Grain LNG terminal. The UK’s carbon floor price has helped gas gain market share from coal. (Flickr/National Grid) Alternative Fuels

ETS price too low for LNG to crowd out coal in power

LNG import prices in Europe have dropped sharply but will still rely on a boost in carbon prices to compete with coal in power generation.

By Andreas Walstad 22 June 2017
Alternative Fuels

EU’s renewables target still a challenge – report

A number of EU countries may find it challenging to reach their legally binding 2020 renewables targets despite being on track to meet their interim national targets.

17 June 2015
Alternative Fuels

Asia Pacific covers just 20% of global gas demand

Asia Pacific was only responsible for 20% of global consumption in 2014, despite its huge energy demand.

11 June 2015
Alternative Fuels

Oil consumption to increase in H2 2015 – OPEC

OPEC is maintaining its global oil demand forecast in 2015 at 92.5 million barrels per day, and expects consumption will increase in the second half of the year.

10 June 2015
Temelín nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. There are plans to build a new reactor at the site. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Czechs look to nuclear over gas for 2040 strategy

The Czech government has approved a long-term energy strategy that envisages a stronger role for nuclear by 2040 – but gas could still play a part.

8 June 2015
Jubail, in Saudi Arabia, will become a hub for renewable energy component manufacture. (Leonard Paguia, Flickr) Alternative Fuels

Saudi Arabia plans switch to renewables

Yanbu and Jubail are Saudi Arabia’s most important hubs for the hydrocarbon industry, but will also pioneer a shift into manufacturing renewable energy components.

5 June 2015
Alternative Fuels

Japanese committee endorses energy policy plan

Japan’s Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy has endorsed the government’s proposal for nuclear energy to cover 20-22% of Japan’s energy needs by 2030.

2 June 2015
Alternative Fuels

Coal to edge out gas in UK this summer

Gas demand for power generation in the UK will be lower this summer on an annual basis if fuel prices continue to favour coal over gas, according to National Grid.

27 May 2015
Generation and storage capacity in Belgium and Luxembourg. Alternative Fuels

Nuclear doubts leave Belgium facing blackouts

Three Belgian nuclear reactors face legal and technical hurdles that mean they are unlikely to be restarted before winter – leaving the country undersupplied.

22 May 2015
El Minya cement plant. A number of cement makers are preparing to move from gas to coal. (Suez Cement) Alternative Fuels

Gas producers unmoved by Egypt’s shift to coal

Energy-intensive industries in Egypt are increasingly shifting to coal-fired power, but this has yet to worry the country’s gas producers, who do not see it as a threat.

21 May 2015
UGS in Bad Lauchstaedt. The Federal Network Agency is looking at ways to better link storage with industry. (VNG) Alternative Fuels

Gas fights for a place in German Energiewende

As a workshop hosted by Germany’s Federal Network Agency examines proposals for developing national gas supply infrastructure, Interfax looks at efforts to find a place for gas in the Energiewende.

19 May 2015
Alternative Fuels

Gas squeezed out of German power market

The rise of renewable energy, weak power demand and declining coal prices are pushing down the price of power in Germany.

18 May 2015
Alternative Fuels

Global oil glut possible – IEA

The possibility of crude supplies from Iran combined with Saudi Arabia’s high production levels could see a global oil glut, the International Energy Agency has said.

13 May 2015
Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk launching the company’s Powerpack and Powerwall products. (PA) Alternative Fuels

A solution to the storage problem

Tesla, the US electric car manufacturer, has announced the launch of two battery products to improve the uptake of renewable energy.

5 May 2015
Tepco and Chubu Electric Power’s JV could help them make savings and reduce their exposure to risk. (Tepco) Alternative Fuels

Japan’s Jera JV to rival Kogas as LNG buyer

The joint venture set up by Tepco and Chubu Electric Power aims to secure better LNG contracts, but it also reduces their exposure to big changes in Japan’s electricity sector.

29 April 2015
Argentina’s Atucha II nuclear plant. A third plant is planned at the site. (Nucleoelectrica Argentina) Alternative Fuels

Nuclear power not the answer for Argentina

Buenos Aires has claimed that increased nuclear power production will slash LNG imports, but experts are sceptical about the secretive sector.

23 April 2015
A gas-fired power plant in Guangdong. Use of the fuel is being encouraged in the province. (CNOOC) Alternative Fuels

Outlook gloomy for gas-fired power in China

Analysts see huge potential for the use of gas in China’s power generation mix to help reduce pollution, but to judge by the state of the sector the prospect looks remote.

22 April 2015
Alternative Fuels

Australia urged to phase out fossil fuels

Australia could phase out fossil fuel-fired generation almost entirely, according to a report by the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy commissioned by WWF-Australia.

21 April 2015
Alternative Fuels

Japanese court blocks Kansai nuclear restarts

A Japanese court has issued an injunction blocking the restart of Kansai Electric’s Takahama reactors 3 and 4, citing safety concerns.

14 April 2015
Alternative Fuels

Dutch gas exports drop by 25%

Gas exports from the Netherlands fell by 25% year on year to 28.7 bcm in 2014, while 20% less gas was produced in the country.

10 April 2015
Alternative Fuels

LNG glut could push down European gas prices

An increase in global LNG supply coupled with lower Asian demand will likely send more cargoes to Europe, lowering European gas prices.

8 April 2015

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