The planned Brunei Hydrogen Production and Hydrogenation plant. (Mitsubishi) Alternative Fuels

Japan looks to broaden hydrogen supply options

Japan’s commitment to hydrogen will open opportunities for gas, which offers a low-cost method of production, but will ultimately require CCS technology.

By Andrew Walker 15 August 2017
Alternative Fuels

Renewables will see largest growth in next five years – IEA

Renewable energy will represent the largest single source of global electricity growth over the next five years, driven by falling costs and aggressive expansion in emerging economies, the IEA said.

2 October 2015
Alternative Fuels

UK renewables hit record high in Q2

Renewable energy supplied a record share of the UK's power generation in the second quarter of 2015, while coal hit a new low.

2 October 2015
Alternative Fuels

Morocco’s shift to gas-to-power and renewables

Morocco is planning to develop a series of combined-cycle gas turbine power plants to meet its rising power demand and provide back-up for its expanding renewable capacity.

30 September 2015
Alternative Fuels

Vattenfall invites bidders for lignite assets

Swedish power company Vattenfall is inviting potential bidders to state their interest in its German lignite assets.

22 September 2015
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UK announces guarantees for Hinkley C

The UK government announced guarantees on Monday for the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset.

21 September 2015
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Committee passes bill to lift US oil export ban

The United States House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee passed a bill on Thursday to lift the country’s ban on domestic crude oil exports.

11 September 2015
Alternative Fuels

Welsh wind farms blown away by DECC

Four of six wind farms planned in Wales have been rejected by the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change

8 September 2015
Alternative Fuels

Offshore upswing boosts UK energy production

The UK’s domestic energy production rose by 8.9% to 31.1 mt of oil equivalent in Q2 2015, boosted by increased production on the UK Continental Shelf.

4 September 2015
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London plans to further tighten renewables subsidies

The UK government has proposed to end feed-in tariffs for new small-scale renewable projects in 2016, or reduce the remaining budget available if the scheme is found to be unaffordable after a review.

28 August 2015
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Crude price rally biggest in six years

Crude oil prices firmed on Friday after ending their longest decline since 1986 with the largest rally in six years on Thursday, Reuters reported.

28 August 2015
Tourah cement plant, Egypt. The country lifted its ban on coal imports for the cement sector in 2014. (Suez Cement) Alternative Fuels

Upstream delays add to Egyptian supply woes

Egypt is facing a long wait for new gas projects as demand rises and field production declines, with LNG struggling to fill the gap.

27 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

TransCanada makes Energy East pipeline agreement

Calgary-based TransCanada has reached an agreement with three Canadian gas distributors on its proposed $12 billion Energy East oil pipeline.

25 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

Gas bails out drought-hit Brazil

Interfax explores how gas is filling the hydropower breach as the elements fail Brazil for the fourth successive year.

24 August 2015
Indian power prices are too low to promote gas over coal for generation. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Indian gas-to-power struggles despite price drop

Gas-fired power generation in India is struggling to find available feedstock at affordable prices, as experts push for policy changes.

20 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

Spain sees gas-fired power soar in 2015

Lower power production from hydro and wind has prompted a sharp increase in gas demand from power generation in Spain.

19 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

South Africa seeks nuclear cost transparency

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has asked for greater transparency around the costs of nuclear power in the country.

18 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

UK gas generation picks up as prices dip

Several large power stations have seen closure, capacity reduction, full or partial mothballing, or conversion to biomass in the UK.

17 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

Brent crude to average $59/bbl in 2016 – EIA

The price of Brent crude will average $54 per barrel in 2015 and $59/bbl in 2016, according to the United States Energy Information Administration.

12 August 2015
Japan’s Sendai nuclear power plant at the time it was shut down in 2011. It has now come back online. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Japanese nuclear restart to weigh on LNG market

Japan has restarted its first nuclear power plant since the Fukushima disaster, paving the way for others and reducing the country’s demand for LNG.

11 August 2015
Alternative Fuels

UK renewables reach record high

The UK saw historic shifts in energy consumption in 2014 as renewables reached a record high, while overall energy use and emissions fell.

7 August 2015

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