed the European Commission under further pressure to justify its OPAL capacity cap.

6 September 2016 12:10 GMT
A North Sea rig. The level of methane emissions from gas infrastructure is debatable. (BP plc)

Brussels may propose methane laws beyond 2017

Brussels has not given up on the idea of passing EU-wide legislation to reduce emissions from methane, but new proposals are not expected until after 2017.

1 September 2016 9:34 GMT
Fessenheim nuclear power plant. France is looking to reduce the amount of nuclear in its generation mix. (EDF)

France presses ahead with renewables ambition

France is aiming to boost renewables in its power sector, which could increase the share of gas-fired power over nuclear.

30 August 2016 10:30 GMT

EC approves renewables support in Malta and Luxembourg

The European Commission has found that plans by Luxembourg and Malta to support power generation from renewable sources are in line with EU state aid rules, it said on Friday.

26 August 2016 12:22 GMT
Uniper’s Datteln 4 coal-fired power plant in Germany. (Uniper)

The path ahead for Europe’s power sector

Redesigning the policy framework for the European electricity market is a thankless job, but somebody has to do it.

26 August 2016 11:08 GMT
Rescuers at work in the Italian town of Amatrice after Wednesday’s earthquake. (PA)

Earthquake tests Italian power infrastructure

This week’s earthquake in Italy has highlighted the European Commission’s efforts to shore up security of supply across the EU.

25 August 2016 10:32 GMT

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