LNG tankers at the Jingbian Xingyuan LNG plant in Shaanxi. Alternative Fuels

Supply cuts sideline Chinese LNG as demand booms

Booming winter demand for gas is passing by China’s small-scale LNG producers, as they have been largely sidelined by feedstock supply cuts.

By Tang Tian 10 January 2018
Alternative Fuels

2014 in pictures

A look at the most interesting stories that shaped 2014.

15 December 2014
Alternative Fuels

China’s clean coal hopes may affect gas outlook

China’s coal industry is looking to turn greener with the help of new technologies, presenting a possible obstacle to greater use of gas.

23 October 2014
Alternative Fuels

India looks to Oz for uranium, rather than LNG

India and Australia are both keen to sign a uranium supply deal this week, as India looks to fill its thermal power shortage with more nuclear capacity.

4 September 2014
Alternative Fuels

Political risk dims outlook for coal

Pledges by the EU, the United States and China to commit to stricter emission reduction targets could have a dampening effect on future coal demand. However, the extent to which shale gas will replace coal in coal-consuming countries such as China remains to be seen.

20 August 2014
Alternative Fuels

Japan’s solar wave could herald new energy age

A surge of solar applications in Japan could mark the beginning of the end for the dominance of LNG in the country’s energy mix

11 July 2014
Alternative Fuels

Renewable capacity additions dominate in 2013

Renewable energy is closing in on established power sources, with more than half of new global capacity last year coming from solar, wind and other renewable sources.

8 July 2014

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