A Smatrics electric vehicle charging station in Austria. Hydrogen

BP dials up electric vehicle growth forecast

The latest edition of BP’s Energy Outlook paints a rosy picture for the future of EVs.

By Silvia Favasuli 21 February 2018
The Tesla Semi electric truck. Electric

Tesla’s electric truck poses a threat to LNG

The launch of Tesla’s electric truck, which has a range of 800 km, is a major cause for concern for LNG vehicles.

17 November 2017
A coalition of US cities and states have pledged their commitment to the Paris agreement. Coal

COP23: regional pledges outpace national ambitions

Regional governments in some countries have been increasingly active on climate change, outpacing national ambitions.

14 November 2017

US sees record drop in coal-related CO2 emissions in 2015

Carbon dioxide emissions linked to coal consumption fell by a record 231 mt in the United States in 2015, the EIA has said.

14 November 2017

Spain’s Iberdrola to shut down its coal-fired power plants

Spanish energy company Iberdrola said on Friday that it will shut down its coal-fired power plants.

14 November 2017

Global CO2 emissions return to growth

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are forecast to increase in 2017 for the first time in four years.

13 November 2017

France to postpone reduction of nuclear power in energy mix

The French Energy Minister has said it will be difficult to reduce the share of nuclear power in the country’s energy mix to 50% by 2025.

9 November 2017

China aims to restart stalled Myanmar hydro project

China is looking to complete the 6 GW Myitsone hydropower project on the Irrawaddy River near Kachin in Myanmar.

9 November 2017

Green groups mount opposition to Taiwan’s third LNG terminal

Taiwan’s third LNG terminal is facing opposition from environmental groups that claim the choice of location could damage rare algae reefs and coral.

9 November 2017

Chile power auction sets new record-low price for solar

A new record low price for solar power has been achieved in Chile’s latest electricity auction.

8 November 2017
Wind turbines in denmark Wind

Cost of energy reduction key to transition – Ørsted

Ørsted’s Jakob Bøss explains how the company formerly known as DONG has managed to make profits from abandoning oil and gas and turning to green energy.

6 November 2017

Carmakers launch European e-charging network

A joint venture invoving some of the largest carmakers in Europe will develop and implement a HPC network for electric vehicles across Europe.

3 November 2017
Germany's staudinger coal plant Coal

Pressure mounts on Germany to ditch coal

The host of the upcoming COP23 climate conference will have much to do to justify its green credentials.

3 November 2017

Gas is growing in importance in Greece

Gas increased its share of Greece's electricity mix to 28% in 2016 and produced 15% of the primary energy supply.

3 November 2017

China has enough gas to meet CTG switching demand – ministry

China’s gas supply is high enough to meet growing demand from coal-to-gas switching, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has said.

2 November 2017

Tianjin to switch 1.2 mln homes to gas and electricity by end-2018

The northern Chinese port city of Tianjin plans to switch 610,000 coal-burning households to gas and electricity by the end of the year.

2 November 2017

Antofagasta moves towards renewables for energy needs

Chilean mining giant Antofagasta is looking to renewables for its long-term energy requirements

30 October 2017
A hydrogen generating plant. Hydrogen

Power-to-gas developers seek state support

More and more gas companies are investing in power-to-gas pilots, but supporters say projects will be profitable only if they receive initial state support.

30 October 2017

US coal calls on government to save industry

The United States coal industry has asked President Donald Trump to "fix" the industry’s decline.

24 October 2017
First LNG delivered to Singapore’s LNG terminal. Solar

Singapore moves on solar but LNG to remain dominant

Singapore relies on gas to generate the bulk of its electricity, but solar energy could quickly ramp up as the country is looking to boost its use of renewables.

23 October 2017

Former FERC members oppose Perry’s fuel store proposal

Eight former FERC members have opposed Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s proposal for plants to store 90 days of fuel supplies on site for emergency use.

20 October 2017

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