A tanker at Gorgon LNG. Plants in Australia are considering using batteries as back-up power. (Chevron) LNG

LNG plants look to batteries to save valuable gas

Battery storage systems may be a way for Australia’s LNG plants to provide back-up power and free up more gas for liquefaction, experts say.

By Sally Bogle 4 May 2017

Ichthys LNG on track for Q3 startup

The Inpex-led Ichthys LNG project is on schedule to start up in Q3 2017, a senior manager at the company has said.

10 February 2017

Australia could rake in $1.5 bln per year via tax on LNG

Australia’s federal government could reap $1.5 billion per year in tax revenue if the country’s new LNG projects are included in a 10% commonwealth royalty proposed by the Tax Justice Network.

10 February 2017

AGL Energy planning LNG terminal in southeast Australia

Australian power and gas retailer AGL Energy plans to build an LNG terminal in southeastern Australia to help alleviate the gas supply shortage in the region.

9 February 2017
A gas well in the Cooper Basin. Eastern Australia is suffering a supply crunch. (Beach Energy) Policy & Regulation

Queensland pilots gas reservation as LNG ramps up

Reserving gas acreage for domestic consumption may be the only way to solve the supply crunch in eastern Australia’s gas market.

9 February 2017
Exploration & Production

Woodside borrows robot from NASA

Woodside has borrowed a humanoid robot from NASA to explore how the technology could be used to improve safety, reliability and efficiency in high-risk and remote environments.

3 February 2017
Gas for Transport

Woodside plans truck-loading operations from Pluto

Woodside Petroleum is planning to start truck-loading LNG from its Pluto plant for delivery to remote mining operations and power plants and to use as vehicle fuel.

3 February 2017
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Australia may be target for Shell’s New Energies Unit

Shell has identified Australia as one of three countries where it will investigate pairing renewable sources with gas-fired generation to provide a secure power supply.

3 February 2017
The launch of the Prelude FLNG vessel’s hull in South Korea. (Shell) LNG

Shell playing long game with Prelude FLNG

Shell made no mention of Prelude at its Q4 results presentation, but analysts say the FLNG project is a long-term play.

3 February 2017

Chevron ramps up production at Gorgon LNG

Chevron is ramping up production from the Gorgon LNG plant offshore Western Australia.

30 January 2017
Exploration & Production

Origin Energy facing gas leak allegations

Australia’s Origin Energy is facing claims that the company ignored gas leaks at an offshore well and possible leaks at its CBM operations.

27 January 2017

New Australian LNG may be later rather than sooner

Three of Australia’s new LNG projects look set to start up in 2018 rather than 2017.

27 January 2017
A Woodside platform on the North West Shelf. The company is reviving mothballed projects nearby. (Woodside) Exploration & Production

Woodside revives Browse and Scarborough prospects

An optimistic Woodside is restarting work on its Browse and Scarborough projects to target an upswing in LNG demand before 2025.

26 January 2017
Policy & Regulation

Australian gas lobby calls for subisidies for low-emission sources

Australia’s gas lobby has argued that the Renewable Energy Target and other green subsidy schemes should be extended to include all low-emission fossil fuel technologies.

25 January 2017
Policy & Regulation

Queensland to trial domestic gas reservation scheme

The Queensland state government plans to isolate a part of the Surat Basin for a domestic gas reservation trial to combat high cost.

25 January 2017
Work on the Wheatstone LNG site. Over 100 mtpa of new LNG capacity is due online by 2020. (Chevron) LNG

Challenging year ahead for Aussie LNG exporters

Australian LNG exporters will have to reduce costs and deal with the changing demands of buyers to stay afloat in a challenging market.

23 January 2017
Exploration & Production

Woodside expects to start work on Scarborough in 2017

Australia’s Woodside expects to begin FEED work on the Scarborough project in 2017 and is targeting an FID in 2020.

20 January 2017

Gorgon LNG outages push up prices for Asian cargoes

Outages at Australia’s Gorgon LNG plant have caused spot prices for cargoes delivered to Asia to spike at $9.75/MMBtu.

18 January 2017
Exploration & Production

MH370 search mapping could reveal oil and gas fields

Mapping of the sea floor in search of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 could reveal the location of oil and gas fields.

17 January 2017
Supply & Demand

Australia lifts export estimates for 2016-2017 to 52.4 mt

Australia will export 52.4 mt of LNG in the 2016-2017 fiscal year and 67.3 mt in 2017-2018 as a result of increased shipments to Japan, South Korea and China.

11 January 2017

Train 1 restarts at Gorgon LNG

The first train at Chevron’s Gorgon LNG plant restarted this week after work was halted in late November to assess and address some performance issues.

4 January 2017

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