Pipeline sales increase on SHPGX in June

Pipeline gas transactions rose to 2.62 bcm on China's SHPGX in June, while LNG trades fell to 54,780 tons
By Tang Tian 5 July 2017

Growing power sector demand led 17 LNG plants to raise asking prices by an average of 3.79% month on month in June, but this was offset by 22 plants cutting prices by an average of 3.19%.

Ex-works prices of LNG in selected areas, (RMB/t)

Province and region June
Lowest Highest
Inner Mongolia 2,600 3,000
Tianjin, Hebei 2,950 3,040
Henan 3,030 3,210
Shanxi 2,800 3,100
Shandong 3,220 3,250
Anhui 3,150 3,300
Jiangsu 3,000 3,220
Chongqing 3,100
Sichuan 2,980 3,400
Yunnan, Guizhou 3,200
Shaanxi 2,830 3,000
Ningxia 2,750 2,820
Xinjiang 2,050 2,700
Jilin 3,200 3,600

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