UK gets set for green gas grid pilot

Injecting hydrogen into the UK gas grid could cut carbon emissions by millions of tons, National Grid Manager Andy Lewis tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily
By Chris Noon 31 January 2017
Drilling to inspect gas pipes in the UK. A hydrogen blend could save 6 mtpa in carbon emissions. (National Grid)

A pilot project that aims to show the UK’s gas grid can be decarbonised by injecting hydrogen into the network will start in April, project partners confirmed to Interfax Natural Gas Daily last week. 

The three-year, National Grid-led HyDeploy project, which has been awarded £6.8 million ($8.5 million) in funding by UK energy regulator Ofgem, will use the gas network of Keele University in Staffordshire. 

Introducing a hydrogen blend into the UK gas network could save more than 6 mtpa of carbon emissions,

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