Solar panels on a rooftop in Berlin, Germany. (Berliner Energieagentur) Alternative Fuels

Utilities must face new world of smart cities

As urban populations expand and technology steps in to make cities sustainable, the way we produce, distribute and consume energy will change radically.

By Silvia Favasuli 24 March 2017
Alternative Fuels

Zuma reiterates South Africa’s renewables commitment

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president, has reiterated the government’s plans to invest in renewable energy.

10 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Explosion at EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant

An explosion hit EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant in France on Thursday morning.

9 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Brussels launches €1 bln tender for transport infrastructure

The European Commission has launched a €1 billion tender to boost investment in infrastructure in a move to pave the way for cleaner transport

8 February 2017
A hydrogen-fuelled Toyota Mirai. Tokyo plans to rapidly expand the number of vehicles using fuel cells. (Toyota) Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen takes step forward, but faces barriers

Japan plans to ship liquid hydrogen from Australia, but may not provide it with the energy security and lower carbon emissions it is hoping for.

7 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Taipower to convert coal power plants to gas

Taiwan’s state power company, Taipower, is working on a project to transform coal-fired power plants into gas-fired plants.

6 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Nigerian government to distribute solar lighting systems

Nigeria’s government is planning to distribute 200 solar lighting systems as part of an initiative to increase access to electricity in rural areas.

2 February 2017
Solar installations in Berlin, Germany. The price of solar panels has fallen sharply since 2009. (Berliner Energieagentur) Alternative Fuels

Europe sees sharp decline in renewables investment

European investment in the renewables sector has more than halved since 2011, according to the European Commission’s second State of the Energy Union report.

2 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Rosatom to start building Hungary’s Paks 2 nuclear plant

Russia’s state nuclear company, Rosatom, expects to start building the Paks 2 nuclear power plant in Hungary in 2018 as planned.

1 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

Replacing Poland’s ageing coal plants

Replacing Poland’s ageing coal-fired power plants with modern versions could help the country to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, says the IEA.

1 February 2017
Alternative Fuels

US battery storage sparks up

The startup of three new battery storage plants in the United States will reduce the need for gas peaking facilities.

31 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Japan plans 45 new coal-fired power stations

The Japanese government is planning to build 45 new coal-fired power stations to diversify its supply away from LNG.

31 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Engie joins Indonesian geothermal power project

French utility Engie has joined a consortium with Japan’s Sumitomo Corp. and Indonesia’s PT Supreme Energy to develop a geothermal power project in Indonesia.

30 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Railway blockade may hit coal supply to Ukraine’s power plants

Protesters have barred empty coal wagons from operating on railways in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, threatening the energy security of the entire country.

27 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

IEA welcomes Poland’s nuclear plans

Poland’s new energy strategy will require significant investment to reduce the share of coal-fired power plants in the power mix and increase the share of low-carbon energy, the IEA has said.

25 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

FirstEnergy plans sale of four gas-fired power plants

Ohio-based FirstEnergy plans to sell its hydroelectric assets and four gas power plants in Pennsylvania for $925 million, the company said on Thursday.

20 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Japan’s nuclear authority approves Genkai reactor restarts

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has confirmed that the Genkai 2 and 4 reactors are compatible with the country’s new safety regulations

20 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Hubei planning to ditch coal and boost gas

The central Chinese province of Hubei plans to shut its coal mines within two years while adding 300 km of gas pipelines in 2017.

19 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

New York aiming to develop 2.4 GW of offshore wind power

The state of New York plans to develop up to 2.4 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, which could provide power for up to 1.25 million homes. s

16 January 2017
South Africa’s Koeberg nuclear power plant. The country’s nuclear ambitions have faced public opposition. (PA) Alternative Fuels

South African LNG facing more delays

Political conflict and confusion over South Africa’s LNG import timeline are causing delays and dissuading potential investors, analysts say.

13 January 2017
Alternative Fuels

Taiwan agrees plan to phase out nuclear power by 2025

Taiwan’s legislature passed amendments to the Electricity Act on Wednesday that will pave the way to end nuclear power generation in the country by 2025.

12 January 2017

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