A UK offshore wind farm. Solar

Russia-Ukraine spat may boost EU renewables drive

The gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine may help accelerate Europe’s renewable energy ambitions despite a recent decline in investment.

By Andreas Walstad 12 April 2018

South Korea to shut 10 coal power plants by 2025

South Korea plans to shut 10 of its ageing coal-fired power plants by 2025 to reduce pollution and meet its climate pledges.

6 July 2016

Ivory Coast turns from gas to coal in generation mix

Ivory Coast is looking to reduce the share of gas-fired power in its electricity mix from 80% to 32% by 2030.

5 July 2016

Ocean energy aims to compete with wind by 2018

The predictability of wave and tidal electricity could see it reduce the need for the use of gas-fired power for baseload generation.

4 July 2016

Finance favours bite-size power in sub-Saharan Africa

Small renewable power projects are most likely to get financed in Africa as there is still not the bank liquidity for the mega-deals, says Barclays Africa manager Theuns Ehlers.

1 July 2016

Gas still beating coal in US power generation

Gas-to-power generation in the United States continues to surpass coal-fired generation, the Energy Information Administration has said.

28 June 2016

Indonesia stops Philippine coal exports after kidnapping

Indonesia has stopped exporting coal to the Philippines in response to the kidnapping of Indonesian sailors on board a coal tugboat in the Sulu Sea.

27 June 2016

Yamal LNG cost-competitive to any market – Gyetvay

Yamal LNG will start sending out LNG cargoes in 2017 and has nothing to fear from the US, says Novatek’s Deputy Chairman Mark Gyetvay.

27 June 2016

Uncertainty increases in Japan’s nuclear debate

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has granted an operational extension to the Takahama nuclear power plant, putting the government’s nuclear targets in reach.

24 June 2016

Kogas domestic gas sales fall as nuclear and coal take priority

Kogas’s domestic gas sales were down by 8.6% year on year in May, according to a stock exchange filing.

22 June 2016

Indonesia wants gas-to-power to push out coal in 10-year plan

Indonesia is looking to rely more heavily on gas at the expense of coal in its latest 10-year electricity development plan.

22 June 2016

Kansai fails to lift Takahama nuclear plant injunction

Kansai Electric Power’s request to temporarily lift an injunction placed on two reactors at the Takahama nuclear power plant in Japan has been rejected.

20 June 2016

Gas trumps renewables in Saudi Arabian power

Khalid al-Falih was appointed Saudi Arabia’s energy minister just over a month ago and has wasted no time in sweeping away policies that contradict his vision.

17 June 2016

New Algerian minister could stymie renewables

Algeria’s new energy minister has voiced misgivings about renewable energy and says he favours raising consumer prices.

17 June 2016

New nuclear reactor comes online in Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar Unit 2 nuclear reactor has been connected to the power grid – the first new nuclear reactor to come online in the United States since 1996.

15 June 2016

Capacity payments: friend or foe for EU power?

Capacity remunerations remain controversial in Europe, but may be necessary to avoid further power plant closures and to safeguard security of supply in the longer term.

15 June 2016
Crude oil

US shale output to continue downward trend

United States shale oil production is forecast to decline in July for the seventh consecutive month, according to the EIA’s latest drilling productivity report.

14 June 2016

Brazilian rains spell trouble for Bolivia

Brazilian imports of Bolivian piped gas have slumped in recent weeks amid waning demand and healthy hydroelectric production.

13 June 2016

Solar ousting gas in United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have turned to solar as a cheaper alternative to gas, as Dubai reveals plans for the world’s largest concentrated solar project.

7 June 2016

Indonesia’s domestic demand up 22% in a decade

Indonesia is set to consume more gas than it exports by 2018 if current trends continue, according to data from the energy ministry.

6 June 2016

South Korea prepares to close oldest coal plants

South Korea could close its oldest coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions of particulate matter, according to the Yonhap News Agency.

1 June 2016

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