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The Tangshan LNG terminal in China. Pipelines, Storage & Power

CNPC to dig deep in search for more gas storage capacity

Ease of access and economics explain why China’s biggest gas supplier appears to be more interested in underground facilities than LNG terminal tanks for meeting its storage needs.

21 January 2019
The Beihai LNG terminal. Supply & Demand

China’s slowing economy to drag on gas demand growth

After two years of stellar growth, China’s gas demand looks set to expand at a slower rate in 2019 in line with a stuttering economy.

17 January 2019
The Ningbo LNG terminal LNG

CNOOC primes Binhai terminal for peak-shaving

CNOOC's first regasification facility in Jiangsu will give the company a bigger presence in one of China's largest gas markets.

17 January 2019

LNG sales at Tianjin terminal hit record high

The CNOOC terminal sent out an average of 513 truckloads of LNG per day last week, marking a record high.

17 January 2019

Chinese wholesale LNG price hits 11-month high

Wholesalers raised their prices by 2.93% last week compared with the previous week, to an average of $15.95/MMBtu.

16 January 2019

Asian spot LNG prices fall for third week in a row

Prices dropped by 2.68% last week compared with the previous week, ending the period at an average of $8.42/MMBtu.

15 January 2019
A storage tank at Ningbo LNG terminal. LNG

China weathers winter demand season with no shortages in sight

China's gas supply and demand have been in balance so far this winter, reflecting extensive preparations by government and industry to avoid another season of shortages.

14 January 2019

CNOOC Tianjin terminal sells 390 LNG tankers per day in December

The terminal sold the most truckloads of LNG of all China's terminals again in December, with Ningbo and Beihai coming in second and third.

10 January 2019

Chinese ex-works LNG prices up 20% in December

The average ex-plant price for Chinese LNG hit RMB 5,404/t last month, its highest level since January 2018.

9 January 2019
A Chinese CBM well. Exploration & Production

Size matters for Shanxi in China’s second CBM auction

More stringent qualification requirements for the latest licensing round suggest Chinese officials want to attract bigger companies with more financial clout.

8 January 2019

High inventories push down Asian LNG prices

High inventories at terminals last month limited the ability of Asian LNG buyers to absorb more imports

8 January 2019
CNOOC's Ningbo LNG terminal. LNG

China’s LNG imports set to end 2018 on a new high

The volume of LNG entering China looks to have climbed to a new monthly record in December as the government maintained its aggressive gasification drive.

7 January 2019

LNG plants in southwest China set to resume production

China's LNG output is forecast to average 28,253 tons per day this week as several plants are set to restart.

4 January 2019

Chinese wholesale LNG prices rise by 1.4%

The average ex-works price of LNG from Chinese wholesalers edged up to RMB 5,275/t last week.

3 January 2019
An LNG tanker at the Dapeng terminal in China LNG

Heating and transport boost China’s LNG demand

China consumed more LNG in 2018 than it did in 2017, helped by stronger demand from households and the transport sector.

2 January 2019

Asian spot LNG prices climb by 1.84%

Prices averaged $9.02/MMBtu at the end of last week compared with $10.86/MMBtu a year ago.

2 January 2019

PetroChina’s Rudong terminal to take 40 LNG cargoes in November-March

PetroChina will receive 40 LNG cargoes at its Rudong terminal in Jiangsu province between November 2018 and March 2019.

21 December 2018
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Three Central Asia-China Pipelines supply 46.9 bcm

The three Central Asia-China Pipelines had supplied 46.9 billion cubic metres of gas this year as of 20 December.

21 December 2018
Exploration & Production

Tarim Oilfield supplying 65 MMcm/d to WEP 1

CNPC's Tarim Oilfield unit in Xinjiang is supplying 65 MMcm/d of gas to the first West-East Pipeline.

21 December 2018
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Shaanxi-Beijing pipelines supply record volume

The four Shaanxi-Beijing pipelines supplied a record 206 MMcm of gas on 8 December.

21 December 2018

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