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Investment & Finance

EIB offers €100 mln support to Germany-Norway power link

The EIB has signed a €100 million financing agreement with Dutch-owned TSO TenneT

14 August 2018
Competition Law

EC approves inclusion of CHP plant in Polish power certificate scheme

The European Commission has approved the inclusion of a new CHP plant in a Polish scheme to support high-efficiency cogeneration.

13 August 2018
A Vattenfall coal-fired power plant in Germany Environmental Policy

Higher fuel and carbon prices helping ‘green’ utilities

European utilities with high exposure to renewables and nuclear are gaining from the rise in power, gas and carbon prices.

13 August 2018
A field of wells in Romania Market Legislation

Domestic priorities trump export hopes in SE Europe

A proposed law on offshore production in Romania is the latest example of how countries in Southeast Europe self-sabotage their desire to become regional hubs.

10 August 2018
Fessenheim nuclear plant, France Country Profiles

France’s renewables plans may leave more room for gas

France’s nuclear phase-out may not be as ambitious as first planned, but the coming renewables boom and decline of coal could increase the operating hours of flexible CCGTs.

10 August 2018
Environmental Policy

Flexible gas could profit from German price spikes

Germany's shift to renewables could offer coal and gas a chance to profit in the near term.

8 August 2018
Market Legislation

Some EU nations lagging on gas balancing rules – ACER

Some EU member states need to take further steps to meet the deadline for implementation of the Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission Networks.

6 August 2018
The European Court of Justice building in Luxembourg Investment & Finance

Energy Charter Treaty faces test after court ruling

The European Commission has increased pressure on EU member states to terminate bilateral investment treaties, which could lead to weaker investor protection under the Energy Charter Treaty.

6 August 2018
Energy Security

Brussels OKs Greek capacity market

The European Commission has ruled that Greece’s planned market to remunerate flexible electricity generation capacity is in line with EU state aid rules

30 July 2018
Gas deliveries to the LNG terminal at Świnoujście, Poland Market Legislation

Brussels continues mission to boost US LNG imports

Brussels is laying the groundwork to offer more funding to LNG import projects – mainly for sourcing supplies from the United States.

30 July 2018
The Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany. Energy Security

Heatwave power price surge raises supply questions

The ongoing heatwave in Europe is a reminder that supply shortages can happen during summer and that flexible generation is needed as a back-up.

26 July 2018
Energy Security

Qatar holds on as EU’s main LNG supplier

Qatar remains the largest supplier of LNG to European countries, but other suppliers hold larger shares in some markets.

25 July 2018
A gas-fired power station in the UK. Environmental Policy

Rise in EU carbon prices fuels optimism in gas sector

The gas industry is holding its breath as prices for carbon allowances continue to rise towards fuel switching levels.

23 July 2018
Market Legislation

EU takes Germany and Hungary to court over TEP rules

The European Commission has referred Germany and Hungary to the EU Court of Justice for failing to comply with rules under the Third Energy Package.

20 July 2018
Investment & Finance

EU-backed PCI projects facing delays

The commissioning dates for almost half of PCI projects in the gas and power sectors have been delayed by one or two years.

18 July 2018
Rick Perry and Maros Sefcovic at the EU-US Energy Council meeting. Energy Security

EU optimism on US LNG seems a long shot for now

Brussels is hopeful US LNG will play a key role in strengthening Europe’s security of supply, but there are few signs yet the US will gain a significant market share in the region.

17 July 2018
Investment & Finance

EU allocates €48.4 mln to energy projects

The EU is supporting key energy infrastructure projects by providing $57.3 million of funding

17 July 2018
The Poolbeg gas-fired power plant in Dublin Environmental Policy

Ireland makes anti-fossil fuel moves but gas still in play

Ireland’s plans to turn away from fossil fuels have left hope for gas, highlighting the power of effective advocacy.

13 July 2018
Foreign Affairs

EU prolongs sanctions against Russian energy sector

The EU has prolonged sanctions against Russia for a further six months.

6 July 2018
Poland's Patnow coal-fired power plant Environmental Policy

Polish coal plant outlook hinges on capacity payments

National capacity payments could be the only way for Poland’s utilities to keep their coal-fired power plants in profit.

3 July 2018

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