Asian LNG prices top $6/MMBtu ahead of winter

Spot LNG prices in Asia were supported last week by stockpiling in preparation for winter
By Tang Tian 12 September 2017

Spot LNG prices in Asia breached $6/MMBtu last week for the first time since March, buoyed by stockpiling ahead of winter. Prices in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan averaged $6.01/MMBtu on 8 September, up from $5.58/MMBtu a year ago.

CIF price of LNG in major Asian countries and regions ($/MMBtu)

Date Japan South Korea China Taiwan
1 Sep 5.86 6.03 6.04 5.94
4 Sep 5.86 6.03 6.04 5.94
5 Sep 5.90 6.10 6.09 5.95
6 Sep 5.90 6.10 6.09 5.95
7 Sep 5.90 6.10 6.09 5.95
8 Sep 5.90 6.10 6.09 5.95
Source: Sublime China Information

Purchasing prices of trucked LNG in Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi and Liaoning rose by an average of 2.36% last week...

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