Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany. Future investment in coal-fired power in the country is uncertain. (E.On) Alternative Fuels

Eurelectric’s coal pledge sparks controversy

A pledge by European power companies not to build new coal-fired plants after 2020 comes as a surprise, but its real impact seems hard to measure without further details.

By Andreas Walstad 6 April 2017
Protesters on top of a coal train bound for the UK’s Drax power station in 2008. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Leaving it in the ground is unrealistic

The debate over the proper balance between capitalism and climate is becoming increasingly polarised.

17 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Isles of Scilly to pilot integrated renewables project

The UK’s Scilly Isles are to host a smart energy project that aims to meet 40% of their power demand from renewable sources.

16 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Water supply disrupting Malawi power

Below-average water levels are affecting power generation in parts of southern Africa that rely on hydropower for electricity.

15 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Zimbabwe to negotiate new South Africa power deal

Zimbabwe is set to negotiate a new power import deal with neighbouring South Africa to compensate for a shortfall in hydroelectric power.

14 March 2017
The Langage power station. Renewables are making CCGTs less popular in the UK. (Centrica) Alternative Fuels

UK capacity market in urgent need of reform

The UK’s capacity auction mechanism is putting the country at risk of having a capacity gap in 2025. CCGT seems the best solution to the problem.

14 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

France passes law to boost self-consumption power systems

The French parliament has passed a new law that regulates the installation of self-consumption power systems.

10 March 2017
The Indonesian government hopes to encourage the use of renewables in remote provinces. (Flickr, Bart Speelman) Alternative Fuels

Gas could help solar shine in eastern Indonesia

New Indonesian energy price regulations will boost coal use but could offer gas an opportunity to support solar in the country’s east.

8 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Kyushu nearing restarts at Genkai nuclear reactors

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power could clear all the hurdles necessary to restart its second nuclear power plant this month

8 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Wind power surpasses coal in Oklahoma

Wind generation in the state of Oklahoma exceeded coal generation for the first time in 2016, but gas remained the major power source, the EIA says.

7 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

EC OKs investment in construction of Hungarian nuclear reactors

The European Commission has approved financial support for the construction of two new reactors at Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant.

6 March 2017
Solar panels in India. The cost of the technology is falling rapidly. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Falling solar costs leave gas in the balance in India

Gas could play a role as a balancing fuel in India as the cost of solar continues to fall, but technological progress could make it unnecessary.

1 March 2017
A ship engine fuelled by LNG. Analysts say the maritime sector is a major growth area for the fuel. (Rolls-Royce) Alternative Fuels

Renewables growth threatening fossil fuel demand

Analysts are becoming more bullish on the prospects for renewable energy, which could start to overtake fossil fuels sooner rather than later.

28 February 2017
Tesla’s Model S on show in China. Dubai has ordered 200 EVs from the company. (Tesla) Alternative Fuels

Tesla taxis show shape of Dubai’s EV ambitions

Dubai is looking to take the lead in electric vehicle use in the UAE, with 200 battery-powered taxis on order from Tesla and plans for a recharging network.

27 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Xingtai to speed up switch from coal to gas

China Gas Holdings signed an agreement on Tuesday with the government of the prefecture of Xingtai in Hebei province to accelerate coal-to-gas switching.

22 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Solar power project auction yields record low tariffs

A competitive auction for a 750 MW solar power project in India has yielded the lowest-ever tariff for the industry.

20 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Japanese utilities agree to redirect LNG cargoes

Japan’s regional electric utilities have won provisions to divert LNG cargoes in some of their long-term sales contracts if and when they restart their nuclear power plants.

17 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

French power output falls as gas share grows

Despite an increase in power generation from gas last year, France's total power production dipped by 2.8%.

17 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Taiwan targets 20% renewables by 2025

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has announced plans for renewables to provide up to 20% of the country’s power by 2025.

15 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Coal India considering big shift to other fuels

Coal India is contemplating a major diversification as it plans to produce oil and gas from its coal reserves.

15 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Hinkley Point C now well under way – EDF

The construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the UK has now been "fully launched" and "is making good progress", French energy provider EDF has said.

15 February 2017

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