A tanker at Gorgon LNG. Plants in Australia are considering using batteries as back-up power. (Chevron) LNG

LNG plants look to batteries to save valuable gas

Battery storage systems may be a way for Australia’s LNG plants to provide back-up power and free up more gas for liquefaction, experts say.

By Sally Bogle 4 May 2017

Gorgon’s third LNG train starts production

Chevron Australia has announced the start of production from its third and final train at the Gorgon LNG project on Australia’s Barrow Island.

29 March 2017
Supply & Demand

Eastern Australia gas crisis a ‘shadow’ over industry – Coleman

Eastern Australia’s gas crisis will get worse before it gets better, according to the chief executive of Perth-based Woodside Petroleum, Peter Coleman.

27 March 2017
Santos’s Gladstone LNG is one of the facilities under pressure from the Aussie government to cut exports. (Santos) Exploration & Production

Queensland LNG under pressure to cut exports

Australia's federal government is putting pressure on Queensland’s LNG producers to cut back on exports to ensure there is enough gas for domestic needs.

24 March 2017
Exploration & Production

Shell plans to drill new wells in Queensland

Shell plans to drill 161 new wells in the Australian state of Queensland by the end of 2018 to continue supplying 10% of the country’s domestic market, the company has said.

21 March 2017
Exploration & Production

Jobs under threat if Santos’s Narrabri CBM project is stopped

Adelaide-based Santos has said there could be job losses and closures if its $3.6 billion Narrabri CBM project in Australia’s Pilliga state forest does not go ahead.

20 March 2017
Policy & Regulation

Top producers agree to increase gas to Australia’s domestic market

Top gas producers including ExxonMobil and Shell have agreed to increase supplies to Australia's domestic market to help avert future gas shortages.

15 March 2017
Exploration & Production

ACCC chairman calls for more domestic gas in eastern Australia

Australia needs to reserve more gas for its eastern market, the chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said.

14 March 2017
The Gladstone LNG plant. The Fisherman’s Landing project could feed into nearby plants. (Santos) LNG

Queensland’s fourth LNG project still on the table

LNG Limited is keeping its options open for the Fisherman’s Landing project in Queensland – a potential winner if Asian LNG demand recovers.

13 March 2017
Supply & Demand

Australia facing high energy prices and shortages – utility chief

There is no quick fix for the energy shortages being faced by Australia’s eastern and southern states, the chief executive of EnergyAustralia has said.

9 March 2017

Australian LNG projects hit by legal tussles

A number of Australia’s LNG export projects are caught up in legal battles as owners and contractors try to pin the blame on each other for delays and cost overruns.

7 March 2017
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Unreliable gas supply stymieing AGL’s Aussie power plans

An unreliable gas supply is the reason behind the energy shortfalls in Australia’s eastern states, according to senior executives at AGL Energy.

7 March 2017

Inpex signs deal with Aussie union

Japan’s Inpex has signed a works contract with the Maritime Union of Australia, according to Offshore Technology.

7 March 2017
Global Markets

Gas prices up pressure for domestic gas reservation in Australia

High gas prices in Australia are increasing pressure on the government to introduce a gas reservation policy.

6 March 2017
Supply & Demand

Australian union demands more gas for domestic users

The Australian Workers Union has launched a campaign calling for more gas to be delivered to the domestic market to relieve shortages and lower prices for end-users.

3 March 2017

Woodside signs LNG agreement with GE for Western Australia

Woodside Energy and GE have signed an agreement to provide consumers in Western Australia with access to LNG fuel supplies and power generation solutions.

28 February 2017

Chevron suspends Train 2 production at Gorgon LNG

Chevron has temporarily suspended production from Train 2 at its Gorgon LNG project in Australia.

24 February 2017
The Pluto LNG plant. Woodside Petroleum is consdiering supplying the plant from small offshore assets. (Woodside) Exploration & Production

Woodside opts for smaller field approach for Pluto

Woodside is looking to keep development costs down in Western Australia by tapping smaller assets to supply its LNG plants.

24 February 2017
Gas for Transport

Woodside trials LNG as a transport fuel

Australia’s Woodside Petroleum is looking to sell LNG as a bunker and transport fuel.

22 February 2017
The Gladstone LNG plant in Queensland. Australian gas producers are targeting the region’s plants. (Santos) LNG

AGL targeting Australia’s first LNG imports by 2021

Australia’s supply shortages mean the country could soon start importing LNG as well as exporting it, with AGL planning the country’s first terminal.

20 February 2017
Exploration & Production

Australian gas production to double in three years

Australia expects annual gas production to almost double over the next three years as it works to support its new LNG export projects.

13 February 2017

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